Can You Put An Air Fryer On A Wooden Surface?

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placing air fryer on wood cutting board

Putting air fryer on a wooden surface is not safe. Wood can crack, warp, or burn with time.

The air fryer often gets hot from outside and transfers some heat to the surface below. Therefore, you have to have to be careful about the placement of your air fryer. One frequently asked question is, can an air fryer be placed on a wood countertop or cutting board? Let's get into the details.

No, you should not put your air fryer on a wooden surface. Though wood can withstand up to 500F of heat and most air fryers don’t go beyond 400-450F, but repeated uses can stain or even burn the wooden surface. Therefore, it is better to avoid putting your air fryer directly on a wooden countertop.

Can You Put An Air Fryer On A Wooden Surface?

Kitchen countertops are made with premium wood. Placing your air fryer on a wooden countertop will resist the heat, but this resistance is not permanent.

A better option is to use a wooden cutting board which you can clean after every use. Replacing a wooden cutting board is more economical than replacing a countertop with a new one.

What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop

You can put things under your air fryer to prevent it from burning and staining the countertop surface.

Ceramic Tiles

placing air fryer on Ceramic Tiles

Another option is to put a heat-resistant ceramic tile under the air fryer to prevent it from transferring heat to the wooden surface. Ceramic has a higher heat resistance than wood. Ceramic tiles are not very expensive either. Therefore, they can be cheaper and more practical to put under an air fryer and protect the kitchen counter.

Silicone Heat Mats

placing air fryer on silicone heat mats

The heat resistance ability of silicone is not unknown. For this reason, using silicone mats in the air fryer is already very common. You can also put silicone heat mats under your air fryer to protect your wooden countertop.

Placing a silicone mat under an air fryer is endorsed because these pads are made with safe food-grade silicone. They are also thick enough to prevent heat transfer to the countertop surface.

Heat Protector Mats

placing air fryer on heat protector mats

Heat protector mats are similar to silicone mats, but their benefit is that they stick to the surface snugly and don’t slide off. They also prevent the air fryer from slipping. These mats are much thicker than silicone pads, ensuring no heat reaches your wooden countertop surface. So, find the best heat-resistant mat for an air fryer and enjoy stress-free cooking.

Bamboo Countertop Shields

placing air fryer on bamboo mats

Bamboo is another naturally heat-resistant material. Bamboo boards can be put under the air fryer to protect the surface from heat. Bamboo boards are easy to wash and don’t retain any stains. They have a pleasant subtle scent which makes them eco-friendly too.

Where Not To Put Your Air Fryer In The Kitchen

Now you know you can only put your air fryer on a heat-resistant surface. But an equally important consideration is to know where you cannot put your air fryer in the kitchen. Know about those places below.

  • You cannot place your air fryer in a corner where it cannot dissipate heat efficiently. Place it five inches away to protect the wall from the air fryer heat.
  • Placing an air fryer on the stovetop is also prohibited. You can accidentally turn on the stove and damage your air fryer.
  • Never put your air fryer in the cabinet when using it or if it is still hot from recent cooking.


What surface should air fryer be on?

Air fryers should be put on flat and heat-resistant surfaces. A silicone trivet or a heat-resistant board are suitable options for an air fryer to sit on. You can also place an air fryer on tiles or wooden underlay as these materials are highly heat resistant and don’t damage your countertop.

Can I put an Air fryer in a cabinet?

A kitchen cabinet is the right place to put an air fryer. But make sure you don’t cook in your air fryer while it is inside the cabinet. Otherwise, there won’t be enough space to disperse the hot air coming from the exhaust vent. Also, don’t put your air fryer inside the cabinet after use when it is hot. Let it cool before tucking it inside the cabinet.

Can you put wood skewers in air fryer?

Yes, wooden skewers can be used in an air fryer. Make sure their size is smaller than the basket, so they can easily fit inside. Also, soak the skewers in water while you prepare the ingredients. Drain the water before threading them with food.

Final Words

We hope now you know the answer to the question, “Can You Put an Air Fryer on a Wooden Surface?” When placing an air fryer in the kitchen, you can keep it on a wooden countertop only when something is placed between it and the air fryer. This way, your countertop stays protected from heat and the ultimate damage.

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