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Non-stick and easy to clean are some special properties of the best ceramic air fryer. Don’t miss to check out my top picks.

As awareness about the health hazards of Teflon or other similar PTFE-based coatings increases, more people look for safer alternatives for their kitchen appliances, including air fryers.

Teflon gives off toxic fumes when heated at high temperatures. On the contrary, the ceramic coating is extremely heat-resistant; therefore, it is a safer alternative to Teflon. These air fryers don’t leach any chemicals into the food and are also easier to clean as well.

I spent around 180 hours to finalize the below mentioned top performing best ceramic air fryers. For alternate options, check these best stainless steel air fryers and the best without teflon air fryers.

  1. Ninja AF101 Best Air Fryer For 2 People – Latest Price
  2. Ninja AF161 Best Air Fryer Dehydrator – Latest Price
  3. Ecozy WiFi Best Smart Air Fryer – Latest Price
  4. Aria Retro Style Best Low Wattage Air Fryer – Latest Price
  5. Ninja FD401 Foodi Best with Steam Function – Latest Price
  6. Aria CFA-897 Best Without Teflon Air Fryer – Latest Price
  7. Oster Dura Best Easy To Clean Air Fryer – Latest Price
  8. Aria Premium Best Air Fryer for Family of 6 – Latest Price

Benefits of Ceramic Air Fryer

  • Ceramic air fryer baskets are extremely heat resistant compared to Teflon-coated baskets, which start to degrade after 400F. Ceramic coating can withstand up to 2000 degrees Celsius, or 3,800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cleaning a ceramic air fryer basket is a breeze. Grease does not stubbornly cling to its nonstick surface. You can easily hand wash the basket using dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  • Ceramic coating is PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene), calcium substances, and BPA-free. The coating does not leach chemicals into your food or release toxic fumes at higher temperatures. So, using a ceramic basket is completely safe for your health.
  • An air fryer with a ceramic basket can be used for decades, provided they are well taken care of and cleaned regularly. Also, never use metal utensils in the air fryer, as they can damage the coating.

Best Ceramic Air Fryer [2023]

1. Ninja AF101 Best Air Fryer For 2 People

Ninja AF101 one of the top-rated and best-selling air fryers in the USA and Canada. The air fryer has a very compact design with a minimal looking control panel on the front for the selection of cooking options with just a one touch.

AF101 4 quart air fryer has ceramic-coated crisper plate and basket. Its ceramic coating makes cleanup easy and makes the unit dishwasher-safe.

Even at a higher temperature, the ceramic coating does not emit toxic fumes or contaminate the food by discharging any chemicals. So, the unit is completely safe for cooking.

The wide temperature range of 105F to 400F with convection heating allows you to cook and crisp various dishes in this unit speedily.

But for best results, preheat the unit for three minutes before putting the food in the basket.

Its 4-quart crisper plate and basket have enough space to easily accommodate about three pounds of French fries or 4 drumsticks.

I tried making steaks in this air fryer; they came out moist from the inside and a little seared from the outside.

Making fries was a good experience, but frozen fries cook much better than freshly cut potatoes; they taste like those from a good fast food place.

It can easily cook food for a family of two to three in one batch. But for a bigger family, there are other better options than this, as you cook in multiple batches.

Overall, I liked that it uses only 1500 watts, unlike other air fryers that consume a lot of electricity and put a dent in your wallet.

The only thing that bothered us a little about this air fryer is that it beeps loudly when the food is cooked. You cannot turn this beep off. If you have noise sensitivity, this bad boy will trouble you a little until you get used to it.

Key Specs:

Capacity4 Quarts
Cooking ModesAir Fryer, Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates
Temperature Range105°F – 400°F
Dimensions8.5″D x 12.1″W x 11″H
Weight10.58 Pounds
Wattage1550 Watts


  • Compact and doesn’t take up much space
  • Superior quality non-stick coating on basket
  • Easy to change temp. & time mid-way through
  • Excellent and consistant cooking results


  • Release plastic like smell on first use
  • A bit noisy

2. Ninja FD401 Foodi Best with Steam Function

The next unit is also from Ninja, but it is double in capacity compared to the Ninja AF101. It combines 12 preset functions with easy to adjust and wide temperature range, you can cook any type of food.

It comes with a 5-qt basket and a 8-qt. pot. The basket can accomodate a whole chicken of 4 lbs or 12-15 chicken wings. And you can utilize the pot for making yogurt, steaming, and broiling. Both the accessories have a ceramic non-stick coating and their material is PFOA, and PTFE-free.

While cooking don’t forget to change sides halfway through the timer to cook them evenly.

The deluxe reversible stainless-steel rack is also an excellent addition. It gives you the liberty to cook large quantities of food or multiple dishes together in one batch.

