Are Air Fryers Allowed in Dorms? Things To Know!

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Air fryers are good for quickly fulfilling your crispy food cravings with very little effort and time. But can you use an air fryer in a dorm? The answer is:

No, air fryers are not allowed in the dorm rooms. When you cook in an air fryer, it produces smoke that can trouble other students, and it also poses a fire hazard, which is why it is prohibited in dorms. However, dorms with a common kitchen have a stove, microwave, air fryer, etc.

Are Air Fryers Allowed in Dorms? Things To Know!

College administrations have strict rules that restrict the use of certain appliances due to safety concerns.

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Where to Put Air Fryer in Dorm

Having an air fryer that helps you cook breakfast in the morning when the canteen is still closed or fix up a late-night snack looks pretty tempting. Some colleges may allow the students to keep an air fryer in the dorm, while others don’t.

The rule book during admission often mentions details about the allowed appliances if you have not packed all your stuff and are still brooding about buying an air fryer. It is better to consult the college handbook before spending money on something that might not be allowed inside your dorm.

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Why Air Fryers Are Not Allowed In Dorm

Most colleges don’t allow students to keep an air fryer in the college hostel for the following reasons.

Shared Kitchen

In some colleges, students are provided with a shared communal kitchen with all the essential appliances and electronics, such as microwave ovens, conventional ovens, fridges, hot plates, etc.

Therefore, they don’t allow the students to have cooking appliances such as an air fryer in the college dorm.

Power Rating

An appliance's power rating is another reason it prohibits its use in a dorm. Often, college guidelines allow students to keep appliances that don’t surpass the allowed wattage limit (1000-1200W). High-wattage appliances can cause short circuits in the hostel.

Most high-quality air fryers run at a higher wattage—one reason you might not be allowed to use an air fryer in your dorm. There are some energy-efficient air fryers that range between 700 watts to 1000 watts. You can consider them for your dorm.

Small Space

Most dorm rooms have limited space, which can only accommodate essentials such as a bed, cupboard, table, chair, etc. An air fryer hogs some space on the table; it can permanently occupy a part of the much-needed space in your room. I recommend getting mini air fryers for college dorms.


Most dorms have very sensitive fire and smoke alarms. When you cook fatty food such as ground meat and bacon in an air fryer, it produces a lot of smoke, which can trigger a fire alarm.

Though this smoke is harmless, it can still create panic and chaos among other students. That is why air frying in a dorm room is often strictly forbidden.

Food Odors

Students live in a dormitory together. When you cook food inside your room, food smells can disturb the other students sharing a room with you or living in the nearby rooms.

Also, people come to college from different areas where they cook different food; not everyone likes the smell of your food.

So, it is better to avoid cooking in areas where there is a chance that food smells will irritate your fellows.

Air Fryer Recipes For Dorm

If your college/university allows you to keep an air fryer, here are some quick air fryer recipes you can try to enjoy. You can prepare these recipes in under thirty minutes without much prepping.

Air-Fried Frozen Nuggets

Air-frying frozen nuggets are the quickest recipe you can cook in your dorm. You will never eat soggy or oil-filled unhealthy nuggets using an air fryer.

Add the frozen nuggets into the air fryer and cook them at 400F for about 10 to 12 minutes. Never forget to flip the sides of the food after 5 to 6 minutes.

Air Fryer Sausage And Bacon

Air-frying bacon and sausage is another quick recipe. Toss a few sausages and bacon in the air fryer while you get ready for your class. Flip the sides of the ingredients halfway through the timer. You will have deliciously crispy and hot sausages and bacon on your plate in under 30 minutes.

Air-Fried Frozen Sweet Plantains

You can also air fry frozen sweet plantains in an air fryer. Remove the plastic cover from the microwavable plate. Add a few slices of the frozen sweet plantains to the air fryer and cook them for 7 to 8 minutes at 350F.


Another quick recipe that you can try is making popcorn in the air fryer. But be careful; never put the popcorn bag in the air fryer as it can catch fire.


Where to place the air fryer in a dorm?

You can keep an air fryer in the shared communal kitchen of a dorm. But you must ask permission to use it. Keeping it in your room might not be allowed due to safety hazards and the possibility of triggering a smoke alarm.

Can I have an air fryer in my university room?

Some universities allow students to keep an air fryer in the room for making healthier meals and breakfasts in the morning. But most universities don’t permit students to keep an air fryer. So you can keep an air fryer in your university room if it is included in the allowed list of appliances.

What appliances are not allowed in college dorms?

Appliances often not allowed in college dorms include hot plates, toaster ovens, electric skillets, and large refrigerators. You are also not allowed to keep space heaters, immersion heaters, etc., because of their slightly exposed heating coils.

Why are air fryers not allowed in college hostel?

Air fryers are not allowed in dorm rooms because they create smoke when cooking fatty foods, get hot, cause a short circuit, and produce food smells. For these reasons, they can be bothersome and dangerous for users and others.

Wrapping Up!

Dorm life is more about skipping breakfasts in the morning and grabbing snacks from the cafeteria than enjoying palatable meals on time. But often, the cravings for crispy food kick in, and you start thinking about ways to make quick meals with little effort and less time.

One quick solution to fulfill your untimely cravings is to use an air fryer. It helps you cook healthy meals in a very short time.

Air fryers are not allowed in most dormitories. Often, it is due to safety concerns such as preventing fire hazards, short circuits, and electrocution. Some dorms also prohibit use because they run at a higher wattage, though their overall energy consumption is much lower.

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