Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off? [10 Quick Fixes]

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Some common causes of the air fryer turning off automatically are issues with the power outlet or cable not receiving the required power.

The air fryer is turning off itself repeatedly! It is one of the most frustrating problems you may face while using this smart cooking appliance.

This problem is also not limited to a particular brand or model. If this issue is troubling you, I have shared some quick fixes below.

The air fryer keeps turning off due to the power plug not being properly inserted into the socket, faulty socket, a problem with the power switch, or the damaged power cord.

Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off? [10 Quick Fixes]

Before moving on, I recommend you watch this video. It can be of great help in fixing the air fryer turning-off issue:

Let’s discuss all the issues in detail so you can troubleshoot them and bring your air fryer back to life.

1. Loose Power Plug

Loose Power Plug Air Fryer Keep Turning OFF

The power plug is the first thing you should check when your air fryer turns off during cooking. See if the power plug is securely inserted into the socket.

The switch can become wobbly or lose its grip on the power socket when you move the unit on the countertop during cooking. Plug in the switch properly to get rid of the problem effortlessly.

2. Unplugged Power Cable


Possibly, you jerked open the basket and disconnected the power cable from the air fryer, due to which it suddenly stopped working.

Turn around the air fryer, and you will see the point where the power cable attaches to the unit.

See if the power cable is connected properly to the unit. If not, unplug it and plug it in again. Hopefully, it will resolve your issue.

3. Loose Air Fryer Components

Loose air fryer parts can also cause a lot of issues. This can result in an air fryer producing a loud noise, buzzing or rattling sound, or shutting down the appliance; anything can happen.

Some of the latest air fryers have auto shut-off sensors. The job of these sensors is to keep the air fryer off when the basket is out, or the lid is open.

Before using an air fryer it is advised to always check the basket, lid, and other components are seated properly.

4. Damaged Power Cord

Damaged Power Cord Air Fryer Keep Turning OFF

Often, your Air fryer turns off automatically because of a faulty power cord.

These cords can disintegrate due to mishandling, heating up, or when you have been using an air fryer for a long time. Sometimes, protective plastic withers away, exposing the bare wires.

If nothing happens to the circuit when you connect the air fryer to a power outlet, you should check the power cord condition. Is it faulty, cracked, bent, or squashed at some point?

A damaged power cord prevents a steady flow of electricity to your air fryer. When the cord moves, the connection breaks, the current stops flowing, and your air fryer turns off by itself.

Replace the power cord or get it replaced by an expert and your air fryer will start working normally.

5. Faulty Power Socket

Damaged Power Socket Air Frye Keep Turning OFF

A faulty power outlet or failed internal socket can cause your air fryer to turn off frequently.

This issue arises mostly in low-quality outlets or older power outlets that have been in use for years. It could be because of disconnected or loose wiring connections.

Common signs of a faulty power outlet or a malfunctioning socket are buzzing, crackling, popping sounds, and sparks. This issue can trip the electrical breakers and blow fuses.

If you see this happening, promptly unplug your air fryer and connect it to another power outlet in another part of the house.

If the air fryer does not disconnect again, the mystery is resolved! If it turns off again, you may still need to keep looking for the actual issue.

6. Faulty Power Plug

Faulty Power Plug -  Air Fryer Keep Turning OFF

If there is no issue with the power outlet, the power plug of your air fryer is malfunctioning. A damaged plug prevents the air fryer from functioning properly.

The common issues with a faulty power plug are loose wiring connections or an inner conductor that needs reconnecting.

Examining and fixing the damaged power plug will prevent your air fryer from turning OFF.

7. Overloaded Power Outlet

Overloaded Power Outlet - Air Fryer Keep Turning OFF

Most medium to large-size air fryers has a wattage of 1600 watts. This might not be the highest wattage when it comes to electrical appliances.

However, when multiple devices with a similar wattage are connected to the power outlet, it can cause power outlet overload.

When the circuit tries to draw more current than it can manage, it results in a short circuit.

An overloaded circuit trips and disconnects current flow to all the appliances connected to the same power outlet.

To solve this issue, disconnect all the appliances from the power outlet. Turn on the circuit breaker if it is tripped and connect only the air fryer.

If your air fryer starts working, you will know that undue strain on the electrical system was causing your air fryer to turn off.

8. Extension Cord Issue

Extension Keep Turning OFF Air Fryer

Air fryers often come with short cables that do not reach the wall socket. In this situation, an extension cord comes in very handy.

However, connecting an air fryer or other high-wattage appliance to an extension cord is unsafe. Voltage dips and surges can damage the appliance.

Connecting an air fryer with an extension cord can also cause electrical overload when the extension tries to draw more current than it can handle, causing your air fryer to shut off automatically.

9. Lack of Maintenance

Dirty Air Fryer Shuts OFF Automatically

Air fryers need regular maintenance, and the accumulated leftovers inside might be the reason for the air fryer switching off.

Create a solution of warm water and soap, and start cleaning. Make sure there’s no leftover inside the machine. Also, look at the cleaning instructions given in the air fryer’s user manual for better cleaning.

10. Contact Customer Support

In the case of an air fryer, there are many remediating steps you can take at home. But when nothing works, you are left with no option but to contact the manufacturer.

If your appliance is still under warranty, call the company and ask for a replacement or a repair. If your appliance warranty is expired, you have these two options. The first is repairing it by a professional, while the second one is getting a new air fryer.


Wrapping Up!

Finding the issue of your Air fryer turning off is a struggle, especially when halfway through cooking or planning to make a delicious meal. However, in most cases, there is no need to panic. You can do a lot at home to fix the air fryer not working correctly. Before reaching out to customer service, check the power cord and switch for any signs of damage or see if the socket is working. If your air fryer is connected to an extension cord, unplug it, as this might be the culprit. If everything fails, you have no option but to ask for professional assistance.