Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer?

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When Can You Add Water to An Air Fryer

Yes, you can add a small amount of water in the air fryer. It will prevent the food from becoming dry.

If you frequently use an air fryer, at some point, you might have wondered, “can you put water in an air fryer?” It is not wrong to experiment with your appliance, but having proper knowledge before using your cooking gadget differently can prevent you from harming it.

In the case of an air fryer, you must know whether cooking food in the air fryer by adding water is possible before moving ahead with your thought.

Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can add water in the air fryer, but not more than a couple of tablespoons. It will keep your food moist and tender. Adding a large amount of water is dangerous. It can reach the electrical components and cause the air fryer to malfunction.

What Happens If You Put Water in A Fryer

An air fryer does not have a spare compartment to hold water like a steamer. Adding more than a few tablespoons of water will cause the water droplets to fly inside the chamber of the air fryer.

What Happens If You Put Water in A Fryer

The water droplets can reach the electrical components of the air fryer, causing a short circuit and permanent harm.

Besides, if you fill the air fryer drawer with water, the basket won’t sit on it properly; instead, the basket floats on the water. This is why steaming in an air fryer is not recommended.

Though heating liquid in the air fryer is possible, you cannot put a bowl of water in the air fryer. Instead, you must use an oven-safe container. If your air fryer falls into the water accidentally, don’t remove it while it is still plugged into an electrical outlet, as it can cause electrocution.

When Can You Add Water To An Air Fryer

We have already established that you can add water to an air fryer in only a small quantity. There are only a few instances where adding water to an air fryer is not harmful. Let’s explore what those instances are:

Catch Food and Fat Drippings

An air fryer is famous for cooking food without any oil. But some foods, such as bacon and ground meat, are greasy even if you don’t add extra oil. They produce fats and oil splatters that cover the entire air fryer basket during cooking.

Food drippings and juices are caught in the air fryer drawer below the basket. After cooking, cleaning the air fryer basket and drawer with fat splatters can be a hassle.

Adding a few spoons of water to the air fryer can catch the oil drippings and makes cleaning easier.

Reduce Smoke

Another issue that can be significantly solved with the help of water is the production of smoke. When the fat drippings from the food get heated, they produce smoke. Smoke coming out of an air fryer is a scary scenario.

Water catches all the fat drippings, keeps them cooler, and prevents the heat from burning them. Hence, putting some water in the bottom of an air fryer can reduce smoke and an awful smell in the house.

Keep Your Food Moist

When you reheat food or cook meals such as chicken and vegetables in an air fryer, they become over-dry. It is because hot air removes all the moisture.

Adding a couple of tablespoons of water or oil to the air fryer can prevent your food from drying and keep it succulent and tender.


Does water evaporate in an air fryer?

An air fryer is an enclosed component, so there is no way for the water to escape. The most obvious example is frozen vegetables or meats. All the water goes inside the food, making it succulent and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. But if there is too much water in the food, it can become mushy.

Can you put water in an air fryer to clean?

Yes, you can put water in an air fryer to clean it. However, make sure to add water in parts that are removable and have no electrical components, such as an air fryer basket and drawer. You cannot immerse the entire unit, including electrical components, into water.

Wrapping Up!

Putting water in an air fryer is allowed as long as you follow the protocols. Filling your air fryer with too much water is detrimental to the air fryer. It can also cause it to break down completely. Only put a few tablespoons of water to prevent smoke, reduce oil splatters, or make your food moist and tender.


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