Where to Put Air Fryer In Kitchen?

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Air fryers can do wonders in your kitchen, but only if they find a comfortable place to stay. In the excitement of cooking in an air fryer, you should never forget its placement and see if you have enough space on your counter.

Where to put air fryer in kitchen is a must-ask question before buying a unit. This question will let you select the right design and size for the air fryer.

Where to Put Air Fryer In Kitchen?

The best place to put an air fryer in the kitchen is the counter. However if your counter is small or already cluttered with other appliances then you can use counter stand, rolling cart, portable island, or store it in the cabinet.

Use A Stackable Kitchen Rack

You can also use a stackable kitchen rack that optimizes the current space in your kitchen. This rack can be used to accommodate an air fryer, pots and pans, and other utensils.

The space under the rack can be utilized for other purposes. Please make sure the rack is stable, and its surface is heat-resistant. You can easily keep it near your cooking area or the electrical socket.

Use A Rolling Kitchen Cart

Another possibility is using a kitchen cart with wheels. This option is extremely convenient as a kitchen cart takes significantly less space and is easy to move around. You can keep the cart in the pantry, dirty kitchen, any other adjacent room, or along a spare wall in the kitchen.

When you want to use the air fryer, put it on the counter; otherwise, it can stay in the cart.Look for a cart that has enough space to accommodate other appliances. Also, the rolling cart should have locking wheels.

Put On A Portable Island

If using a rolling cart is not to your liking, you can use a portable island too. By having a portable island in the kitchen, you can add extra but mandatory counter space and cabinets in the kitchen.

When the air fryer is not in use, you can put it in one of the cabinets. When it is time to cook, place the unit on the top of the island and drag it to the nearest electrical outlet to plug in the air fryer.

Apart from the convenience of placing the unit, a kitchen island also allows you to keep all the air fryer-related accessories, such as racks, baskets, non-stick silicone liners, cake molds, etc., in one place. This is a great way to keep everything organized but out of the way. You may also like to learn can you put the air fryer on a wooden surface.

Storing Air Fryer In The Kitchen Cabinet

If your kitchen has a relatively big cabinet, you can easily accommodate your air fryer. Try to keep the air fryer in the lower kitchen cabinet; this would make it easier for you to take it out. Keeping it in the cabinet is a great way to keep the unit out of the way and sight. If there are shelves in the cabinet, you can also remove them to accommodate the unit.


Where to put an air fryer in a small kitchen?

The most obvious place to put an air fryer in a small kitchen is on the countertop. You can easily accommodate your air fryer if you have some extra space on the counter. Otherwise, you can use a counter stand that helps you find a place for things such as an air fryer that needs extra space in the kitchen.

Can you put an air fryer in a cabinet?

Yes, you can. One of the benefits of air fryers is that they often have a compact body. Also, they are portable. Therefore, you can easily put them into a kitchen cabinet. However, choose a relatively large kitchen cabinet so there is enough space around the unit after placing it in the cabinet.

Can an air fryer sit on the counter?

Yes, an air fryer can sit on the counter, but the surface should be heatproof and flat. Don’t use it in a non-ventilated area. While using your air fryer, place it near the exhaust hood and turn it on. It will prevent the smoke from accumulating in your kitchen and the rest of the house.

How far away from the wall should an air fryer be?

The air fryer should always be kept five to six inches from the wall. Leaving this much space on all sides of the air fryer is essential to enable the heat exhaust vent to function adequately. Pushing your air fryer against the wall blocks the path of the exhaust air and impacts the air fryer's functioning.

What do you put under an air fryer?

There are a few things you can put under the air fryer. You can use a silicone or insulated non-skid mat to protect the counter. Place an old ceramic tile to create an even and heat-resistant surface.

Can you place an air fryer on top of the stove?

You must not put an air fryer on the stove, especially when it is hot. Accidentally turning on the stove will also melt the unit and cause a fire hazard.

Do air fryers crack bench tops?

An air fryer’s ability to crack the benchtop depends on its design. Suppose there is enough insulation at the bottom of the air fryer. In that case, it limits its ability to transfer heat to the benchtop below it.

Wrapping Up!

Having some idea about properly placing your air fryer can enhance your cooking experience immensely. The right placement of your air fryer ensures your and your family’s safety and prolongs your air fryer's life. Proper placement of an air fryer also includes placing the unit on a heat-resistant, flat surface near the electrical outlet and away from water.

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