Is Philips Air Fryer Good And Worth The Money [2023]

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Stylish Look of Best Philips Air Fryer

Yes, Philips air fryers are good and they provide good value for the money.

So, you’ve chosen the Philips air fryer as your next-to-buy kitchen appliance and now wonder if it is worth buying!

If I have guessed it right, let’s help you walk through an unbiased and comprehensive review of the best Philips air fryer with tested cooking results. You can also check alternate options, the best ninja air fryers and the best cosori air fryers.

Is Philips Air Fryer Good And Worth The Money [2023]

YES! Philips air fryers are good and worth buying. Most Philips air fryers come with the convenience of multifunctional cooking and ease of cleanliness. Integrating Rapid AirFlow, they shorten cooking time by 30% while producing the same crispy texture meals with no greasy mess.

First, begin with the table of some of the top-rated models of Philips air fryers you can rely on.

Philips Air Fryer ModelCooking CapacityCooking SettingsPreset Cooking ModesNonstick Basket Coating
Philips Essential Air Fryer4qtDigital control panel7Yes
Philips Premium Air Fryer XXL7qtTouch screen panel5Yes
Philips Digital Original Air Fryer2qtDigital control panel0Yes
Philips Twin TurboStar Air Fryer3qtAnalog interface0Yes
Philips Turbo Star Air Fryer2.75qtAnalog adjustment0Yes

Design Aspects

design of philips air fryer

Irrespective of the model preferred, Philips air fryers are a user-friendly cooking gadget, coming in solid luminous colors to compliment your kitchen setup.

Its sleek design with a small footprint takes up less space on your kitchen counter. And even in compact designs, its interior incorporates a patented starfish design bottom.

It helps swirl hot air rapidly around food, making it tender from the inside and crispy outside with even cooking. 

Features and Preset

Philips Air Fryer Features

We notice most Philips air fryer models feature different cooking modes like reheat, bake, or roast, giving the convenience of multipurpose cooking at the touch of a digital interface.

Philips air fryers with analog settings can cook presets for meal varieties, from baked goods to frozen delicacies.

Though most Philips air fryers offer some necessary accessories in the package, only some models include accessories despite being multifunctional. So you need to pay a little extra to buy those cooking accessories.

Unique Air Frying Technology

Rapid Air Frying Technology in Philips Air Fryer

Likely other manufacturers, the Philips air fryer also integrates a unique Rapid Air Technology, reducing oil consumption for super crisp air-fried meals.

Interestingly, what sets this apart is that its Philips premium XXL fryer model integrates a unique fusion of rapid air technology with fat removal technology.

So, when hot air flows across, the fat removal technique sucks out extra fat without compromising on flavors. 

For safety, the Philips air fryer, courtesy of the auto shut-off feature, beeps when the timer completes preventing food from overcooking. For beginners to wrap their heads around air fryer settings and access the best air fryer recipes, they can install the Philips NutriU app.

Cooking Results

Below is the table representing the cooking test and scores our experts conclude while testing the Philips air fryer.

Air Fried RecipesCooking TimeCooking TemperatureTaste Scores
Frozen fries10 – 12 minutes200 degree10/10
Onion rings8 – 10 minutes200 – 210 degree7/10
Bacon18 – 20 minutes200 degree9/10
Chicken strips12 – 15 minutes200 degree9/10

You may also like to learn what can you cook in an air fryer.

While making fries, I occasionally shakeD the air fryer basket to facilitate uniform cooking. As expected, French fries come out perfectly crisp with a golden hue.

The removable mesh basket in the drawer makes oil drip away at the bottom to avoid fries being soggy. The onion rings I made have a few burnt edges that tasted off, which is disappointing compared to other results.

In chicken strips, I find it hard to adjust the cooking temperature because the increment allows only 5 degrees at a time. Nevertheless, it tastes good yet is less crunchy than the restaurant-style desire.

Though the model of Philips air fry I tested doesn’t have a cooking mode to roast bacon, I utilize a preset for protein meals. With no overlapping and oil spray, Philips fryer did a decent job making bacon within less time than expected.

Ease of Cleanliness

Almost all of the models of Philips air fryers are dishwasher safe. It means the removable basket and drip tray are effortlessly easy to clean.

It also takes less time to clean the dripping mess, thanks to the inclusion of a nonstick coating. You can also check our article on how to deep clean air fryer.


Which is the best air fryer in Philips?

As per our experts’ findings, the best Philips air fryer for a small family is Philips Essential Digital HD9252/91 with 4qt capacity. I recommend Philips Premium XXL HD9650/96 7qt air fryer for large families.

Which company has the best Airfryer?

As per our experts, the best air fryers in the market are Philips and Ninja air fryers.

Wrapping Up!

Our experts highly recommend the Philips air fryer due to its quality design, convenient features, and delicious results. It cooks crispy meals exceptionally well and easy to clean and . Specifically, the Philips premium XXL air fryer with a 7-liter capacity is ideal for large families. However, you can choose any Philips air fryer model that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. I would love to hear your feedback on your selection of Philips air fryers in the comments. I hope you have a positive experience!


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