Best Dual Basket Air Fryer [April 2024]

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Don’t want to put much effort into finding the best 2-basket air fryer? Have a look at our tried and tested air fryer guide containing high-end brands, such as Ninja, Power XL, and Instant Pot.




1. Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 DualZone

2. Instant Vortex Plus XL ClearCook Air Fryer

3. Chefman TurboFry Touch Dual Air Fryer

4. Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone

5. Instant VersaZone With Dehydrate Function

Gone are the days when air fryers were confined to a single cooking chamber. Today, they reign the kitchen spaces with the innovation of dual compartments or baskets.

While each unit stands out as top-notch, Ninja DZ201 Foodi is our top pick for the best dual basket air fryer.

In my findings, it proves to be the best air fryer for busy households and families that love to entertain guests. Also check out our picks for the best without teflon air fryers, and the best air fryers with ceramic basket.

Best Two Basket Air Fryer [2024]

ninja af 101 air fryer

1. Ninja DZ201 Foodi DualZone Air Fryer

  • Rating: 9.4
  • Dimensions: 13.86″D x 15.63″W x 12.4″H
  • Capacity: 8 Quarts
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Ninja DZ201 comes assembled— —no DIY skills are needed! With two separate heating elements and cooking zones, you can cook up a storm without running multiple batches.

Plus, the Smart Finish feature helps you wrap up cooking in both baskets simultaneously. Now, the control panel—it’s not just a pretty face. The bright and well-lit digital display makes it effortless to configure settings—No need to fumble in the dark.

Here is the kicker.

It has separate buttons to configure settings in each basket. When feeling lazy, use its Match cook settings to copy one basket’s cooking setting to the other. Its big chrome handles on each drawer are sturdy and handy, making shaking the basket effortless.

What’s even better?

The size and shape of the drawers make it convenient to add food. Here is a heads up: the basket is deep, not wide, which might make it challenging to adjust long items like chicken breasts, French fries, and asparagus.

The air fryer is not very tall, so you can easily slide it under your kitchen cabinets or store it inside the cabinet. Even though it can hit a max temp of 450 F, we experienced 400F is best for most recipes.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Very intuitive and responsive touch panel
  • Smart finish and match cook function
  • Easy to set up, use, and clean


  • Release plastic like smell on first use
  • Basket cannot be paused individually
ninja af 101 air fryer

2. Instant Vortex Plus XL ClearCook Air Fryer

  • Rating: 9.2
  • Dimensions: 17.8″D x 17.8″W x 15.4″H
  • Capacity: 8 Quarts
  • Material: Plastic

Instant Vortex Plus XL is the upgraded version of the original Instant Vortex 6-in-1 single basket air fryer. It has the ClearCook windows present on both baskets. Flip on the light, and voila, you can easily see everything happening inside your air fryer.

Another great aspect is its six cooking modes that can be applied across the two chambers. Remember Ninja DZ201’s smart features? The Instant Vortex Plus has SyncCook and SyncFinish.

SyncFinish completes the cooking process in both baskets at the same time. SyncCook copies the same settings to both baskets.

Now, let’s discuss the technical details.

Thanks to its EvenCrisp advanced TECHNOLOGY, gusts of hot air blow from top to bottom, ensuring that every corner of your food achieves that even cook and crisp. I am not afraid to say it gives tough competition to our top pick, the Ninja DZ201.

Want to know a secret?

Our editor (name of the editor) uses this air fryer daily in her kitchen. It is one of the speedier air fryers we have tested so far. However, the fan blowing at high speed is annoyingly loud. But hey, isn’t it just a little price to pay to have a capable and potent air fryer?


  • Clearcook window and internal light help monitor food
  • Digital intuitive controls
  • Can also broil and dehydrate
  • Keeps items crisp on reheat


  • Takes too much space on the counter
  • High-speed fans make some noise
  • Cannot skip preheat
ninja af 101 air fryer

3. Chefman TurboFry Touch Dual Air Fryer

  • Rating: 9.0
  • Dimensions: 10″D x 20″W x 13″H
  • Capacity: 9 Quarts
  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic

Chefman TurboFry perfectly combines practicality with style. Its 9 QT capacity makes it quite spacious; each basket can handle larger than usual servings.

And, now, the settings? You can configure separate settings for each basket, gaining total control of your recipes. The cool part is the fool-proof sync finish and Sync basket features.

Finish cooking in each basket simultaneously, or let one basket copy the cook settings of the other; it is your call! As for the control panel, operating it with labeled buttons in both words and pictures is super friendly.

But of course, no kitchen appliance is without ifs and buts. The touchscreen buttons might sometimes be a tad stubborn, not always responding at the first touch. It’s nothing too problematic, more like a quirk that I wouldn't nitpick about.

