Air Fryer Errors E1, E2, E3 [Error Meaning & Fixes]

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How to Fix Air Fryer E1 Error

Air fryer errors E1, E2, and E3 are very irritating and they can ruin your cooking experience but don't worry we will help you to fix all these errors.

Air fryer is the best appliance you can have in your kitchen. They make your kitchen smarter and more automated. But in the end, they are electrical appliances, so there is often a risk of breaking down.

Dealing with air fryer-related problems such as errors E1, E2, and E3 is frustrating but pretty common. These problems occur because air fryers have complicated circuits to run their internal functions.

Air Fryer Errors E1, E2, E3 [Error Meaning & Fixes]

Below you will get more specific details about E1, E2, and E3 air fryer warning signs, their reasons, and possible solutions.

Air Fryer Error E1

How to Fix Air Fryer E1 Error

Your air fryer displays an E1 error message when:

  • There are issues with its electrical circuit.
  • You might have used incompatible baking material.
  • The baking pan is not properly seated in the air fryer.
  • The unit struggles to reach its operating temperature.

Your air fryer will not work when it is in an E1 error state.

How To Fix Air Fryer E1 Error

Follow these tips to get rid of E1 air fryer problems.

Use Baking Tin Compatible with Air Fryer

Whenever putting an accessory such as a baking tin in the air fryer, make sure its material is compatible with the unit.

If you recently changed your air fryer baking tin, use the older one and see if the problem gets resolved.

Also, when putting the basket or baking tin inside, ensure it is fully inserted into the unit.

Let Air Fryer Reach Safe Operating Temperature

If your air fryer is placed in a cooler place, it might need some time to get to the right operating temperature.

To solve this, unplug the air fryer and let it rest for fifteen minutes at room temperature. Plug it in again, and hopefully, it will start working.

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Replace Air Fryer Circuit

If the above solutions do not work, the problem is with the air fryer circuit. In case of a circuit malfunctioning, you may need a new Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

If you can replace it yourself, go ahead! Otherwise, call your air fryer brand’s customer service.

Popular Air Fryers E1 Code Meaning

Ninja Air Fryer E1 Error Meaning: Overheating due to overfilling

  • Fix: Remove content from the basket and switch ON the air fryer after 30 mins.

Gourmia Air Fryers E1 Error Meaning: Missing pan or pan is not compatible

  • Fix: When the unit display error E1, E2, and E7, check whether the cookware is compatible or not. You can also let the appliance cool down and switch it ON again.

Power Air Fryer E1 Error Meaning: Thermal sensor circuit is damaged

  • Fix: You need to call customer support for this

Nuwave Brio Air Fryer E1 Error Meaning: Sensor open ended

  • Fix: You need to call customer support to fix this issue

Master Culinary Air Fryer E1 Error Meaning: Happens due to system malfunctioning

  • Fix: You need customer support service for this

GoWise Air Fryer E1 Error Meaning: Sensor open ended

  • Fix: Call customer support for this or take the help of an expert

Cook’s Essential Air Fryer E1 Error Meaning: Broken circuit of the sensor

  • Fix: Switch off the unit and unplug it, let it cool completely, and then switch it ON again.

E2 Error On Air Fryer

How to Fix Air Fryer E2 Error

Often, your air fryer displays an Error 2 code on its screen. The reason for such a message is thermal sensor failure. These sensors are often present in appliances such as hair dryers, rice cookers, food processors, air fryers, etc.

The purpose of a thermal sensor is to control the device's temperature. The temperature sensor fuse cuts the power supply to the unit when it crosses the safe operating temperature limit.

The main reason behind the air fryer thermal sensor failure and E2 Error is a clogged exhaust port.

Overuse, insufficient cleaning of the air fryer, and low maintenance result in dust and debris clogging the exhaust vent. But in some situations, the air fryer displays an Error 2 report; often, it does not turn on at all.

How To Fix E2 Error

Below are some instructions to solve the E2 error on the air fryer.

