Is Ninja DZ201 Foodi Dualzone Air Fryer Worth Buying?

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Time and Temperature Setting of ninja dz201 foodi 6-in-1 2-basket air fryer

Design, versatility, functionality, usage, and cooking performance. We will share everything in this Ninja Foodi 2 basket air fryer DZ201 review.

Single basket air fryers have a limited cooking capacity.

So, if you to want to cook food in large quantity, you have to do it in batches.

DZ201 Ninja Foodi 2 basket air fryer, one of the best air fryers from Ninja, has solved this problem for you.

This 8 quart air fryer offers you a convenient way to cook multiple recipes simultaneously.

So, we looked at it more closely and critically, and tested it to share our detailed experience.

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart Dual Basket Air Fryer [Review]


  • 6-in-1 appliance
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Dual basket cut down cooking time
  • No preheating required
  • Match cook – same cooking setting for both baskets
  • Easy to clean


  • Has a plastic like smell on first use
  • Cooking of individual basket cannot be paused or stop
  • A bit noisy

DZ201 Air Fryer First Impression

First Look of Ninja Dual Zone 8 Quart Air Fryer

When we took the unit out of the box, its attractive build was the first thing that gripped our interest.

It exhibited a clean metal finish with rounded edges. We brought it in black, so it looked pretty cool on the counter.

Design Of Ninja Foodi Dualzone

The Ninja Dual zone air fryer demonstrates a two-basket design, making it a suitable air fryer for cooking multiple recipes at a time.

The total capacity is 8 QT, which means each basket offers four quarts of cooking space.

The handles are big and ergonomic, which is great.

They offer firm grip when lifting the basket to shake or pour the food on a plate.

Ninja DZ201 does not have a tall profile; therefore, you can easily adjust it under the kitchen cabinets. 

But the unit demands space on your counter with its 13.86″ D x 15.63″ W x 12.4″ H dimensions.

If you don’t have enough space on the counter, you may need to look for other places in the kitchen to store this air fryer when not in use.

Ease Of Use

Smart Control Panel of Ninja DZ201 Foodi

Its control panel is a little tricky; it took us some time to grasp the dual basket step.

But after giving it a few shots, you can easily catch on to the settings.

A start/pause button lets you start or pause the cooking process in each chamber.

All the cooking and preset options are clearly written on the angled touch screen of the air fryer.

Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer Cooking Performance

Ninja DZ201 smart air fryer can do 6 types of cooking: Air Fry, Bake, Dehydrate, Air Broil, Reheat, and Roast.

You can cook two dishes simultaneously or larger quantities of a single dish.

Thanks to its fast heating and 450F max temperature, food cooks quickly.

Even if you are required to cook in batches for guests, cooking time reduces significantly.

Cooking Results of Ninja DZ201 Foodi 2 Basket Air Fryer

Air Frying Function

We cooked French fries and wings in both chambers using the Smart Finish feature.

Each chamber can easily accommodate around 10 wings or about two pounds of fries.

The benefit of this feature is that both dishes cook together and are ready to serve at the same time.

Baking In DZ201 Foodi

To test the baking function, we baked biscuits, but this time cooked in only one basket.

Our team noted that when you cook in both baskets, the cooking time for both is prolonged compared to when only one basket is used. 

We followed the temperature and time settings from the ninja dual-zone air fryer recipes chart.

Hence we were saved from eating burnt or under-cooked food.

While the guide is not entirely exhaustive, it still has a wide range of recipes you can use. You can also check out our picks for the best air fryers for baking.

Reheating Food In Ninja DZ201

Not just cooking from scratch, we found Ninja DZ201 suitable for reheating and re-crisping.

The texture and flavor of the reheated fish filets were as if you had made them from scratch.

For proper reheating, you can check how to reheat chicken wings in air fryer.

Roasting Function of Ninja Air Fryer

Since the total space has been divided into two chambers, you might be restricted to not roasting a whole chicken in one go.

