Can You Put Air Fryer On Stove Top?

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No, you should not put air fryer on stove top. This can be dangerous for many reasons.

The countertop space in the kitchen never seems enough. The available space shrinks even more on a busy day when making a large meal for the whole family. So, you try to use each inch to accommodate pots, pans, batters, gravies, and whatnot, but can you place your air fryer on top of the stove? Let's find out.

Can You Put Air Fryer On Stove Top?

No, you should not put your air fryer on the stove. Air fryers get very hot during use, damaging the stove surface or controls. Most air fryers are also quite bulky and heavy, so balancing one on a stove seems unsafe. I advise keeping your air fryer away from heat sources and water.

Why Should You Not Put Air Fryer On Top Of Stove?

Here are some reasons for not putting your air fryer on the stove. You may also like to know the best places to put an air fryer in the kitchen.

Max Temperature On The Stove

An air fryer has a plastic body. A stove can reach a maximum temperature of more than 1400F, which is too hot for a plastic body appliance. In your haste, you might accidentally push the knob on the stovetop and turn on the stove.

This incident is more likely when you have kids in the house. Kids are often curious about things happening in the house. In their excitement, they can turn on the burner.

The Air Fryer Bottom Will Melt

There are stories of people devastated by looking at the melted bottom of their fryers. Even if your air fryer is not made of plastic, high heat can still damage the surface and penetrate the electrical parts. And worst, if you are not attentive, your air fryer can also catch fire. Therefore, the stovetop should be the last place to put your air fryer.

Damage The Stove

The simple carelessness of keeping your air fryer on the stove top won’t only burn it but will also damage your stovetop because the plastic will cling to its surface. The melted plastic dripping from the air fryer's bottom will get stuck to the crevices and grooves on the stovetop. And you might be forced to spend hours or even days scrubbing off this plastic.

Cause Burnt Plastic Smell

When plastic burns, it leaves a very unpleasant odor, which will surround your kitchen and the entire house. And the worst thing about the burnt plastic smell of the air fryer is that it does not leave the house very easily. It lingers in various corners of the house for days.

So, if such a thing happens, open all the windows and doors to allow ventilation. Let the smell find a way to seep its way out of your house.

Spend Money On A New One

Depending on the damage caused to your air fryer or the stove, you might be forced to spend a few hundred dollars to buy new appliances. You will be spending money to purchase something that must not have transpired in the first place.

Even a standard quality air fryer costs you $100, which can go as high as $300. Not every household has this much spare money to pay for their careless handling of an air fryer.

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What surfaces can you put an air fryer on?

Heat-resistant surfaces are the most suitable surfaces to put your air fryer on. You can put your air fryer on tiles and silicone mats. Placing an air fryer on a wood surface or a bamboo chopping board is also recommended. They are washable, and any stains can be removed with water.

Can you use an air fryer on a glass-top stove?

You should never put your air fryer on a glass-top stove. There is always a chance that you or someone else will push the knob and start the burner, which will melt the air fryer and even damage the stove.

Wrapping Up!

Placing your air fryer in the right place is part of using your air fryer carefully. Don’t put your air fryer on a stovetop, as the heat coming from the accidentally turned-on burner can be dangerous for your air fryer. If your air fryer is not being used, placing the air fryer in the cabinet is safer.

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