Ninja Air Fryer Problems And Quick Fixes

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Ninja is a reliable brand of air fryers, but like any other brand, its air fryer can also encounter problems such as overheating or stopping mid-cycle.

Although these problems can make you uneasy, they are often associated with how your air fryer is used in the routine. Therefore, you can troubleshoot most of these problems at home with simple tricks.

Ninja Air Fryer Problems And Quick Fixes

let’s look at the common Ninja air fryer issues and ways to troubleshoot them.

The Ninja Air Fryer Is Not Turning On

Numerous factors can prevent your air fryer from turning on, such as a problem with the power outlet, a fault with the cord, or the air fryer not plugged into the electrical socket properly. Additionally, most Ninja air fryers come with a safety switch that turns off the air fryer when the basket isn’t installed properly.

If your Ninja air fryer has stopped working, check the power outlet by plugging your air fryer into some other electrical socket. Replace the cord with a new one if it has visible signs of damage, such as breakage, abrasion, or cracks.

If the outlet has GFCI protection, a ninja air fryer with a high wattage requirement can trip it. So, check the main breaker panel for any tripped switch. Remove the basket, then slide it back into the air fryer to ensure it fits properly.

The Ninja Air Fryer’s Timer Is Not Functioning Properly

The ninja air fryer’s timer does not work when the time button is not functioning properly. To troubleshoot the air fryer, switch it off, remove it from the power outlet, and let it cool.

Reconnect the air fryer after 5 to 10 minutes; your air fryer’s timer function will most likely start working again. If the issue is not resolved, hold the temperature arrow button for a few seconds to restart the timer—this will likely solve the problem.

Remember, you can only configure the cooking timer after inserting the basket. So, if the basket is not installed in the air fryer properly, it can cause an anomaly in the air fryer timer function. 

The Ninja Air Fryer Isn’t Heating Up

Ninja recommends preheating their air fryer for around three to five minutes to let it reach its desired temperature. If your air fryer is not heating up, you may not have preheated it for the desired duration.

Another case when a Ninja air fryer does not heat up is when there is an issue with the heating element. Often, oil splatters and grease also prevent it from attaining temperature. For troubleshooting, try cleaning the heating element. Contact the manufacturer if the unit still has a warranty if the problem stays.

The Ninja Air Fryer Isn’t Auto-Pausing

Different ninja air fryer models have different settings for pausing the air fryer. Some units, such as Ninja AF161 Max XL, pause automatically, and Ninja AF101 air fryer doesn't.

If your Ninja air fryer is not stopping upon opening the basket, it might be because it does not have an auto-pause option. In that case, look for the pause button on the display panel and press it before taking out the basket.

If your ninja air fryer has an auto-pause option and it still does not stop when opening the basket, it can be because of the blocked sensor. Clean the base of the air fryer where the basket sits to remove dust and unblock the sensor.

The Ninja Air Fryer’s Controls Are Not Responding

Some ninja air fryers’ controls become unresponsive in standby mode. The air fryer goes on standby mode when it stays idle for some time to conserve electricity. To make the controls responsive again, hit the power button to reactivate the air fryer.

The Ninja Air Fryer Isn't Blowing Hot Air 

When your Ninja air fryer stops blowing hot air, it is a sign that the fan is not working. It can be because the fan is not getting a power supply, is blocked due to food residues, has a malfunctioning motor, or when it is broken.

To troubleshoot this problem:

  • Check the power outlet by plugging the air fryer into another power source.
  • If the fan is dirty, clean it to remove all the residue and baked-on grease.
  • To check if the motor is faulty or the fan is broken, you must contact the manufacturer if there is a warranty or take the air fryer to a mechanic.

Ninja Air Fryer Is Cooking Food Unevenly

The major reason your ninja air fryer cooks unevenly is an overcrowded basket. Other reasons for uneven cooking are overlooking shaking or turning the sides of the food or incorrect cook settings for a recipe.