But cooking cut-up chicken is pretty much possible. You can also roast vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower.


Grilling cheese sandwiches was a learning experience for us.

When we placed the sandwich and closed the basket, powerful hot air started to move the top slice.

So, we had to put a fork to keep it down.

Rest, the process became easier. Though unintentional, the browned mark on the toast looked good.

If you like grilled food, we suggest you check our collection of the best air fryer grill combo.

Cleaning Ninja Dualzone Air Fryer

For cleaning of Ninja DZ201 Foodi 2 basket air fryer, you can check this guide of how to clean ninja air fryer.

DZ201 Vs. DZ401 Vs. Instant Vortex Plus Dual

DZ401 is another dual-compartment air fryer with similar functions and cooking options.

It also has Match Cook and Smart Finish cooking modes and six cooking options:

  • The only difference is that it comes in a bigger size.
  • Its two compartments offer a 10 QT combined capacity.

Instance Vortex also comes in a dual basket design and has a similar capacity as Ninja DZ201. They both have the same price tag too.

DZ201 Vs. DZ401 Vs. Instant Vortex Plus Dual

Like the Smart Finish and Match Cook features of DZ201, Instant Vortex has SyncCook (choose the same settings for cooking in both compartments) and SyncFinish (finish cooking together).

The additional feature you find in the Instant Vortex is that you get to have a see-through window at the front to see what is happening inside the air fryer.

Also, Instant Vortex comes with a shake reminder feature, which is not present in Ninja DZ201 or DZ401.

All these air fryers perform well when it comes to cooking; it is the design where Ninja DZ201 wins over the Instant Vortex.

As for DZ401, go for it if you cook large quantities of food in a routine. Otherwise, its size and footprint can cause a lot of inconvenience.


Is the dual Ninja Air fryer worth it?

The dual ninja air fryer’s two air frying chambers are its most prominent features.

It lets you cook two different foods in totally dissimilar settings.

It is totally worth it as far as cooking time, convenience, and versatility are concerned.

What can I cook in a ninja dual air fryer?

Ninja dual air fryer helps you cook low-calorie food with little or no oil.

You can roast cut-up chicken, prepare beef steak, air-fried wings, shrimp, potatoes, French fries, donuts, etc.

Plus, you can crisp up an endless variety of vegetables.

What's the difference between a ninja AF300 and AF400?

Both air fryers are similar; the only major difference is their size and wattage.

AF400 runs at 2470 watts of electricity, while AF300 requires 2400 watts. As for the size, AF400 with 10 QT capacity is bigger than AF300 with 8 QT capacity.

Can you bake a cake in Ninja dual air fryer?

Yes, you can bake a cake in a Ninja dual air fryer. However, the size of the cake will depend on the capacity of the air fryer’s cooking chamber.

If there is enough space, you might be able to bake a small cake. Otherwise, you will be left with the only option of baking cupcakes.

Which size Ninja air fryer should I get?

The right size of the air fryer depends on your cooking needs and family size. You can make do with a 4 to 5 QT air fryer if you have a small family of three to four.

However, if you cook more food and have more family members, you might need a bigger air fryer with 6 or more QT capacity.

Is the ninja dual zone air fryer is easy to use and clean?

Ninja dual-zone air fryer comes with easy-to-understand instructions and an intuitive control panel.

As for cleaning, its baskets and plates are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned by hand. They also have a nonstick coating. Overall, the air fryer is easy to use and clean.

Wrapping Up!

Ninja DZ201 is worth buying if you want to cook two recipes simultaneously and finish cooking them together too. Highly powerful heated air flow complements Smart Finish and Match Cook functions and cooks food speedily.

Apart from the fact that it might not be able to make a large-size pizza or whole chicken roast, the air fryer works exceptionally for everything you cook. Also, you must know that it would require some space on your counter.

If the cooking ability is your paramount concern, the Ninja DZ201 is a good investment and the best dual-zone air fryer.

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