The ease of cleaning is on another level. Seriously, even the sloppiest mess can be cleaned with a damp piece of microfiber. Just a friendly tip: don’t let the oil and burnt-on food accumulate for days and turn into stubborn stains and grease, as it can make cleaning a bit of a hassle.

Oh, and the shake reminder feature—each basket has its own setting. Just perfect; it added that extra bit of convenience to my cooking experience.


  • Stylish, sleek, stainless-steel finish
  • Very simple easy to use a control panel
  • LED shake reminder on midway through
  • Highly affordable
  • Not occupy much space on the counter


  • Single temperature setting for both baskets
  • Sometimes buttons doesn't respond to touch
ninja af 101 air fryer

4. Ninja DZ401 Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer

  • Rating: 9.0
  • Dimensions: 13.9″D x 17.1″W x 12.8″H
  • Capacity: 10 Quarts
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic

The design, build, functions, and features of DZ401 are pretty similar to the Ninja DZ201. However, what sets Ninja DZ401 apart is its colossal 10 QT capacity, bestowing it the title of big brother in the Ninja family.

Let’s talk about cleaning.

Cleaning a 2 basket air fryer is often a hassle, but not with Ninja DZ401. You can wipe the exterior clean with a clean, damp towel, followed by a second round of dry towels, and you are good to store it away.

I say it is definitely a good value for your money. Why?

Its deep-basket design allows for versatile cooking. You can put a cooking rack and whip up a delicious multi-course meal on its multiple layers in no time. Each basket can easily accommodate two medium-sized steaks.

One thing I noticed is that the cooking time is longer when using both cooking chambers. So, if you are in a crunch, using a single basket might be the way to go. Note one thing: The air fryer also does not come with any preset cooking options.

So, a dash of cooking expertise can help you use it safely. But hey, let’s not be gloomy— it won’t stop you from experimenting. Another good thing is that, unlike the Instant Vortex, it is barely audible when working, sparing you the chaos of kitchen noise.


  • IQ Boost equally distributes heat across each basket
  • Buttons are intuitive and responsive
  • A quiet appliance
  • Accurate time and temperature settings


  • No flip or shake reminder
  • A bit expensive
ninja af 101 air fryer

5. Instant VersaZone Air Fryer

  • Rating: 8.9
  • Dimensions: 15.9″D x 15.1″W x 12.3″H
  • Capacity: 9 Quarts
  • Material: Plastic

Meet the Instant Vortex VersaZone. What sets it apart?

For starters, you get a basket divider that transforms the unit into a single or dual basket air fryer. Using it as a 9 QT single-basket air fryer gives you all the space you need to prepare delicious meals.

Wait, there is more!

When divided into two baskets, you can cook multiple ingredients simultaneously. With 8 cooking modes, it acts as your station cook, helping you decorate a whole meal table with delicious recipes in record time.

And yes, it comes with the smart features everyone likes. SyncCook is for synchronized cooking, and SyncFinish ends cooking in both cooking compartments simultaneously.  

Each basket operates independently through its dedicated control buttons— no need to enter combinations to connect with each side. Combining one-touch presets and manual programming makes this air fryer a total winner.  

The auto-off feature is one of my favorites—removing the basket freezes the settings. Place the basket back in, and the settings will resume automatically. The baskets are dishwasher safe, so cleaning can be done in a snap. However, as they are pretty big, you might be unable to put them in a regular-sized dishwasher.


  • Evencrisp technology for equal crisp & browning
  • Automatic turn-off prevents overcooking
  • Preheat in a snap
  • Excellent heat isolation
  • Easy to clean with non-stick interior


  • Basket handles don't give a premium feel
  • Cooking is a bit slower
ninja af 101 air fryer

6. CROWNFUL Two Basket Air Fryer With Dehydrator

  • Rating: 8.8
  • Dimensions: 14.17″D x 14.96″W x 12.2″H
  • Capacity: 8 Quarts
  • Material: Plastic

Air fryer enthusiast, huddle up because I am going to introduce a sleek and chic recommendation—CROWNFUL 8-QT. It has a clean design and a jet-black finish —nothing too crowded, no accents, just pure elegance.

Now, the nitty-gritty.

The air fryer has two independent cooking baskets and controls for communicating with its two cooking chambers. The display is very intuitive; the touchscreen buttons are straightforward to operate, giving you no real challenge in that department. 

Unlike the Ninja and Instant, it has features like a shake reminder, which never lets you forget about your food sizzling away in the air fryer. Concerned about the power consumption of this air fryer?

Relax. This air fryer is fairly energy-efficient, clocking in at 1.7Kwh. Fast cooking times mean you can use it daily without causing a spike in your electricity bills. Space is the strongest suit of this air fryer. Each of its four-quart baskets can fit up to 10-12 chicken wings or 5 to 6 drumsticks.

