Air Fryer Heating Element Not Working? [How To Fix]

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Air fryer heating elements are central to their working. They convert the electrical energy from the main supply to the heat energy for cooking food. Often, they are located at the top, above the food compartment, and are accompanied by a high-speed fan.

Air fryers come with a superior quality element that works for a long time. But what can you do when the heating element of your air fryer stops working?

Air Fryer Heating Element Not Working? [How To Fix]

Air fryer heating element not work because of lid not closed properly, unit receiving insufficient electric current, faulty power source, or burnt or broken element.

Let’s look at some of the common issues of an air fryer heating element in more detail and what you can do to make it work again.

Basket or Lid Not Closed Properly

Air Fryer Basket Not Closed Properly

Like other modern appliances, air fryers have all the safety measures built into them. One such safety measure is to stop the air fryer from working if the basket or lid is not closed properly.

If you recently cooked food in your air fryer or took the basket out for cleaning, you might have left the basket open while putting it back into place carelessly. This would explain why your heating element is not working.

Make sure everything fits tightly into its place inside the air fryer. I always push my air fryer basket twice to be sure that it fits into the grooving.

Improper Maintenance/Cleaning 

dirty air fryer heating element

The air fryer heating element and fan are placed in a separate chamber above the food compartment. The heating element catches grease splatters and food chunks when the air fryer is working.

Using your air fryer without wiping the grease and food residues off the heating element causes the grease, dirt, and grime to develop a thick film on its surface. As a result, your air fryer will make loud noises or the heating element may stop working. 

It is recommended to clean your air fryer heating element after every use. Use a damp towel to wipe off the entire heating coil and the area around to ensure dirt and food chunks don’t make your air fryer heating element dysfunctional.

Thermal Sensor Issue

Air Fryer Thermal Sensor

The thermal sensor controls the temperature of the unit and helps the heating element attain the required cooking temperature.

A faulty temperature sensor means your heating element won’t be able to reach the temperature.

You might not be able to identify a defective thermal sensor until you get your air fryer checked by an expert. Therefore, calling customer support is the only option.

Heating Element is Damaged or Broken

damaged broken air fryer heating element

If you find no problem with the power cord, electrical connection, or power plug, the problem is with the heating element itself.

The heating element might be completely broken or burned due to recurrent use and insufficient maintenance.

You cannot ignore the obvious anymore. It is time to replace the faulty heating element with the new one.

The Air fryer heating element or coil replacement is possible at home. But if you are not aware of the mechanics of an air fryer, it is better to contact the manufacturer and get it replaced.

Else, if you want to avoid the hassle of sending the unit back to the company, searchair fryer repair near me” online and call a repair guy at home.

Other Issues That Prevent Heating Element From Working

Here are some other factors that prevent an air fryer from heating.

Switch Not Plugged in Properly

Loose Power Plug Air Fryer Keep Turning OFF

It is possible that your air fryer is not getting a proper electrical current because the switch is not plugged in precisely.

Multitasking is unavoidable when working in the kitchen.

So probably you did not pay attention when plugging the switch resulting in an improper connection. 

So, before fretting about your Air Fryer not heating up, check if the switch is correctly connected to the electrical socket.

Malfunctioning Socket

Damaged Power Socket Air Frye Keep Turning OFF

Often there is no issue with the heating element itself. However, the socket your air fryer is connected to is malfunctioning.

So, before you rip down the unit, check the socket for a fault.

The easiest way to check the socket is by plugging in another appliance.

If the socket is malfunctioning, the appliance won’t work. But, if it works, the issue is with your air fryer.

Alternatively, you can connect your air fryer to another socket and see if it turns on. If the heating element turns on, enjoy cooking your meal in the air fryer.

Air Fryer Cable is Faulty

Damaged Power Cord Air Fryer Keep Turning OFF

Besides the issue of a loosely held switch in the socket, the cable of the appliance can be faulty too.

A damaged cable won’t send electrical current to the air fryer, and the element will not heat up.

Examine the air fryer cable, and look for tears, cuts, and cracks. Primarily, appliance cables get damaged at two points:

  • Head where it connects with the switch.
  • Tail where it attaches to the air fryer body.

Replacing the power cord will make the air fryer work again. You can either do it yourself or take the help of an expert. This little effort can save you from buying a new air fryer.

Unplug and Replug Your Air Fryer

It is pretty common for electrical appliances to start working if you unplug and replug them after a few minutes. This exercise works because often, a power surge causes your air fryer to stop working.

When you replug the appliance, it resets itself and starts working again. If this also does not restart the heating element in your air fryer, you might be looking at a bigger issue.

How do I change the element in my air fryer?

Changing the heating element is quite easy. Put the air fryer overturned, and you can clearly see the coil.

Now take out the old heating element and replace it with the new one. But before doing so, make sure the heating coil is cold, lest it will burn your hands. Here is a quick video tutorial on replacing the heating element of the air fryer.

Does an air fryer have an open heating element?

Air fryers don’t have an open heating element as you will find in a microwave oven. The heating element is often found at the top, above the air fryer basket. The heat comes downwards towards the food during cooking.

How do you check the heating element in an air fryer?

To check the air fryer heating element, unplug the air fryer and put it upside down. You will see the heating element above the cooking chamber. If the heating element is not warming up the cooking chamber to the required temperature, it is not working correctly.

Wrapping Up!

Many reasons can hamper the normal working of your air fryer’s heating element, including a faulty cable, damaged fuse or power outlet, or a broken heating element. Troubleshooting an air fryer heating element at home is possible in some situations. But, repairing an air fryer heating element at home needs you to understand the mechanics of electrical appliances. But, if you have never undertaken such a task, it is better to leave it to professionals.