Is Ninja AF080 Mini Is Really The Best Compact Air Fryer?

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Today, I am introducing a little beast from a company known for having the best air fryer range. Yes! I am talking about NINJA!

I tested the Ninja AF080 small air fryer to see if all the hype about its superior performance is true.

AF080 air fryer is suitable for making quick snacks.

It comes in a lightweight and petite design and demonstrates exceptional performance despite its small size.

After using it countless times, all I can say is that this is undeniably one of the best compact air fryers.

Ninja AF080 2 Quarts Mini Air Fryer

Ninja AF080 Compact Air Fryer [Review]

Curious to learn more about the superior-quality air fryer continue reading my in-depth review!!

AF080 Shark Ninja Air Fryer For Single Person

What Comes In The Package

AF080 Shark Ninja air fryer is a basic air frying unit with just a crisper plate and basket.

It is a perfect unit for fulfilling the simplest cooking needs in every kitchen. 

What Comes In The Package Of Ninja AF080

As for the packaging, the air fryer came in a sturdy box.

The hard cardboard packing ensures that the unit does not get any damage during transit.

Good job there, guys!

The air fryer does not require assembling except for removing the plastic packaging and small rubber pieces that must be removed before using it.

Design and Construction Of Ninja AF080

The air fryer has a clutter-free, clean and sleek finish.

It has a round basket construction with a premium quality non-stick coating on the basket and a crisper plate.

The big handle on the basket is ergonomic and allows a firm grip.

Design and Construction Of Ninja AF080

With the dimensions of 8.03″D x 10.39″ W x 9.65″H, it is a compact machine that does not hog much space on the countertop.

For reference, it takes just about the same space as a coffee pot.

The air fryer looks very attractive sitting on the countertop, thanks to its beautiful gray exterior and matt finish.

The small basket, which can only cook for one person, is great for houses with children who are picky eaters.

Ninja AF080 Cooking Capacity

Ninja AF080 is a 2QT air fryer for single people with a small kitchen.

It can cook a couple of small portions of French fries or approximately 6 chicken wings at a time.

For cooking larger quantities, you must cook in batches, which will be time-consuming.

People who are in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA looking for the best compact air fryer. This is their best bet.

Easy To Navigate And Configure 

Easy To Navigate And Configure AF080 Control Panel

The control panel could not be any less complicated. It contains a dial for configuring time (at the front).

The air fryer has no temperature knob or button and cooks food at a consistent 400F.

This might limit some of you from experimenting with your food.

On the bright side, you get consistent results repeatedly since the food cooks at the same temperature.

I also felt a bit restricted when we started using it and burned a few things since we were unsure about the exact cooking time.

However, as we continued cooking in it, we found the perfect duration of time required to cook various ingredients at 400F.

Ease Of Cleaning

Cleaning Air Fryer Basket and Heating Element

According to the manufacturer, only the basket is dishwasher-safe. All else, including the crisper plate, should be hand-washed.

From our experience, I recommend you cleaning this ninja air fryer by hand to increase its useful life, despite what the manufacturer says.

Safety Features

The air fryer beeps when the food is cooked.

However, there is no shake reminder option, so you must keep an eye on the clock and shake or turn the sides of the food when half-time elapses.

Low Watt Energy Efficient Unit

Air Fryer Electricity Consumption

The Ninja AF080 only consumes 1000 watts of electricity for its operations.

Since it is small and compact and heats up faster than bigger air fryers, it cooks in less time.

This means it needs to be used for a smaller duration only. Therefore, it consumes much less energy and is a fairly energy-efficient air fryer.

Cooking Performance and Results

Cooking Performance and Results

Cooking tests are mandatory for a new air fryer to gauge its cooking performance.

Below are a few of our numerous cooking experiences with this air fryer.

  • Potato Chips: Making chips is mandatory for testing the cooking quality of an air fryer. Therefore, I passed Ninja AF080 through this mandatory test. The potato fries were ready in 15 minutes. They were steamy, hot, fluffy, yet crispy.
  • Chicken Thighs: Next, I cooked chicken thighs, rubbed some available spices, and drizzled some olive oil for better flavor. In 25 minutes, the deliciously browned chicken thighs were ready.
  • Reheating Different Foods: Apart from cooking from scratch, the air fryer excels at reheating pre-cooked food. I reheated frozen pizza bites and nuggets, and I couldn't be any happier and more satisfied with the results.

Note: All the perfect results we got with this air fryer were after a few rounds of burning, overcooking, or undercooking food. So, although Ninja AF 080 eventually gives you good results, you still need to experience a learning curve.


  • Simple and easy-to-navigate control panel
  • Perfect for older adults and small families
  • Dishwasher-safe and non-stick air fryer basket
  • Small footprint
  • Non-stick basket and crisper plate
  • Cleaning by hand is a breeze
  • No complicated settings and controls


  • Cannot turn the timer back
  • Not a set-it-and-forget-it type of appliance
  • No temperature range

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Which Ninja air fryer is best for one person?

Ninja AF 080, with its 2 qt capacity, is the best air fryer for a one-person household. It can accommodate a couple of servings of French fries and veggies and about 5-6 chicken wings.

What is the smallest ninja air fryer?

The Ninja AF 080 shark air fryer is the smallest, with a 2 QT capacity. It was first introduced in 2022. Since then, it has been a hot favorite of single-person households. Countless people have left positive reviews about the working of this air fryer on various ecommerce websites. So far, numerous units have been sold in the UK, USA, and Canada.


Final Words

It might not be the Best ninja air fryer in the category of premium air fryers. Still, it is a perfect unit for daily use. The absence of any complicated settings and controls easily makes it a go-to appliance for everyone in the house, including kids and older parents.

You may feel the absence of variable temperature settings. On the bright side, you have one less thing to remember when making food. Just remember how long the food needs to be cooked, shake the basket a few times during cooking, and Voila! You can get consistent results again and again. 

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