Do Air Fryers Damage Countertops?

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A kitchen countertop’s stable and flat surface is ideal for air fryers.

However, if the countertop is made of gorgeous natural stone such as limestone or marble, being conscious of its safety is natural and the risk of damage.

So, what’s the truth? Can an air fryer damage the countertop?

Yes, the hot air fryer released from an air fryer while it operates can damage, crack, or burn the countertop surface. Having said that, the design of your air fryer and the material of your countertop also influence the possibility and the intensity of such damage.

What Makes The Air Fryer Damage The Countertop

The primary factor that can lead to damage to the countertop by an air fryer is the positioning of the heat vent.

If the heat vent is located at the bottom, hot air can directly come in contact with the countertop below.

While a countertop made of 100% heat-resistant material may be able to withstand this heat, most countertop materials are not completely heat-proof.

As a result, frequent exposure to hot air from the air fryer can increase the risk of damage.

Countertop Material Suitable For Putting Air Fryers

Not all materials are the same when it comes to using them for making countertops. Below is a list of materials that are somewhat suitable for using air fryers.

Granite Countertop

The pure form of Granite, a natural stone, is extremely heat-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 1200F.

However, granite countertops typically include a polymer coating on their surface, which can be damaged by constant exposure to heat.

Putting Air Fryer On Granite Countertop

A crack in poorly sealed Granite can cause early wear and tear, exposing the stone to untimely damage.

Hence, granite countertops are suitable for putting an air fryer on them, but only for short periods.

Marble Countertop

Marble is another extremely heat-resistant material, however, like Granite, its manufacturing process also involves the addition of sealants. Damage to these sealants can result in a cracked countertop when exposed to the heat of the air fryer.

Concrete Countertop

In its original form, concrete is porous and less resistant to stains; however, a sealant is used to smoothen its surface and increase its stain resistance.

Constant exposure to heat from the air fryer can damage this protective layer on the concrete countertop.

Note: These countertop materials are suitable for putting an air fryer only when protections such as a heat-proof pad, trivet, and ceramic tile are being used.

Countertops Prone To Getting Damaged By Air Fryers

The below countertop materials have very low heat resistance; therefore, it is advisable to avoid putting an air fryer on them.

Laminate or Formica

Laminate countertops are made from layers of plastic bonded together to a core material.

Exposure to heat can cause the laminate countertops to crack, stain with burn marks, and even melt in some situations.

Wooden Countertop

Wood is increasingly used to make kitchen countertops for its durability and visual appeal.

However, putting the air fryer on a wooden surface exposes it to heat, causing it to warp or sustain ugly stains.

How To Protect Your Countertop From Getting Damaged By Air Fryer?

Here are some ways to protect your countertop from air fryer heat.

Put a heat-resistant mat or trivet underneath it to install a barrier between the air fryer and the countertop.

Consider buying an air fryer whose heat vent is at the back instead of the bottom. This will prevent the countertop from being directly exposed to heat.

Another option is installing stainless steel countertops, which are extremely heat and damage-resistant even under high heat.

Due to its durability, attractive appearance, and sleek profile, stainless steel countertops are increasingly being installed in professional kitchens.

Therefore, an air fryer can be kept on it for a prolonged period without affecting it.

Best Places To Put Air Fryer

While most homeowners keep their air fryers on countertops, there are other locations in your kitchen suitable for putting your air fryer.

  • Kitchen islands: Easily accessible and convenient spot, kitchen islands provide ample space for accommodating an air fryer.
  • A spare table: Utilizing a spare table saves countertop space for meal prep or other more frequently used appliances while offering a stable surface for your air fryer.
  • Kitchen cabinets: They offer another storage option for the air fryer when not in use, helping to save countertop space.
  • On the floor in a corner: Placing your air fryer on the floor is also a possibility. However, just make sure it does not obstruct traffic flow and the cord is properly managed to avoid tripping hazards.

Can I Put My Air Fryer On Quartz Countertop?

Putting Air Fryer On Quartz Countertop

Quartz in itself is heat-proof, however, as making quartz countertops requires adding 10% artificial polymers and resins, which decreases its heat resistance.

Therefore, using an air fryer on a quartz countertop for an extended period can result in discoloration and heat marks.

Final Thoughts

The article examined countertop materials that can and cannot be used to place an air fryer. Additionally, it explains ways to protect your counter from the air fryer heat. By implementing these methods, you can use your air fryer while protecting your kitchen countertop from damage.

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