Does COSORI Air Fryer Oven Pro LE Live Up To The Hype? [Review]

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COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE Review L501 5 Quart Quiet Operating Appliance

The Cosori air fryer oven Pro LE has a sleek and compact profile. It commands an average price tag but promises to deliver good cooking results.


  • An affordable air fryer
  • Compact, sleek, and chic design
  • BPA and PFOA-free non-stick basket
  • Dishwasher-safe basket
  • AirWhisper™ technology for quiet operations
  • The squared basket allows better food arrangement


  • The glass control panel can get scratched easily
  • Not all cooking modes are timed perfectly

Cosori air fryer Pro LE packs a punch with seven one-touch cooking functions that are mostly used in the kitchen.

In addition, there are three cooking features: shake reminder, keep warm, and preheat.

On the whole, this air fryer inevitably looks like a complete cooking machine.

However, the only way to judge a cooking appliance properly is based on its cooking performance and the quality of its functions.

COSORI Pro LE 5 Quart Air Fry Oven [Review]

I used this 5 quart air fryer in my kitchen arena to find the good and bad sides of this electrical appliance.

After several months of testing, I am delighted to share my thoughts with you.

Easy Unboxing And Minimal Packaging

One thing I liked about this air fryer is its minimal packaging.

There was literally one box with some Styrofoam mold and plastic coverings.

Taking it out of the box was easy-breezy.

The display had a removable film that walked me through the whole process of setting up this air fryer.

This was very convenient, as it prevented me from sifting through extensive details of the Cosori air fryer user manual.

In the box, you get the unit, a crisper plate, and a recipe book containing thirty recipes that work with the cooking presets.

Plus, more recipes can be accessed by downloading the VeSync app on your smartphone.

Style With Substance

This kitchen appliance has an elite matt grey finish that can easily stand out among your average glossy cooking appliances.

Its 5-quart capacity with a square-shaped basket is similar to the Chefman Turbo touch can cook for three or more people, so it definitely combines style with substance.

Unlike the Chefman’s 400F max temperature, this air fryer can attain 450F, giving you a few more cooking options.  

The tempered glass control panel is clean and easy to navigate.

However, I feel the glass top of the control panel is prone to cracks, so care is required.

Straightforward To Use

Using the Cosori Pro LE L501 air fryer is a piece of cake.

The glass control panel at the top is clear and clean, and its location prevents you from bending down.

You can use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to modify the time and temperature according to recipe requirements.

Unlike some air fryers, the drawer handle has a safety button that must be pressed when pushing and pulling it out of the cooking chamber.

This lock keeps the basket in place, making the machine more secure.

Cosori Pro LE also features a shake reminder feature.

This allows you to shake the food mid-way during cooking to ensure even cooking from the top and underside.

It doesn’t require preheating for most recipes.

However, unlike the Ninja AF101 air fryer, you get a dedicated button to preheat the air fryer for recipes that need it.

Quiet Air Frying Operation

Some air fryers make so much noise, as if you are using a blow drier in your kitchen.

Luckily, I did not find this problem with Cosori Pro LE.

The patented AirWhisper™ Technology restricts the noise to merely the hum of a refrigerator, which can easily go unnoticed.

So, if you are someone looking for a quiet air fryer, this could be it.

Cooking In Cosori Pro Le

This electrical appliance does an excellent job of creating a thick, crunchy exterior on the food items.

So, it is undoubtedly the best for making healthy chicken wings and fries.

It cooks evenly without leaving any undercooked spots.

Below, I am sharing my takeaways from using the Cosori air fryer.

  • When making French Fries, I experienced that the fries preset gives you good results when using fresh potatoes.
  • For frozen potatoes, using the “air fry” preset gives you better results—it cooks at the same temperature for 10 minutes longer.
  • During the initial few instances of cooking in this air fryer, keep an eye on the timings and check the food more than once to prevent burning or over-drying. This will help you get to know your air fryer.
  • Cooking veggies in Cosori Pro LE is a delight. The veggies retain their green, yellow, and red hues during cooking.
  • The controls cannot be operated until you securely insert the basket into its place.

Cleaning Cosori Pro LE

The basket and crisper plate are dishwasher safe, so you will have two fewer items to hand wash.

Place the basket in the bigger rack and the crisper plate where your plates go for proper degreasing.

It goes without saying that the beautiful, shiny tempered glass air fryer top needs constant maintenance to keep it free from marks.

So, always wipe down the whole exterior, including the control panel, after each use.

| Pro-Tip: Always keep a piece of microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust or remove marinate stains or crumbs.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a good 5-quarter air fryer that looks and cooks great. In addition, I really liked that this is an air fryer without Teflon—we all know how harmful this substance is to our health.

The cooking preset makes the cooking process much more convenient. However, the air fryer requires you to keep an eye on the food when cooking. Since it cooks fast, you may be required to reduce cooking time for some foods.

Though it is a compact air fryer, you can still easily cook for a household of three to four. After testing, I believe there is a little you may not like about this machine; nevertheless, its plus points can easily cover up those inconveniences.

If you need an air fryer under $100 that can rival its premium counterparts, Cosori LE Pro can definitely be a great choice.

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