How To Turn Off Beeping On Air Fryer?

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Modern air fryers come with superior technology and aim to increase the cooking comfort and safety of the users.

However, certain aspects of this cooking appliance can be annoying.

An air fryer's loud beep is one of them. 

It is becoming a matter of concern for many air fryer users and they want to silence the loud sound of their air fryer.

Here I have shared some tips to quiet your air fryer and get a peace of mind.

You can disable the beeping sound of your air fryer if it has a mute function. Activating the mute function of your air fryer requires you to press a combination of a few keys. But this combination can vary based on the air fryer brand and model.

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How Do I Stop My Air Fryer From Beeping?

Below I have shared a complete step-by-step guide on how to silence an air fryer of a particular brand. So, let's get started:

How To Turn Off Cosori Air Fryer Beeping

Till today, Cosori has not introduced any way to mute the beeping sound of their air fryers.

But there are ways to lower the volume considerably.

Open the Cosori air fryer and place a piece of soft clay on the speaker.

This hack will not mute the air fryer but will make it bearable by reducing the intensity of the beep substantially.

How To Mute Instant Vortex Air Fryer

Instance vortex comes with a mute function.

Press the minus (-) button on the temperature and time settings for three to five seconds.

It will remove all the operational beeps except the air fryer error code sounds.

How to Silent Ninja Dual Air Fryer Beeping

As per the user manual, the Ninja air fryer beeps to tell you that the food is cooked.

According to the company instructions, there is no way to reduce the beeping sound of a Ninja dual air fryer.

However, you can open the air frying unit and disconnect the beeping function.

How To Turn Off Beeping Of Powerxl Air Fryer

You can prevent a PowerXL Air Fryer from beeping incessantly by opening the machine and disconnecting the link with speakers.

But before that, unplug the unit, and be careful about handling it.

Wrapping Up!

Undoubtedly, the beeping sound of an air fryer can be very annoying.

Some air fryer units have a mute function that allows you to turn off the air fryer beeping sound.

At the same time, others don't give you any other option except to disconnect the beeping function altogether.

Many people bring air fryers to increase their convenience, but their bubble of imagination bursts when their air fryer irritates them with its beeping sound.

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