How To Reheat Quesadilla In Air Fryer?

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Quesadillas are an easy appetizer loaded with mouthwatering fillings. Even if you have leftover Quesadillas, there is no need to worry about them going to waste. You can refresh them anytime using your air fryer.

Follow the recipe below to effortlessly reheat your delicious quesadillas in your Ninja Foodi air fryer or any other unit.

To reheat quesadillas, place them in a preheated air fryer, making sure they don’t touch the air fryer basket’s walls. Cook them at 350F for 3-4 minutes or until they are warmed through and the exterior is crispy.

Best Way Of Reheating Quesadilla In Air Fryer

Follow the quesadilla recipe below to achieve the best results when heating quesadillas in your air fryer.

  • Preheat your air fryer to 350 F.
  • Using tongs, place the quesadillas in the air fryer basket, ensuring they are not stacked on top of each other.
  • Optionally, spray oil on both sides of the quesadillas to achieve the signature warm and crispy exterior.
  • Cook for 3-4 minutes or until they are hot inside and the cheesy filling has warmed through.
  • Using tongs, remove them from the air fryer basket.
  • Serve them with your favorite sides and toppings.

How Do You Hatch A Kitchen Quesadilla From A Frozen Air Fryer?

Hatching a kitchen quesadilla from a frozen state using an air fryer involves a few simple steps outlined below.

Preheat your air fryer to 350-375 F. This step is essential for ensuring your frozen chicken quesadilla heats evenly and thoroughly.

If your quesadilla is wrapped individually, unwrap it. If it is not wrapped, make sure it does not cling to other quesadillas in the package.

Place the frozen quesadillas in the air fryer basket.

Cook them in the air fryer for about 8-12 minutes. The exact time can vary depending on the size and thickness of the quesadillas.

Flip your quesadillas halfway through the timer. Keep an eye on them while they reheat to prevent over-browning or burning.

Once the cheese has melted on the inside and quesadillas are crispier on the outside, remove them from the air fryer.

Now, they are ready to enjoy!

Reheat Quesadilla In Microwave vs Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven

Reheating quesadillas in an air fryer results in a treat that is crispy on the outside and gooey and flavorful on the inside, as if they were just made fresh.

In contrast, while reheating in a microwave may be quicker than using an air fryer, it can also result in a softer, soggy texture for your quesadillas.

Reheating quesadillas in a toaster oven can also maintain their crispness and texture. However, it takes longer than an air fryer and definitely longer than a microwave.

What To Serve With Your Reheated Leftover Quesadillas?

You can enjoy your warmed-up quesadillas with delicious and tasty accompaniments such as Pico de Gallo, sour cream, or salsa.

As for sides, there is no better option than refried black beans, tortilla chips, Spanish rice, corn salad, or guacamole to make a satisfying meal.

Can you reheat Taco Bell quesadilla in Air Fryer?

Yes, you can reheat Taco Bell quesadillas using an air fryer, oven, toaster oven, stovetop, or skillet. However, we don’t recommend reheating them in a microwave, as it can make their texture soggy.

Can you eat leftover quesadillas cold?

Yes, you can eat leftover quesadillas cold, as they are convenient for on-the-go munching. However, they usually taste better when hot, with their gooey cheese and crispy exterior.

Quick Reheating Recipe

  • Time to preheat your air fryer: 3-4 minutes
  • Reheating time: 3-4 minutes
  • Total time: 6-8 minutes
  • Temperature required to reheat quesadillas: 350 F



  • Leftover quesadilla: This recipe works for any type of quesadilla, whether it is cheese quesadilla, Breakfast quesadilla, or any other type.
  • Oil

Other meals you can reheat in your air fryer:


Reheating quesadilla in an air fryer is a straightforward process that doesn’t involve any complicated ingredients or steps. By following the recipe mentioned in the article above, you can revive frozen and room-temperature quesadillas and enjoy them once again.

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