Why Is My Air Fryer Not Heating Up? [Do This Fix]

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We understand the frustration and disheartening caused by an air fryer that refuses to heat up.

All the plans of making savory meals meet with disappointment when you find a cold air fryer, taking an unscheduled break.

Ever wondered why this happens?

The air fryer stops heating up when there is a problem with its temperature switch, power cord, or the heating element. Alternatively, the culprit might be a simple oversight, like not properly closing the air fryer door/lid or leaving the switch hanging in the sockets.

Fixing Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Finding the reasons why your air fryer won’t heat up demands a closer look at its various aspects.

Only then can you apply possible solutions before sending your smart cooking appliance to a repair shop.

Low-Temperature Settings

Some air fryers don’t seem to heat at a lower temperature setting.

For instance, Philips specifically mentions that setting their air fryers at 104°F/40°C or below will not result in any significant heating.

If your air fryer comes with similar instructions, increasing the temperature will likely resolve the issue.

The Air Fryer Door/Lid is Open

The Air Fryer Lid or Basket is Open - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

If your air fryer does not heat up even after setting the right temperature, the door/lid might be open. 

Leaving your air fryer partially open will either cause it not to start because of its inbuilt safety mechanism or leak heat.

You may not notice this.

The small amount of hot air leaking from the air fryer chamber does not make a difference when it mixes with the outside air in your kitchen. 

Therefore, if your air fryer stops heating, double-check if the door is properly closed.

Overcrowded Air Fryer Basket

An air fryer runs on the convection mechanism. The hot air is produced by the heating element and circulated by a fan that cooks the food.

If you stack the food in the air fryer, fill it to the brim, or fail to place the food properly, it will struggle to circulate the air properly.

As a result, an overcrowded air fryer leads to insufficiently cooked food, falsely giving the impression that it is not heating up properly.

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Faulty Outlet

Faulty Electrical Outlet - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

Though not very common, a faulty outlet can cause the issue. This might be happening due to a tripped breaker or a short circuit.

Overloading the electrical system by plugging in too many kitchen appliances in one electrical outlet can trip the breaker. Your air fryer does not turn on when this happens.

If your air fryer suddenly stops working because of a faulty power outlet, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the unit from the socket, let it cool down, and come to a point where it is safe to handle.
  2. See if all switches in the main supply are turned on. If not, flip the switch and try plugging the air fryer into another electrical outlet in the house.

Improper Plugging Into The Socket

Cord Not Plugged Into Socket Properly - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

Isn’t it embarrassing to take your air fryer to a repair shop only to find out it was not plugged in correctly? 

When the air fryer keeps turning off or does not heat up, the cord may not be plugged into the socket properly.

This happens when the plug unintentionally comes loose during routine activities like cleaning or moving the unit.

So before panicking about your air fryer not heating up, check if the plug is securely placed in the socket.

Needs Resetting

This might seem bizarre to many of you, but turning off and then on an air fryer a few times can reset it, making it work again.

If you have been using your air fryer consistently without giving it a rest, it can result in a heating problem.

To resolve the issue, unplug the air fryer and let it rest for a good 10-15 minutes before plugging it again.

Note: This method is more effective with a digital air fryer.

Faulty Heating Element

Air Fryer Faulty Heating Element - Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

If all else is okay, you must address the elephant in the room—the faulty heating element.

The heating element in your air fryer converts the electrical energy coming from the main supply into heat energy to cook the food.

If the heating element does not work properly, it can lead to many issues.

It can either produce too much heat, causing burning or provide no heat, stopping the cooking process.

Repairing or replacing air fryer heating element is not something you can do at home. Therefore, you need to contact the customer service of your air fryer brand.

NOTE: This guide can help if you have Instant Vortex, Cosori, Philips, or an air fryer of any other known brand.

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Like all other appliances, air fryers can malfunction, for instance, when they stop heating up. Fortunately, you can take measures to rectify this issue at home. You can easily ensure the switch is appropriately plugged into the socket, the cord is not damaged, or multiple appliances are not working together on the same electrical outlet. If these steps do not solve your problem, you might be left with the only option of calling customer service for assistance.