Can You Put PYREX In Air Fryer?

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can you use pyrex in an air fryer for cooking or reheating

Yes, you can use pyrex in the air fryer because it is high heat resistance. Read on for more information.

What you can put in the air fryer and what not is one of the hottest debates among air fryer users. After going through different forums like Reddit, Quora, etc., I decided to share my experience using Pyrex glass in the air fryer.

Not all glassware is safe for air fryers, and one wrong choice will make your cooking experience a disaster to remember!

Can You Put PYREX In Air Fryer?

Yes, it is safe to use PYREX in air fryer. Pyrex dish is made from a glass highly resistant to thermal shock of max 425°F which is why this oven-safe accessory is also considered suitable for air fryers. One thing you need to ensure is the PYREX is written in capital letters not in lower case letter. To understand this concept watch the video below.

Depending on the model, air fryers can have a temperature range with an upper limit beyond the Pyrex thermal capacity. And that is where Pyrex is not worth safe for air fryers because its brittle nature will get shattered inside high heat.

However, first, experts advise some parameters you should know before using Pyrex bowl in air fryers. Here are some of the important Pyrex characteristics to consider while going to use it in air fryers.

Checking PYREX Thermal Capacity

Pyrex bowls have a thermal capacity you should check before putting them in any heat-based cooking rituals. Unless Pyrex’s thermal capacity lies within the cooking temperature of your air fryer, there is nothing to worry about!

But unfortunately, the temperature inside an air fryer often fluctuates and can go up instantly. It means high-temperature air frying may get your Pyrex cookware cracked. 

Here, the best way to prevent Pyrex from cracking is to preheat the glassware before you begin air frying. This easy hack to use Pyrex in an air fryer adds a safety element so you can cook your favorite recipe without any risk involved.

Look For The Oven-Safety Stamp

Look For The Oven-Safety Stamp

As said, better safe than sorry. Don’t go blindfolded by the manufacturer’s claim about heat safety; do your research instead. 

Let’s give you all a hint:

Try looking for an oven-safe stamp often found on glassware suitable for air fryers. You can also check on the bottom of the container if the term oven-safe imprints on it. 

Otherwise, contact their customer care for details about Pyrex safety and usage. In case you didn’t get the oven-safety stamp contrary to the company’s claim of being oven-proof, it’s better not to take a risk here.

Or, if you are daring enough to try it, here is a simple test to detect if your pyrex cookware is reliable for air fryers!

Testing PYREX For Its Durability In Air Fryers

Check For Pyrex Thermal Capacity

Preheat the air fryer to the highest temperature your daily meal cooking goes up to and put it in the empty pyrex container.

If the pyrex sustains the high temperature without cracking up, you’ve got your answer, right!

This small test lets you decide whether a pyrex container in an air fryer lends you a helping hand or not. 

Protip For Beginners While Using Pyrex

If your pyrex container is air fryer-safe, still do not place it from cold storage directly into the preheated air fryer.

Sudden temperature shifts can cause even the most oven-grade pyrex to have minor cracks. Be cautious! You must check our detailed article on air fryer tips for beginners.

Cons Of Using Pyrex

Air fryers work by circulating hot air to cook food, and pyrex blocks the airflow across food encased, especially the food at the base of pyrex.

It can affect the cooking results, which further translates into prolonged cooking time. Saying this, we want you to recall that this same pyrex in an oven (which also works on nearly the same cooking principle) delivers excellent cooking results. 

So, we hope the results of air frying too will be least affected by this one potential downside. However, be sure the pyrex holds food perfectly while giving enough room within the fryer compartment for air to flow. 

Alternatives To Pyrex You Can Consider!

Though pyrex is the go-to glassware for everyday cooking, it’s better to stick to something other than this type of accessory. There are plenty of cooking accessories available that are not only more budget-friendly than pyrex yet have no explosion risk.

One such option is ceramic ovenware which is much easier to use in air fryers, courtesy of its high thermal capacity than glass. And, of course, this high heat resistance will trickle down as high durability, meaning ceramic cookware will go a long way. 

Some other high-resistant materials you can count on when making meals in an air fryer are;

Parchment Paper

Use Measured Parchment Paper

Putting parchment paper in air fryer keeps food from sticking into the nooks and crannies of the basket, making cleaning stress-free. 


When air frying vegetables, small rolled-up or wrapped meals, toothpicks keep them intact during hot air circulation.

Aluminum Foil

Wrapping the food with foil in air fryer

Using aluminum foil in air fryer is another suitable replacement if you want to wrap food to penetrate heat and moisture inside for a nice tender meal to enjoy at home. 

Iron Molds

Iron skillets, provided they fit inside the air fryer, help in uniform heat distribution for excellent cooking results. It is a good option when making cheesy or sauteed recipes in air fryers. 

Steel Pan

A steel pan with foil wrapped over it imitates the cooking result of the oven to have super-moist food with a perfect brown crust. 


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  • Wrapping Up!

    Pyrex containers are easy to use in ovens, which makes them conveniently safe for air fryers. But here again, we emphasize doing some math and checking for the glass containers labeled as air fryer-safe. Also, read the safety measure guide most glassware provides to avoid having cookware that does not assist in the type of cooking you are buying it for.


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