Can Air Fryer Catch Fire And Explode?

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Chances Of A Fire Hazard In Air Fryer

YES, air fryer can catch fire. Read on to learn how you can prevent it.

Before people start panicking, let us clearly state that air fryer usage is highly safe. Also, you may not have heard enough of accidental scenarios where an air fryer catches fire.

However, being an electrical appliance, one cannot rule out the possibility of an air fryer blowing up and exploding if not cared for properly.

Today, I will share some insight into what causes air fryers to catch electrical fire, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens anyway!

Can Air Fryer Catch Fire And Explode?

Yes, an air fryer can catch fire or explode. It happens when you add excess oil, plugging the air fryer into a faulty socket, grease building up in the air, and overfilling the basket.

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Causes Of Air Fryer Electrical Fire

Can an air fryer explode
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Likely any other electrical kitchen appliance, an air fryer can burn if not used accurately with necessary safety measures. However, the probability of an air fryer blowing up is very low because of its general minimalistic design and ease of cooking.

Below we have noted some common factors that can put your fryer in danger.

Electrical Faults

Damaged Power Socket Air Frye Keep Turning OFF

Some common reasons for air fryer stop working and fire eruption are:

  • Damaged electrical outlets
  • Worn-out power cords
  • Faulty switches

Also, the two-power outlet instead of the ground means there is more risk of electric failure. 

Here, beware of any plastic-like burning smell coming out of the air fryer, as it persists can lead to spark outrage. 

When not using an air fryer, turn it off and keep it plugged out from the electrical source. Any shortcomings in your home circuit board can make an air fryer explode. 

Grease Debris Buildup

Dirty Air Fryer Shuts OFF Automatically

With poor cleaning standards, there comes a chance food debris may get trapped inside deep crevices of the air fryer. And when plugged in next time, this debris can burn to cause serious havoc if it comes into contact with the electrical element of the air fryer.

Also, be careful not to wash the interior or heating coil with water but only wipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean the surface.

Otherwise, even a drop of water within the heating coil is enough to spark a fire inside the air fryer. 

Use of Excessive Oil

Spraying oil in the air fryer

Excessive use of oil in the air fryer at high temperatures can potentially erupt fire. Air fryers often release smoke while cooking food with slightly more oil used.

This oil falls over the drip tray and gets heated because of the intense air frying temperature.

And for worse, any moisture left can mix with oil to put the air fryer in serious trouble.

Overcrowding of Fryer Basket

Overfilled Air Fryer Basket Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

You may find it odd how over-stuffing food in the fryer causes a fire, but unfortunately, it is true. So, what happens when you put too much food altogether to air fry at once, it starts to curb hot air circulation. 

It can lead to uneven temperature zones that, if sustained for longer, can trigger fire hazards in air fryers. 

Leaving the Air Fryer Unattended

Considering how smartly one can set an air fryer at one touch, it makes sense if you do not stand next to your appliance while it cooks. But does that mean you can leave your air fryer unattended for a prolonged time? NO! 

Courtesy of the auto-shutoff or alarm feature, people often let the air fryer do its job, and they wrap up other cooking chores. 

If not near the appliance, stay in the kitchen for all time your air fryer cooks food. Because any malfunctioning whatsoever may cause it to ignite while you are not watching it over.

Increased Temperature Zones

Not all air fryers feature the same control of cooking temperature. Hence, you should keep an eye on how sustained temperature remains while you air fry. 

Otherwise, any unwanted increase in temperature means the air fryer may get overheated, which can translate into a fire risk if not checked timely. 

Overheating Of Fryer 

Overheating can also occur by manufacturing faults in the circuit design of the air fryer. Such defects arise due to the integration of poor electronic components that often ignite heat while conducting electricity with the circuit.

And with continuous use, this overheating eventually makes your air fryer turn hot and imposes fire risk. 

Now, you need to look for ways to detect overheating before it leads to a sudden fire or explosion. You may see dark smoke rising and the fryer becoming hot-to-touch when the air fryer overheats. 

How To Prevent An Air Fryer From Catching Fire

Here are some preventive measures you can take to save your air fryer from catching fire.

Deep Clean Your Air Fryer

Cleaning Air Fryer Basket and Heating Element

One should consider deep cleaning an air fryer once or twice a week to minimize the chances of debris buildup. Especially when putting food with high-fat levels, grease can mess up the nooks and crannies of your air fryer that you need to clean. 

Read Safety Guide 

We all might be guilty of throwing away that instruction guide without glancing at the information the manufacturer wanted to share with users. But for safety reasons, we advise you to read from the machine manual the voltage power required to run an air fryer.

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Can an air fryer start a grease fire?

Any stuck-on grease has the potential to start a fire within the air fryer. When grease builds up on the bottom, it can burn black on heat, and with excess oil, it can result in initiating fire hazards.

Can an air fryer explode?

It is rare for an air fryer to explode. Misusing it or beyond the capacity could be a reason it explodes. For example, overfilling the fryer basket, adding too much oil, or submerging an air fryer’s bottom in water are some reasons an air fryer can explode.

What are the dangers of air fryers?

Generally, air fryers are safe to use with smart features and functions to produce healthy crispy food. But it often comes down to human error or misusing of the appliance that leads to fire and explosions. 

Can your air fryer overheat?

An air fryer overheats when you overcrowd food within a basket or add excessive oil when air frying. In any case, it disrupts the air frying temperature, increasing it beyond the fryer’s capacity to cause overheating.

Wrapping Up!

The fact that you may not find any authentic records of fire incidents of air fryers reported says enough about how safe its usage is. Even if you are new to air frying, the air fryer’s design aspects are user-friendly to rely on for no-risk cooking. Just make sure to tick out all the necessary measures and go through the user guide once before taking on your air fryer journey.


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