To solve these issues, make sure never to overcrowd the basket, allowing the hot air fryer to touch the food from all sides. To learn more about it, you can check out our guide on how full you can fill an air fryer basket.

Check the recipe guidelines to add the correct temperature and time settings when cooking something. Furthermore, always turn the sides of the food or shake the basket’s contents a few times during cooking.

The Ninja Air Fryer’s Basket Is Not Sitting Properly

Your ninja air fryer’s basket may not sit in the chamber properly for several reasons. For instance, there can be the issue of misalignment of the basket with the locking mechanism, faulty basket lock, dirt accumulated in the locking switch, or too much food in the basket.

To troubleshoot your air fryer when its basket does not sit properly:

  • Avoid overfilling it till the edge.
  • Remove the dust from the area where the basket attaches to the chamber.
  • When sliding the basket in, properly align the basket with the locking switch.
  • Finally, if the locking mechanism of the basket is faulty, contact the manufacturer.

The Ninja Air Fryer Is Releasing Smoke

The Ninja air fryer releases smoke when the food touches the heating element during cooking or if the food you cook is overly greasy, causing oil splatters to reach the heating element. The smoke can be due to the burning of food particles from the previous cooking session.

To solve this ninja air fryer fault, avoid overfilling the basket and clean the ninja air fryer after every cooking session.

Another way to reduce smoke from greasy food such as bacon is adding a little water at the bottom of the air fryer basket. The water will absorb the excess oil and prevent excessive oil splatters from reaching the heating element.

The Food Is Soggy

The food becomes soggy when the basket is overcrowded, the cooking temperature is not set at the required level, or you are not using even a small quantity of oil. Overcrowding the basket makes the food soggy by preventing the optimal flow of hot air.

You can prevent your food from getting soggy by adding a little oil, configuring the right temperature settings, and avoiding overcrowding your basket.

The Food Is Overly Dry

On the contrary, your food becomes overly dry when you cook it for too long or has a low-fat content. To prevent your food from drying out in an air fryer, avoid cooking it for longer or at a too-high temperature.

Another way is to add a little water at the bottom to keep the food moist, especially when roasting chicken, which can often become dry and chewy.

The Ninja Air Fryer Is Displaying An Error Code

Your Ninja air fryer can display various error codes, such as E1, E2, and E3. The E1 message highlights the wrong baking tin material, a malfunctioning circuit, and high air fryer temperature.

To eliminate this air fryer error, insert the baking tray properly, cool down the air fryer, or take it to a mechanic to eliminate the circuit issue.

The E2 message appears when the fuse of the air fryer fails due to a blocked exhaust port. In this situation, troubleshoot your air fryer by replacing the fuse.

We advise you to place your air fryer away from the back wall to allow enough space for the heat vent to release heat and regularly check the exhaust vent for any blockage.

Overheating of the cooking chamber causes the E3 message to appear on your Ninja air fryer’s display. To avoid overheating, don't overload the air fryer or add too much oil.

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What is the common problem of air fryer?

One of the common problems with an air fryer is cooking the food unevenly. However, it primarily happens because the food is improperly arranged or the basket is overloaded with food. In each case, the hot air gets blocked, cooking the food unevenly.

What is the negative side effect of ninja air fryer?

One of the negative side effects associated with cooking in an air fryer, including Ninja, is the formation of carcinogens. However, in reality, carcinogens are produced when food is cooked longer and at high temperatures. Whereas, in an air fryer, food only cooks for a short period and at the temperature for preparing a particular food.

Is it worth buying a Ninja air fryer?

Yes, it is. Ninja is a famous air fryer brand providing top-quality air fryers. Ninja air fryers are well-known for offering consistent cooking results. Its various innovative functions simplify your cooking and reduce the time spent in the kitchen.

Final Words

Your ninja air fryer can encounter a diverse range of problems, some of them including Ninja air fryer errors are mentioned above in the article. Luckily, it is easier to handle these common issues by applying the suggested solutions. However, if any problem is not solved at home, you may need to contact the manufacturer.

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