Air Fryer Not Heating Up? [7 Causes and Quick Fixes]

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Air Fryer Faulty Heating Element Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

This problem mostly arise when air fryer heating element stop working. Find more causes and fixes in this article.

Air fryers are beneficial appliances for quickly prepping healthy food. But even with all their goodness packed in one structure, they are not without challenges. Often people complain about air fryer heating problem. This is annoying but, at the same time, depressing too! But wonder why this happens. Let’s find!

Issue of an air fryer not heating up occurs when the problem is with the temperature switch, power cord, or heating element. Or when you fail to close the air fryer door/lid properly or leave the switch hanging in the sockets.

Air Fryer Not Heating Up? [7 Causes and Quick Fixes]

Below are some common reasons that prevent an air fryer from heating up. Let’s look at them and their possible solutions to avoid sending your unit to a repair shop. Let’s find out!

Faulty Outlet

Faulty Electrical Outlet - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

One of the reasons, though not very common, is the issue of a faulty outlet. This might be happening due to a tripped breaker or short circuit.

Breakers can flip when you plug in too many kitchen appliances in one electrical outlet, causing the electrical system to overload and trip. Your air fryer won’t even turn on if this is the issue.

If your air fryer suddenly stops working because of a faulty power outlet, unplug the unit from the socket. Let it cool down and come to a point where it is safe to handle.

See if all switches in the main supply are turned on. If not, turn on the switch and try plugging the air fryer into another electrical outlet in the kitchen.

Air Fryer Needs Resetting

Resetting Air Fryer - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

This might seem bizarre to many of you, but turning off and then on your electrical appliance a few times can reset it and make your air fryer work again. So, you can do the same with your air fryer.

Even if you have seemingly the best air fryer, it still needs some time to cool off. You may have been using it consistently without rest, resulting in a heating problem.

To resolve the issue, unplug the air fryer and let it rest for 10-15 minutes before plugging it again. However, this method is more effective with a digital air fryer.  

Low-Temperature Settings

Air Fryer Low Temperature Settings - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

Before tearing apart your air fryer to look for an internal cause, consider the external settings, such as temperature. Temperature settings considerably differ among air fryer models.

For example, the Instant air fryer often has digital settings, and the Ninja air fryer has dial settings for temperature. So, try to figure out the right temperature setting. 

Some air fryers don’t seem to heat at a lower temperature setting. For instance, Philips Company specifically mentions that setting their air fryers at 104°F/40°C or below will not result in any significant heating.

If your air fryer comes with similar instructions, increasing the temperature will solve the issue. Besides, when it comes to getting a crispy crust on salmon or the right browning of beef steak, you need your air fryer sufficiently hot.

Cord Not Plugged Into Socket Properly

Cord Not Plugged Into Socket Properly - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

Isn’t it embarrassing to take your air fryer to a repair shop only to find out that it was not plugged in correctly?

When the Air fryer keeps turning off or does not heat up, the cord is likely not plugged into the socket properly.

You might have knocked out the plug while cleaning the counter or pulled the unit suddenly, causing the plug to lose its grip on the socket. So before panicking about your air fryer not heating issue, check if the plug is secure in its position in the socket.

The Air Fryer Lid or Basket is Open

The Air Fryer Lid or Basket is Open - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

Leaving your air fryer partially open will either cause it to not start because of its inbuilt safety mechanism or leak the heat.

You may not notice this because the small amount of hot air leaking from the air fryer basket does not make a difference when it mixes with the outside air in your kitchen.

Therefore, if your air fryer does not get hot even after setting the right temperature, check if the air fryer door or lid is closed properly.

Overcrowded Air Fryer Basket

Overfilled Air Fryer Basket - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

Air fryers run on the convection mechanism where the hot air produced by the heating element and circulated by a fan cooks the food.

If you fail to place the food properly in an air fryer, make multiple layers, or fill it to the brim, the unit fails to circulate the air properly. An overcrowded air fryer causes undercooking of your food, making you think that your air fryer is not working.

Therefore, always avoid putting a large amount of food in an air fryer. You can also check what recipes you can cook in the air fryer.

Faulty Heating Element

Air Fryer Faulty Heating Element - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

If all else is okay, now you will have to address the elephant in the room—the faulty heating element. The heating element in your air converts the electrical energy from the main supply into heat energy to cook the food.

If the heating element is not working properly, it either produces too much heat and causes burning or no heat and stops the cooking process.

If the air fryer heating element is not working properly, repairing or replacing the air fryer heating element is not something you can do at home. So, you may need to contact the customer service of your air fryer brand.

| NOTE: This guide applies to Instant Vortex, Cosori, Philips, and all other basket style air fryers.

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Wrapping Up!

Air fryers offer the utmost convenience. But like all other appliances, they are prone to malfunctioning. Fortunately, avoiding problems like air fryer not reaching its potential temperature is pretty much in your control. You can easily ensure the switch is appropriately plugged, the cord is not damaged, or multiple appliances are not working together on the same electrical outlet. If these steps do not solve your problem, you might be left with the only option of calling customer service for assistance.