I liked the inclusion of Tendercrisp Technology. It locks in juices and then crisps the food during pressure cooking.

Its 1760W power rating is a matter of concern because it can trip the circuit when connected to an outlet with other appliances such as refrigerators. Therefore, you will have to connect it to an outlet that has its own circuit breaker. Also, don’t connect other appliances in the same outlet.

Key Specs:

Capacity8 Quarts
Cooking ModesPressure Cook, Air Fry/Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake, Roast, Broil, Dehydrate, Sous Vide & Keep Warm.
Temperature Range95°F – 400°F
Dimensions14.57″D x 16.1″W x 14.2″H
Weight26.04 Pounds
Wattage1760 Watts


  • A versatile cooking appliance
  • Simple to operate with clear settings
  • Auto shut off to prevent overcooking
  • Fast and even cooking
  • Best for roasting chicken


  • Bulky, and heavy
  • Seal spits out steam sometimes

3. Ninja AF161 Best Air Fryer With Dehydrator

Ninja AF161 ceramic-coated basket is half a quart bigger than the Ninja FD401 air fryer. And at 450F max temperature and with Max Crisp Technology, it also delivers more heat at a faster pace than the previous unit.

Its one-touch built-in cooking options make choosing the right temperature and time setting easier and prevent punching in wrong numbers. At 450F max temperature and with Max Crisp Technology, it delivers more heat at a faster pace and cook food much quicker.

Ninja AF161 ceramic-coated basket is half a quart bigger than the Ninja FD401 air fryer. Its large basket can accommodate 3-4 lbs. of chicken and three pounds of fries or vegetables, so perfect for a family of 4 or 5.

The best part is you won’t be cleaning any leftover oil or utensils, baking pans, and pots. There is just one basket to clean, which is ceramic coated—a breeze to clean. You can further decrease the greasy mess by putting Aluminum foil or Parchment paper in the air fryer.

I tested the reheating ability of the air fryer by putting 5 pieces of chicken wings in the basket. The results was beyond my expectations, wings didn’t lose it crisp and taste like fresh.

Overall, the high-gloss finish, minimalistic design, and par excellence working can easily make it an attractive addition to the collection of your kitchen appliances.

Key Specs:

Capacity5.5 Quarts
Cooking ModesAir Fry, Crisps, Roasts, Bakes, Reheats and Dehydrates
Temperature Range105°F – 450°F
Dimensions11″D x 14″W x 14.75″H
Weight11 Pounds
Wattage1750 Watts


  • Simple and easy to understand control panel
  • Premium quality non-stick coating
  • Wide temperature range, goes up to 450F
  • Pause automatically when you pull out the basket
  • Dishwasher safe accessories


  • Quite tall, difficult to store in a cabinet
  • A bit expensive

4. Aria Retro Style Best Low Wattage Air Fryer

If you have been considering an affordable, compact, and energy-efficient air fryer, Aria Premium is your buddy. Even with a high-quality ceramic-coated air fryer basket, it costs less than $50.

Isn’t it unbelievable?

The ceramic-coated nonstick basket is spacious enough to cook food for one to two people; best air fryer for dorm or people living solo. Once you start cooking, you will find it a convenient option for quick meal preps.

Ceramics offers excellent nonstick properties and is a good heat conductor; it heats up pretty quickly and does not let the food cling to it stubbornly. I recommend hand washing the unit with a soft sponge to protect the ceramic coating.

One of its features that I really liked is that it has a retro dial with white background and visible calibration to adjust the time easily.

The only drawback is that it has only one temperature (400F) option, so you can cook anything as long as its cooking temperature does not require you to surpass this limit.

However, on the bright side, you won’t be figuring out multiple smart knobs and food settings, making a mess of your food. Non-complicated settings makes it a good air fryer for seniors and beginners learning to use an air fryer.

Key Specs:

Capacity2 Quarts
Cooking ModesNone
Temperature Range400°F
Dimensions9″D x 9″W x 11.75″H
Weight6 Pounds
Wattage800 watts


  • Small footprint saves countertop space
  • Energy-efficient air fryer
  • Highly budget friendly
  • Easy to clean


  • Only 1 temperature setting

5. Ecozy WiFi Best Smart Air Fryer

Like Ninja FD401 Foodi, this best smart air fryer also has 12 preset options for cooking meat, desserts, veggies, etc. You can configure time and temperature for personal recipes through the touchscreen panel. However, I found using preset options is much quicker and more convenient.

The basket and removable tray are ceramic coated, UL and FDA Certified. The coating provide beautiful glossy non-stick finish to the basket and makes cleaning easy after cooking.

A splatter guard covers the heating element and reduces the chance of food splatters reaching and soiling the element. A dirty heating element can result in air fryer producing excessive smoke.