The quality and build? Spot on. On top of that, the manufacturers offer a one-year warranty and friendly customer service. And here is a fair warning: it beeps loudly when the food finishes cooking—great for alerting, but not so fun for noise-sensitive folks.


  • 8 unique and convenient presets
  • Can cook 2 different foods at different temps
  • Shake/flip reminder
  • Budget-friendly air fryer


  • You cannot cook large items
  • No preheat function

Advantages Of A Dual Drawer Air Fryer

Double basket air fryers are gaining popularity among homeowners. Some of the perks you get from having them are provided below.

Cooks A Variety Of Foods

With a two basket air fryer, you can cook multiple ingredients simultaneously with completely different cook settings.

It is especially suitable for houses with picky eaters, especially children. You can cook different foods and make everyone happy without running multiple cycles to complete a meal plan.

Cooks Large Quantities Of Food

A twin basket air fryer excels at cooking large quantities of food. You can save time and energy by configuring settings so that cooking in both baskets finishes together.

Cook In Multiple Layers

If the baskets are deep, you can fit a cooking rack in each and cook food in multiple layers. This versatility expands your cooking options even more.

Liberty To Cook In One Or Both Baskets

Dual basket gives you the liberty to cook on your own terms.

Generally, both baskets have independent heating elements and cook settings. This flexibility allows you to use either one or both baskets based on your cooking requirements.

Disadvantages Of A Two Basket Air Fryer

While these air fryers offer several advantages, it also brings some drawbacks.

It is essential to look at both sides of the picture before purchasing. Let’s look at the probable disadvantages of a dual compartment air fryer.

Big Bulkier Design

A dual air fryer is typically bulkier and larger than its single basket counterpart. This can pose a challenge if you have a small kitchen with a limited shelf space.

Higher Price Tag

Enjoying the additional cooking space and features may come at a cost, as they often command a higher price tag. 

Complicated Operations

Multiple baskets and independent controls can complicate its operations. Those of you who prefer simple controls may find the additional settings overwhelming.

Choosing A Right Air Fryer – Buying Guide

Our buying guide will help you tremendously when you make a purchase decision. It will give you a heads-up about things you must consider when buying a product.

Think About Your Needs

Start shopping for a dual air fryer by considering your needs. Ponder on what you want to see in your air fryer.

What functions would you like to see? Do you want a unit with many cooking presets or advanced features like dehydrate or rotisserie?

Do you want an air fryer with a basket divider or two baskets? Make a priority list of all the features and functions.

Construction Of The Air Fryer

Buying an air fryer is an investment you make for many years to come. You will use your dual-zone air fryer to make large quantities of food, meaning it will undergo rugged use.

So, never compromise on the quality of construction and durability if you want to use your air fryer without running to the repair shop every few days.

Stainless steel and ceramic air fryers are considered most reliable. Even if your chosen unit’s exterior is made of plastic, it should be high quality.

Weight And Size Of The Air Fryer

You cannot expect a two basket air fryer to be feather-light, but it should still not be so cumbersome that you cannot lift it.

The size of the air fryer is another important consideration.

If you can dedicate a permanent space for the air fryer on the kitchen counter, only then should you buy an air fryer with a large footprint; otherwise, as much as possible, look for a compact air fryer.


It is always tempting to save a few dollars and go for a cheap air fryer.

But sometimes, saving a few dollars at purchase makes you spend more when the air fryer malfunctions or breaks down sooner than expected due to its low quality.

Besides, a low-priced air fryer will certainly have fewer features, which can affect your cooking experience, making it exasperating.

While it is okay to think about your budget, you can splurge a little if you get quality.


No matter the construction quality and durability, there is always a chance for your air fryer to malfunction and need help.

Therefore, choosing an air fryer with a few years of warranty is better.


What are the best dual-drawer air fryers on the market?

  1. Ninja DZ201 DualZone
  2. Instant Vortex Plus Clearcook
  3. Chefman TurboFry
  4. CROWNFUL Air Fryer
  5. Ninja DZ401 Foodi
  6. Instant Vortex VersaZone

How much electricity does a dual basket air fryer consume?

Most air fryers use 1400 to 1800-watt electricity. In this regard, a dual basket air fryer is no different. Overall, air fryers are energy efficient; therefore, they don’t increase your electricity bill much. You can learn more details on how much electricity air fryers consume.

What is the biggest two basket air fryer?

Double basket air fryers come in various capacities, so it isn't easy to name one biggest dual basket air fryer. Nevertheless, Ninja DZ401, 6-in-1, 2-Basket Air Fryer has dual zone cooking ability and 10 QT XL capacity.

Final Words

Buying the best dual basket air fryer becomes easier if you have to choose from nine or ten air fryers than thirty or forty. The article above lists the eight best double basket air fryers to make deciding easier. Each unit displays excellent performance and presents something that differentiates it from the rest.