Is Philips Air Fryer Good & What Are The Best Alternatives

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Philips (HD9650/96) glistens with the trademark glossy finish that defines Philips air fryers.

Yes, it is pricey, but its results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Even more enticing is its control panel; it beckons you to experiment with its capabilities.

YES! Philips air fryer is good and worth buying. The Philips Premium XXL is equipped with fat removal, rapid air technology, and many other advanced features.

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

  • 8-in-1 functionality
  • 45% larger usable pan cooking area
  • Easy to store

Is Philips Air Fryer Good And Worth The Money?

Read below for my full review of Philips Premium Air fryer XXL to see if it is worth your every penny.

The Philips Air Fryer Box

The box contains:

  • The air fryer.
  • A fat reducer plate
  • A basket with a detachable mesh bottom.

In addition, a user manual and recipe booklet are included.

The user manual explains everything about the air fryer in good detail.

During my first few attempts, I referred to the user manual to identify icons on the control panel.

The recipe booklet lists the best Philips air fryer recipes and time and temperature suggestions for various foods.

Nice Attractive Design

The air fryer has a big barrel-shaped design with a large size and dimensions, making it more suitable for kitchens with ample space.

If you plan to store it away after use, it requires a lot of space.

There is a removable plate with a starfish pattern that goes under the air fryer basket and helps circulate the heat evenly.

The bottom of the basket meshes; food juices and oil residue drip through it and collect on the starfish plate and the air fryer drawer.

The drawer can also be removed from the bottom air fryer tray.

While this design increases the number of removable components, I must say that each part has a valuable function to perform.

My only gripe is its weight. With 19 pounds of weight, moving it around or carrying it for moving or storage in the cabinet can be a nightmare.

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Intuitiveness and Ease of Use

There is a digital control panel that’s controlled by rotating and pushing the dial for selection.

The settings on the display are quite small and may need you to squint your eyes.

However, configuring settings is still easy because of the backlight illuminating the screen.

The basket handle is large and ergonomic, giving you a solid grip even when filled with food.

With five cooking presets and manual temperature and time settings, cooking becomes a one-step process in this air fryer.

And guess what?

You can also add more time or tweak the temperature on the go if food isn’t quite done without fretting about the air fryer going into standby mode.

Decent Cooking Capacity

With its 7 QT capacity, it's quite spacious, making it perfect for a medium to large household.

You can easily accommodate a 5 lb. raw chicken, over 15 chicken wings, over two pounds of fries, or five to six pieces of chicken thighs.

Additionally, you can effortlessly prepare four 4-ounce hamburgers in one batch.

Safety Of The Users

When gauging the suitability of an electrical cooking appliance, safety of use must be paramount.

Not only is Philips easy to use, but it also poses no safety threats.

During cooking, the outside doesn’t get hot enough to burn your hands.

The highest temperature we recorded on the base of the front side was 138.5°F.

As for the handles and control panel, they remain cool to the touch.

Cooking Results

Below is the table representing the cooking test and scores our experts conclude while testing the Philips air fryer.

Air Fried RecipesCooking TimeCooking TemperatureTaste Scores
Frozen fries10 – 12 minutes200 degree10/10
Onion rings8 – 10 minutes200 – 210 degree7/10
Bacon18 – 20 minutes200 degree9/10
Chicken strips12 – 15 minutes200 degree9/10

Convenience of Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleanup is much less of a pain than I expected upon opening the box and finding a range of removable components.

However, the food residue can sometimes get caught in the basket mesh, posing a challenge to clean.

In those situations, I prefer soaking the basket, the star tray, and the removable screen in warm water and soap prior to scrubbing with a soft sponge.

The top and exterior are plain and sleek without any intricate accents, which makes them easy to keep clean.

Does Fat Removal Technology Work?

The air fryer boasts integrated smart fat removal technology in its advertisements.

Fortunately, this feature lives up to its claims.

The fat reducer plate and drawer efficiently extract excess fat, defeating other air fryer models.  

For instance, my chicken legs came out wonderfully crispy and juicy with all the excess oil drawn out into the collection drawer.

Is Philips A Non-Toxic Air Fryer?

Like me, you will be glad to find that this air fryer is Teflon-free, although the coating on the accessories is made of Teflon.

Additionally, the air fryer’s exterior housing is made of plastic but is BPA-free. Therefore, HD9650/96 and most other models of Philips air fryer are not harmful in any way.

Cosori Vs Ninja Vs Philips Air Fryer

The main difference between Cosori and Philips lies in their design and technology. Cosori air fryer pays more attention to user-friendliness and simplicity in design. Philips is famous for its patented Rapid Air and Fat Removal Technology.

While Philips does offer various models and digital touchscreens, their emphasis primarily lies on efficiency and consistent cooking results.

The main difference between Ninja and Philips lies in their design and functionality. Ninja air fryers focus on versatility and multi-functionality. Conversely, Philips takes pride in achieving even cooking results using minimal oil and catering to health-conscious users.

Final Verdict

The air fryer boasts a solid build and attractive design that makes it a durable, reliable, and classy-looking appliance.

I particularly liked its fat-reducing technology that helps you keep your calorie count to a minimum. However, like every air fryer, this one has its drawbacks. It is pricey, bulky, and requires countertop space. On the bright side, it is non-toxic, easy to use, clean, and maintain, and delivers superb results.

Trust me on this; after using it more than my other air fryers in my testing kitchen, I can vouch for it with full confidence.

If you don’t already have an air fryer, give this one a try; you will not regret it.

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