The 6-quart air fryer basket can easily cook a 4-5-pound of whole chicken in approximately 55 minutes and 12-15 wings in about 23 minutes. Also, the basket can easily accommodate more than three pounds of fries and veggies.

Unlike its predecessor, it allows Wifi control with the help of an app. You can change the cooking settings from afar through your phone. The app has over a hundred pre-programmed recipes ready for you to use.

This unit stands out among others because of its see-through air fryer basket. You can see the food cooking in the bucket, which is not possible with other bucket-style air fryers.

Key Specs:

Capacity6 Quarts
Cooking ModesChicken, Beef, Seafood, Dessert, Fries, Vegetable, Toast
Temperature Range100°F – 360°F
Dimensions11.9”D x 14.0”W x 12.9”H
Weight12 Pounds
Wattage1350 Watts


  • Highly intuitive digital touch display
  • Can be controlled via smartphone
  • Also, support Alexa voice control
  • Nonsticky trays and baskets
  • Transparent window for monitoring cooking


  • A bit loud while working

6. Aria CFA-897 Best Without Teflon Air Fryer

Aria CFA-897 air fryer has a clean, sleek, and modern build. At the front, there is a bright and responsive display for the selection of cooking modes, temperature, and time settings.

This Aria air fryer model is bigger than the Aria Premium unit — making it a good choice for a family of 4. The ceramic basket and crisping rack are FDA-Approved which means they are free from PTFE, PFOA, Lead, and BPA.

The food does not stick to the air fryer basket, and cleaning becomes easier. However, always hand wash air fryer accessories and clean your air fryer as soon as you finish cooking. Keeping the basket dirty for a long will make the grease stubborn, and applying extra force while cleaning can damage its coating.

With an instant preheat function, the air fryer reaches 400F in seconds to cook faster and save time. I am glad to share that even at 400F, it does not smell like plastic like other air fryers.

I cooked chicken and sausages using the recipe in the accompanying cookbook, and everything tasted great! The chicken had ample crunch on the surface, and the wings turned out not greasy at all, like when fried in a skillet.

The only slight complaint is that the basket and the drip pan are not detachable. So, if you try to dump the cooked food on a plate, the grease and oil will come along. So use a tong or spatula to take out the food once it is cooked.

Key Specs:

Capacity5 Quarts
Cooking ModesAir fry, broil, grill, bake, roast, reheat
Temperature Range180°F – 400°F
Dimensions12″D x 12″W x 13.25″H
Weight12.38 pounds
Wattage1500 Watts


  • Digital display and control panel
  • Free from toxic materials
  • A quiet air fryer
  • Cleaning is a breeze


  • The basket is a bit hard to pull out
  • Smell like plastic on first use

7. Oster Dura Best Easy To Clean Air Fryer

The Oster air fryer has an intriguing design; it looks like a basketball mounted on a stand. So, it is a good option for people for whom aesthetics is important or for those looking for the best air fryer for a college hostel.

Unlike other basket-style air fryers, it does not have a drawer. Instead, the unit opens to give you access to an inner bowl. The unit comes with a cool touch handle that latches on the inner basket. You can use it to take the hot basket out.

Another cool feature of this air fryer is it tilts and rotates to move the food and ensure even cooking. Its transparent lid saves you from opening the unit repeatedly to check the cooking status of the food.

Regarding footprint, the unit is compact enough to fit on most counters and under the kitchen cabinets. So, there is no need to keep the unit inside the cabinet.

The product does more than air frying; it can sauté, grill, and roast too. The air fryer also has an automatic shutoff feature that shuts off the unit when the food is cooked.

As for cleaning, there is little to do in this department as there is just one inner bowl to clean. It is ceramic-coated, so burnt-on food and debris slide off easily.

A slight hiccup is that it is a little bulky. Though its unique design explains the added weight, you cannot move it frequently.

Key Specs:

Capacity3 Quarts
Cooking Modes
Temperature Range370°F
Dimensions16.7″D x 14″W x 13.3″H
Weight12.05 Pounds
Wattage1500 Watts


  • Very a unique and attractive design
  • Auto shut-off prevents overcooking
  • PTFE and PFOA-free coating
  • Cooking chamber lights up during cooking


  • No preset options
  • Pretty heavy and bulky

8. Aria Premium Best Air Fryer for Family of 6

This appliance can replace your convection oven, microwave, deep fryer, and toaster. The unit’s basket and crisper plate are PFOA, Teflon, and BPA-free. The eco-friendly ceramic coating provides excellent heat conduction. Like Teflon coating, it doesn’t peel off or release toxic fumes at high temperatures.

With a 7 Qt capacity and eight pre-set cooking functions, it is versatile, convenient, and large enough to cook for your entire family. Additionally, thanks to its square-shaped design, you can accommodate more food in the basket than its round-shaped counterparts.

