Do Air Fryers Damage Countertops?

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Air fryers are kept on the countertops in most kitchens because of their stable and flat surface.

But if your countertop is made of gorgeous natural stone such as limestone, granite, or marble in that case, you might be conscious of its safety and any potential damage by air fryers.

Since air fryers exhale hot air during work, it is natural to think this way and be protective.

If you have apprehensions about damaging your countertop with your air fryer, here we will share our two cents to address this issue.

Yes, an air fryer can potentially damage your countertop. The hot air released from the air fryer vent can damage, crack, or burn the countertop surface. However, the design of your air fryer and the material of your countertop also influence the possibility and the intensity of damage.

Do Air Fryers Damage Countertops?

Air fryers have heat vents to release excess heat. If the heat vent is located at the bottom, the hot air can directly come in contact with the countertop below and damage it. If your kitchen countertop is 100% heat resistant, then hot air will not damage its surface.

However, as most materials used for making countertops are not completely heat-proof, there is a chance that they can get damaged due to frequent exposure to hot air. Let's discuss some popular countertop materials and find out are they suitable for air fryers.

Will An Air Fryer Damage A Granite Countertop

Putting Air Fryer On Granite Countertop

Granite is a natural stone that, in its pure form, is extremely heat-resistant. It can withstand as much as 1200F of temperature. But making granite countertops requires adding a polymer coating on its surface, which gets damaged by constant exposure to heat. 

Though this coating doesn’t get compromised often, a crack in the poorly sealed granite can cause early wear and tear and expose the stone to untimely damage.

Keeping this in mind, granite countertops are suitable for occasionally putting an air fryer on. For permanently placing your air fryer on granite, I suggest placing a heat-resistant mat underneath it.

Putting Air Fryer On Marble Countertop

Putting Air Fryer On Marble Countertop

Marble is one of the most heat-resistant materials. But like granite, damage to its sealants can result in a cracked countertop when exposed to the constant heat of the air fryer.

Can I Put Air Fryer On Concrete Kitchen Counter

Putting Air Fryer On Concrete Countertop

Concrete demonstrates high heat resistance and high strength. However, it gets damaged when its sealant shows poor heat resistance.

In its original form, concrete is porous and less resistant to stains; a sealant is used to smoothen its surface. Constant exposure to heat from the air fryer can cause the adhesive on the concrete countertop to get damaged.

Note: These countertop materials are suitable for placing an air fryer only when using protection such as a heat-proof pad, trivet, and ceramic tile under the air fryer.

Will An Air Fryer Damage A Quartz Countertop

Putting Air Fryer On Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are heat-resistant; however, they are not entirely heat-proof. This means that quartz countertops can withstand occasional exposure to heat but can be damaged under constant contact with high temperatures. Quartz is a heat-proof material, but its heat resistance is affected since making quartz countertops requires adding 10% artificial polymers and resins.

Countertops Highly Prone To Getting Damaged By Air Fryers

Laminate or Formica

Laminate materials are not suitable for keeping an air fryer on them. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause the laminate countertops to crack, stain with burn marks, and even melt in some situations.

Wood Surface

Wood is increasingly used to make kitchen countertops for its durability and visual appeal. However, putting the air fryer on a wooden surface for an extended period can cause ugly stains, burn marks, or crack the surface.

Protecting Countertops From Getting Damaged By Air Fryer

Putting a heat-resistant mat or trivet underneath is one of the easiest and most economical ways to protect your countertop from the air fryer heat.

Undoubtedly, air fryers with heat vents at the bottom can damage countertop materials that are not heat resistant. Buying an air fryer whose heat vent is at the back instead will allow a highly heat-resistant countertop to survive much longer. 

Another option is installing stainless steel countertops that are extremely heat-resistant material that sustains no damage, even under high heat. An air fryer can be kept on it for a prolonged period without affecting it. Due to its durability, attractive appearance, and sleek profile, stainless steel countertops are increasingly being installed in restaurants and other professional kitchens.

Ideas For Placing Your Air Fryer

Most homeowners keep their air fryers on kitchen countertops; however, there are other places in your kitchen for putting your air fryer

  • Kitchen islands are easily accessible and can be used to put an air fryer. 
  • Putting your small air fryer on a table is a good option if you want to save countertop space for meal prep or other more frequently used appliances.
  • Kitchen cabinets are another place to store an air fryer when not in use and save countertop space.
  • You can also keep a large air fryer on the floor in a corner. Just make sure it does not come in anyone’s way, and the cord is also not lying on the floor.

What Surfaces Are Safe For Air Fryers

Stainless steel is the only surface completely safe for putting your air fryer on. Other surfaces, such as marble, granite, and concrete, are suitable only when an air fryer is put on it occasionally or a heat-resistant barrier (silicone mat, wooden board, etc.) is kept under it.

Final Words

In this article, we have run through the countertop materials that are suitable, less suitable, and unsuitable for keeping an air fryer on. We have also explained ways to protect your countertop from the heat from your air fryer. We hope now you know how to use your air fryer safely and protect your kitchen countertop from damage.

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