Replace Thermal Sensor Fuse

Thermal sensor failure actually means that its fuse is malfunctioning. Replacing the thermal sensor fuse at home is possible.

To do so, open the air fryer body and check the fuse for continuity with a millimeter.

Always keep a new fuse available in case the air fryer fuse is not working, you can replace the broken one with a new one having the same temperature rating.

Clean Exhaust Vent

When using an air fryer, make sure its exhaust vent is not clogged or blocked with any object, paper, or piece of cloth.

Also, leave at least 15cm of space between your air fryer and the wall for unimpeded release of exhaust fumes.

Popular Air Fryers E2 Code Meaning

Power Air Fryer E2 Error Meaning: Short circuit of the thermal sensor

  • Fix: Contact customer service or an expert

Cosori Air Fryer E2 Error Meaning: There is an open circuit in the temperature monitor

  • Fix: Contact customer support or an expert

Master Culinary Air Fryer E2 Error Meaning: Appliance system malfunction

  • Fix: Contact customer support or an expert

GoWise USA Air Fryer E2 Error Meaning: Sensors short circuit

  • Fix: Contact customer support or an expert

Ninja Air Fryer E2 Error Meaning: Appliance system malfunction

  • Fix: Contact customer support or an expert

Emerald Air Fryer E2 Error Meaning: Overfilling the basket

  • Fix: Remove some content from the basket and resume cooking food in the air fryer again. If still, it doesn’t work, get in contact with customer service.

Cook’s Essential E2 Error Meaning: Sensor issue

  • Fix: Switch off the unit, let it cool down completely, and then restart.

Air Fryer E3 Error

How to Fix Air Fryer E3 Error

E3 is an overheating warning. Overheating may blow the thermal fuse, damage your air fryer, or it may keep turning off if you ignore this warning.

The air fryer overheats when you overfill the air fryer basket.

The air fryer basket accommodates a limited quantity of food in one batch. But sometimes, homeowners fill the basket with more than the recommended quantity. As a result, the air fryer overheats.

Additionally, your air fryer might be showing this error because the air fryer air vent is closed.  You often put something at the back of the air fryer or push it against the wall, blocking the air vent.

The heat builds inside the air fryer, and the excess heat does not leave the unit due to a blocked air vent. As a result, the temperature of the air fryer increases.

Another reason for the E3 message is putting excess oil in the air fryer.

How To Fix Air Fryer E3 Error

Avoid Overfilling The Air Fryer Basket

When filling the air fryer basket, always pay attention to the max limit mark mentioned on it.

Avoid overfilling the basket as it leads to overheating the air fryer resulting in an E3 report.

Whenever putting ingredients, leave at least an inch from the brim before pushing the bucket into the oven.

Don’t Put Excess Oil In The Basket

If your air fryer is not overcrowded, you might be putting in too much oil. Using oil in an air fryer is not necessary.

But if you want to add, never exceed the maximum limit mentioned in the user manual.

Generally, you need a couple of tablespoons of oil to grease the food properly.

You can also use an oil mister to spray the food evenly.

Always Keep The Air Vent Unclogged

Always keep your air fryer a few inches away from the wall and never let anything clog the exhaust vent.

Ensure the vent is clean and no object is blocking the release of excess heat.

Blinking Dash Lines On The Air Fryer

Sometimes your air fryer displays blinking dash lines instead of Error reports when you turn on the air fryer. This happens when your air fryer is undergoing a firmware update.

Your air fryer may stay in this mode for one minute or more. Don’t panic if your air fryer does not work during this time. You can resume your cooking after a few minutes when the update completes.

Wrapping Up!

Air fryers are smart appliances, but often you find yourself in a fix when they start displaying messages like Error reports E1, E2, and E3. However, you can address these issues at home. But if you fail to pay attention, these errors can overheat your air fryer, blow its fuse, or damage the whole unit altogether. Therefore, it is important to consider the seriousness of these error reports and undertake remedial measures.