Can I Use Air Fryer Outside? A Twist To Outdoor Cooking

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Can I Use My Air Fryer Outside

Yes, you can use air fryer outdoor if you have a power source.

Cooking food outside with an outdoor grill is common, but can you do the same with an air fryer too? Instead of using propane, an air fryer uses electricity to generate heat with the help of a heating element. The convection mechanism cooks the food crispy and tender.

Some air fryers come with a grilling function too. So, many people get tempted to use this portable appliance and enjoy the ambiance of outdoor cooking. Here is what I think about using an air fryer outdoors. For outdoor use, you can check these low watt air fryers.

Can I Use Air Fryer Outside? A Twist To Outdoor Cooking

Yes, you can use your air fryer outside after taking necessary precautions. Ensure that you have a secure electrical connection and no flammable objects nearby. For outdoors, your air fryer must be energy efficient low wattage.

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There is no harm in using your air fryer outside. If you are cooking something that produces smoke and intense food odors, cooking outdoors prevents your house from engulfing them.

So, outdoor cooking is often beneficial and more convenient. Due to its portability, an air fryer is also a suitable appliance for taking along on camping trips or family picnics. However, you will need an electrical outlet for your air fryer. Finding a power source outdoors might be a little difficult.

In that case, you can take an outdoor portable power station (A large portable battery) or a small generator. However, it should be fine if you are camping off-grid in your RV. Most RVs have a power source in them. Learn more about using air fryers in RV here.

Factors To Consider When Using Air Fryer Outdoor

Using an air fryer for grilling outdoors, on your camping trip, etc., is similar to using it inside. However, you must be cautious about the following aspects when cooking outside.

Check Electrical Outlets And Wires

Electrical connections outside the house’s main living are exposed to unforgiving temperatures. Therefore, they have a higher chance of broken and exposed wires. Broken and frayed wires can cause fire, hurt you, and damage your air fryer. Therefore, before plugging in the air fryer, check the electrical connection.

Place The Unit On A Flat Surface

Once you find or set up a shaded area for cooking in your air fryer, place the unit on an even, flat surface which is not wobbly. If the surface is uneven, your air fryer can lose balance, trip over, and break down.

Place On A Heat-Resistant Surface

When placing the air fryer, always put it on a heat-resistant surface. Most countertops installed in the kitchen have this property. It is not a matter of concern when cooking inside. But in the case of outdoor cooking, you must consider this aspect.

Never put your air fryer on a wooden table, which might melt due to heat from the bottom. If the electrical connection produces sparks when you plug in the air fryer, take the plug out and check all the wires for signs of wear and tear. Resolve the issue before replugging the air fryer.

Carry With Care

Plan for cooking outside when you have a lightweight and portable air fryer. Some oven-shaped air fryers are bulky and difficult to carry. Carrying bulky appliances around the house is risky. Practice caution when taking the unit inside the house after cooking, and never handle a hot appliance.

Don’t Leave The Air Fryer Unattended

One thing to be careful about using an air fryer outside is, never leave your air fryer unattended. Always stay around it so that you can quickly access it if there is any problem. After cooking, remove the plug from the electrical socket and let it cool before carrying it inside.

Avoid Dust 

When using an air fryer outside, choose a spot that is not very dusty. Dust will not only contaminate your food but also reach the internal parts of your air fryer and harm them.

Don’t Use The Air Fryer In The Rain

Eating air-fried, crispy delicious food may look very tempting when it rains. However, using your air fryer near water is not a good idea. Water splashes can damage your air fryer if it reaches its internal electrical parts.

Apart from damaging your air fryer, using an air fryer in backyard or outside near water is a safety hazard for you too. Water is one of the best conductors of electricity. Touching your air fryer with wet hands can be a disaster. If you want to cook in your air fryer in the rainy season, the unit must be away from direct rain showers.

Don’t Use Air Fryer Under The Sun

Don’t use your air fryer under direct sunlight. When an air fryer cooks, it gets hot from the outside. When you use it under direct sunlight, the effects of the heat get compounded. Therefore, always keep your air fryer under a shaded area or set up a tent or something similar to create shade.

Keep Out Of Kids And Pets Reach

Children are often curious. They want to take part in what their elders do. They will also try to help when you cook with an air fryer. Be careful about using an air fryer or any cooking appliance outside when you have pets or kids.

Make sure they stay away and play at a distance because if they accidentally touch the air fryer, they may burn their hands or topple it. Must check can air fryer catch fire.

Can You Use An Air Fryer In The Garage?

Yes, you can use your air fryer in the garage. Make sure there is an electrical outlet present in your garage that provides stable voltage to your air fryer. Also, the garage should not be dirty and dusty; dirt can harm your appliance. If your garage has a window, keep the air fryer near it for proper ventilation.

Wrapping Up!

Using an air fryer outside means enjoying poolside parties with friends, having delicious food in beautiful weather, and trying different recipes. Undoubtedly, cooking outdoors is more fun than cooking in the kitchen. You can be creative with your cooking skills and work on innovative recipes. But you must follow the safety rules for cooking outside. Some factors for using the air fryer outdoors are mentioned above. Be mindful of these aspects while using the air fryer outside to stay safe and prevent accidents.