One by one, it can accommodate 4-5 lb. chicken, a whole cake, 4 lbs. of vegetables, two to three medium-sized steaks, or two salmon filets in its basket.

The unit also comes with four skewers and a 2-Tier Rack to cook various dishes simultaneously. You can also cook large quantities of your favorite recipe with the superior heat flow of the Powerful Ariaflow technology.

Reheating chicken wings and fries is a breeze in the Aria Teflon-Free air fryer. No more soggy fries, lifeless chicken wings, or limp leftovers! The superhot air absorbs the excess moisture, crisps up your leftover food, and lets you enjoy it anytime.

The only trivial con is that there is no way to shut down the unit if the food cooks before time. The on/off power button won’t turn it on; the only option is to pull out the plug. So, be careful about the cooking time you choose.

Key Specs:

Capacity7 Quarts
Cooking ModesChicken, vegetables, desserts, dehydration, fish, fries
Temperature Range180°F – 400°F
Dimensions11.25″D x 11.25″W x 14.5″H
Weight12 Pounds
Wattage1800 Watts


  • PTFE, PFOA-free, and BPA-free construction
  • Bright, responsive, touch-screen display
  • Auto-shutoff sensors for additional safety
  • Can cook a whole chicken


  • The basket handle is not sturdy
  • No shake or flip reminder

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Ceramic Air Fryer

Choosing the best air fryer with a ceramic basket is essential because you don’t want to choose a cooking appliance that poses health hazards. Here is your ultimate buying guide for choosing the best air fryer among many high-performing units.

Special Features

Look for special features that suit your lifestyle. If you usually have a busy day and cannot linger around the air fryer while it cooks food, go for a unit with automatic shutoff. This feature will shut off the unit if the food is not moving around or when there is a fault, such as when the air fryer door is open.


When choosing a ceramic air fryer basket, make sure the basket is UL and FDA-approved. UL certification means that the manufacturers have the safety certification mark of a famous testing laboratory. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for ensuring the safety of people’s health. If something is FDA-approved, it is safe for public use.

Ease of Cleaning

Ceramic air fryers are not challenging to clean as this coating provides a non-stick finish to the unit. But you must look at the user manual to see whether your air frying unit is dishwasher-friendly. A dishwasher-safe basket offers convenience when you don’t have time to hand wash your air fryer basket. But suppose the user manual goes against cleaning the basket in the dishwasher. In that case, it is better to hand clean to protect the coating from degrading.


For people who prefer attractive-looking appliances in their kitchen, aesthetics is an essential concern. If you are such a consumer, select a unit that compliments the modern look of your kitchen instead of sticking out as a sore thumb.

Power Usage

Consider the power usage of your selected air fryer. The power usage of an air fryer is proportional to the cooking time. Higher power increases the heating ability of the heating element. It means an air fryer using more power cooks in less time and becomes power efficient.


For a large family that cooks larger quantities and frequently entertains guests, buying an air fryer with a bigger ceramic-coated basket is always better than going for a smaller one. This way, you can cook more food in each batch and reduce the overall cooking time.

Brand Warranty

Buy from a reliable brand that offers at least a 1-year limited warranty on labor and parts. A warranty shows that the brand is sure about its product’s performance and will take responsibility if it malfunctions.


What are the best ceramic air fryers on the market?

  1. Ninja AF101
  2. Ninja FD401 Foodi
  3. Ninja AF161 Air Fryer with Dehydrator
  4. Aria Retro Style Air Fryer
  5. Ecozy Smart WiFi Air Fryer
  6. Aria CFA-897 Air Fryer
  7. Oster Dura Air Fryer
  8. Aria Premium Air Fryer
  9. Paula Deen Air Fryer
  10. Elpis Air Fryer

Is there a ceramic air fryer?

Yes, various high-quality ceramic air fryers are available. But you must understand that when you say “ceramic air fryer,” it doesn’t mean that the whole unit is made with ceramic material. It only refers to the coating on the air fryer basket.

Is ceramic air fryer basket dishwasher safe?

Yes, a ceramic air fryer basket is often dishwasher safe. But as the material is easy to wash, it is better to hand wash your air fryer basket to extend the lifespan of its coating.

What is the difference between ceramic and stainless-steel baskets?

The primary difference between ceramic and stainless-steel air fryers is that a ceramic basket is not made with ceramic material; instead, only the basket’s surface is coated with ceramic. On the contrary, a stainless basket means the whole basket is made of stainless steel. You can check more details in air fryer ceramic vs stainless steel article.

Wrapping Up!

An air fryer with ceramic coating is becoming the choice of consumers due to its durability and health benefits. However, choosing the best ceramic air fryers is not easy. It is great that you have high-end brands like Ninja Air fryer; choosing the best among them can be overwhelming. The guide above can help you immensely; you can look at the pros and cons of the best available options and choose accordingly.