Air Fryer Not Making Noise – Quick Fixes [2023]

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The air fryer not making noise issue is primarily related to its fan. Learn how you can fix it.

Air fryers make some noise when they cook food. The fan rotating at high speed inside the air fryer is the main cause of this noise. Therefore, the issue of your air fryer not making noise can be directly related to its fan.

Some indirect factors prevent the fan from working properly. Learn what those are and how to fix them. You can check out the best quiet air fryers and the best compact air fryers.

Air Fryer Not Making Noise – Quick Fixes [2023]

The air fryer not making noise can be due to its fan not working or its fan stopping working at various points to ensure the temperature shouldn’t exceed the given limit.

Air fryer do make some noise while working, and if yours is not making any sound, here are some problems that you need to address:

  • Fluctuations in the power supply or malfunctioning circuitry can cause the fuse to blow. As a result, your air fryer’s fan will stop working and produce no noise.
  • Manufacturing faults due to poor assembly and design can be a reason for the fan not functioning properly.
  • Some air fryer fans stop working during the cooking process without any fault. This is related to the in-built cooking mechanism of the air fryer. The fan stops at various points during cooking to prevent the temperature from exceeding the required temperature. 
  • The appliance do not make noise if there some glitch or error. To find more about air fryer errors click here.

Air Fryer Not Making Noise – Quick Fixes [2023]

If you have cleared your air fryer from the issues mentioned above and everything looks fine, try the below-mentioned ways to troubleshoot your air fryer fan.

Look for Obstruction

A physical obstruction often causes the air fryer fan to stop working or work slower.

Look for a hard object or a piece of debris sticking in your air fryer fan. Also, inspect the fan blades for any sign of wear and tear caused due to a foreign object stuck there.

If you see hair entwined around the fan’s motor, carefully unwind them to prevent the hair strands from breaking midway and getting stuck. If hair strands break halfway, it won’t be easy to take them out without anything to clutch onto.

Make Sure The Air Fryer Drawer Fits Properly

Air Fryer Basket Not Closed Properly

Air fryers come with various in-built safety features. One safety mechanism is a small switch at the base of the air fryer on which you slide into the air fryer drawer.

The purpose of this switch is to prevent the air fryer from heating up while the drawer is still outside the unit. You may also like to know more about why your air fryer is not heating up.

When this switch is triggered, it indicates that the drawer has taken its position and the air fryer can start its cooking function. Often the fan does not work when this switch is not triggered.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to manually slide a butter knife or gift card in the gap to trigger the switch. Hopefully, it will make the air fryer fan work again.

See If The Motor Is Working

Checking Air Fryer Motor

Often the fan stops working because of a problem with the central air fryer motor. Either it has broken down completely, or it is malfunctioning.

When there is a fault in the motor, it does not accept any power, so all the electronic components of the air fryer, including the fan, stop working.

You cannot repair the motor yourself; either you will require the help of a handyman or send the unit to the manufacturer.

Fix Faulty Fan

Look for Obstruction in Air Fryer Fan

If everything else is working fine, the issue is with the fan itself. If your air fryer fan is broken, you are left with no option but to replace it with a new one.

Check the warranty of your air fryer. If you still have some time left, contact the manufacturer and return the unit as soon as possible.


Should I hear the fan on my air fryer?

Yes, an air fryer fan makes some noise when it is working. So, hearing some noise from the fan is a sign that your air fryer is working properly to circulate hot air around the food.

Should my air fryer make noise?

It is usual for an air fryer to make noise due to the powerful fan working inside it. But if the noise produced by your air fryer sounds weird, jingling and rattling, it can be due to loose parts or other similar issues and is a matter of concern.

How long does it take to hear the air fryer?

If there is no issue with the air fryer, you will hear some noise as the fan starts working immediately after you punch in the cooking details. You will not hear any noise if the fan works slowly or is not working.

Wrapping Up!

If your air fryer does not make any noise, it probably means there is a problem with its fan because an air fryer’s normal function is not noiseless. Some ways to troubleshoot your air fryer when its fan stops working are mentioned above. Try each of them one by one. If nothing works, contact the manufacturer to get a replacement.


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