Can I Put Air Fryer On Top Of Microwave?

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Space constraints in the kitchen often force you to stack one appliance over another.

However, this cannot be done with all types of appliances because doing so can impact the functionality of an appliance.

If you are thinking of putting air fryer on top of a microwave due to insufficient space or to save some counter space, you must read the information below to prevent any accidents.

No, you should not put air fryer on microwave. This can block air fryer vents, which can affect its efficiency, overheat it, or cause malfunction. Additionally, the weight and heat of the air fryer can also damage the microwave.

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Placing Air Fryer On Top Of Microwave

Below you will find details on why putting air fryer over the microwave is not a good idea.

Blockage Of Heat Vents

An air fryer releases heat through its exhaust vent as well as through its body. A microwave emits heat from its exhaust port, located on the sides, back, or top of the appliance.

If the air fryer’s heat exhaust vent is at the bottom and in the microwave, it is on top, the heat trapped between both kitchen appliances can potentially damage one of the appliances or in the worst case, cause a fire hazard.

So, for the proper functioning of both appliances, it is important to ensure the cooling vents have no blockage.

Risk Of Falling

When you place an air fryer on a microwave, it is always at risk of falling, no matter how stable the surface of the microwave is. If the air fryer accidentally falls, it will break, or any of its internal components will get damaged, and it will be of no use.

Weight Of The Air Fryer

Big air fryers are reasonably heavy; putting it over a microwave can damage the appliance or make it inefficient in performing its job. It is especially true if the weight of the air fryer exceeds the weight limit mentioned in the user manual of the microwave. 

Appliance Safety Rules

Air fryers and microwaves are manufactured with some safety standards, which can be found in the user manual. These safety guidelines may prevent you from keeping both appliances on top of one another.

Like putting an air fryer on wooden surface or plastic is not safe, therefore, I advise air fryer beginners to go through the manual before making such decisions.

Note For Users: If you have a small kitchen counter, consider other ways of accommodating an air fryer and microwave in the kitchen.

Or you can buy a kitchen island to accommodate your appliances in one place in the kitchen. Furthermore, you can purchase a microwave stand to keep your microwave on it.

Another way is to buy a multipurpose appliance such as the Best air fryer microwave oven, which can cook as well as reheat food.

Placement Of Air Fryer – Do's And Don'ts

You can put your air fryer on any heat-resistant countertops such as marble, granite, silicone mats, insulated metallic pads, bamboo boards, etc. However, make sure your air fryer is on stable and flat.

When placing air fryer in kitchen, you must avoid putting it in a place with little ventilation, close to the wall as it can block the air fryer’s exhaust vent, close to other appliance as heat from it can cause damage

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Wrapping Up!

While it is okay to stack some kitchen appliances over one another, such as placing a hand mixer on a microwave, the same cannot be done with an air fryer and a microwave. Both are cooking appliances and emit heat during operation. Their heat can damage each other or make them less efficient in doing their job. The bulky structure of a typical air fryer makes it less suitable for placing on top of a microwave. If you want to place something on your microwave, it is better to consult the user manual before proceeding with your idea.

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