Air Fryer Heating Element Not Working? [Fixing Guide]

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An air fryer comes with a superior-quality heating element designed to work for a long time. 

While air fryers are known for their durability and reliable performance, even the most robust components can stop working.

A heating element is no exception.

Several factors can contribute to an air fryer heating element not working. These may include inadequate maintenance, regular wear and tear, and physical damage to the heating element. Additionally, insufficient electric current supply to the heating coil can also be a potential cause.

What Is The Heating Element In An Air Fryer?

A heating element is central to the working of an air fryer. It converts the electrical energy from the main supply to the heat energy for cooking food.

Often, they are located at the top, above the food chamber, and are accompanied by a high-speed fan that circulates heat around the food.

If the heating element doesn't work, the air fryer stops heating up.

How To Fix Air Fryer Heating Element

Often, the heating element stops working when it does not get sufficient electrical current.

The air fryer does not start in such a situation, and the heating element remains cool.

Other factors contributing to this issue and their recommended solutions are shared below.

1. Unplug and Replug Your Air Fryer

It is pretty common for electrical appliances to start working if you unplug and replug them after a few minutes.

This exercise works because often, a power surge causes your air fryer to stop working.

When you replug the appliance, it resets itself and starts working again. If this also does not restart the heating element in your air fryer, you might be looking at a bigger issue.

2. Improper Maintenance Of Heating Element

Air Fryer Faulty Heating Element Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

With constant use, a thick film of grease, dirt, and grime can cover the heating element's surface, causing it to stop working.

It is recommended to clean your air fryer heating element after every use.

Use a damp towel to wipe off the heating coil and the surrounding area to ensure dirt and food chunks don’t make it dysfunctional.

3. The Basket Is Not Lodged Properly

Air Fryer Basket Not Closed Properly

Like other modern appliances, air fryers also come with built-in safety built features.

One such safety feature stops the air fryer from working if the basket is not fitted in the compartment properly.

Make sure everything fits tightly into its place inside the air fryer.

As a precaution, I always push my air fryer basket twice to ensure it fits securely into the grooving.

4. Thermal Sensor Is Not Working

Air Fryer Thermal Sensor

The thermal sensor controls the temperature of the air fryer and helps the heating element attain the required cooking temperature.

A faulty thermal sensor prevents the heating element from reaching the desired temperature.

You might not know about a defective temperature sensor until an electrical appliances expert checks your air fryer.

Therefore, contacting customer support is a viable option if your air fryer heating element stops working.

5. The Heating Element Is Damaged Or Broken

damaged broken air fryer heating element

If other solutions don’t work, the heating element might be broken or burned due to recurrent use and insufficient maintenance.

You cannot ignore the obvious anymore—it’s time to replace the malfunctioning heating element with a new one.

The Air fryer heating element replacement is possible at home. But if you are not aware of the mechanics of an air fryer, it is better to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Alternatively, to avoid the hassle of sending the unit back to the company, search “air fryer repair shop near me” online and call a repair guy at home.


How do I change the element in my air fryer?

Changing the heating element is quite easy. Here is a quick video tutorial on replacing the heating element of the air fryer.

Does an air fryer have an open heating element?

Air fryers don’t have an open heating element as you will find in a microwave oven.

The heating element is often found at the top, above the air fryer basket. The heat comes downwards towards the food during cooking.

How do you check the heating element in an air fryer?

To check the air fryer heating element, unplug the air fryer and put it upside down. You will see the heating element above the cooking chamber.

If the heating element is not warming up the cooking chamber to the required temperature, it is not working correctly.

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Final Words

The air fryer element not heating up is one of the most discussed queries on the air fryer subreddit. Various issues, including insufficient maintenance, a faulty thermal sensor, or a broken heating element, can disrupt the normal working of your air fryer’s heating element.

While troubleshooting at home may be possible in some situations, repairing an air fryer heating element needs an understanding of the workings of kitchen appliances. Therefore, if you have never undertaken such a task, it is better to leave it to professionals equipped to handle such tasks.