How To Reheat Burrito In Air Fryer

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Knowing that I could reheat burritos in my air fryer was a game changer. Prior to that, I had been stuck with stovetop reheating.

It’s incredible how simply switching a cooking method can make such a difference.

Not just burritos, now I also reheat my fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, and burgers in my favorite Ninja air fryer.

Let me tell you how I reheat my burrito in an air fryer.

To reheat the Burrito in the air fryer, preheat the appliance for 2 minutes at 350F. Add the leftover Burrito in the basket set the time to 4 minutes and temperature 350 F and begin reheating.

Steps To Reheat Leftover Burrito In Air Fryer

Steps To Reheat Leftover Burrito In Air Fryer

The best way to reheat Burrito is using air fryer. Here are the step by step instructions you need to follow:

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 300 F.
  2. Place burritos in your air fryer basket without overlapping them.
  3. Set the 3-minute timer and begin reheating burritos.
  4. Flip halfway through the reheating time.
  5. If your burritos are heavily stuffed with beans and veggies, you may need to add 3-4 minutes.
  6. If the Burrito looks dry, spray some oil using a mister.
  7. Remove the burritos from the air fryer using tongs or spatula when heated.
  8. Serve them immediately.

Note: If you plan to reheat the Burrito in foil in an air fryer, take it out of the foil during the last couple of minutes to make the tortilla crispy.

Tips For Reheating Burritos

  • Wrap your burritos well during the reheating process, especially those that come wrapped in foil or parchment paper. This will lock in the moisture, preventing the stuffing from drying out.
  • Consider cutting your burritos into smaller pieces if they are overstuffed or longer in size. This will ensure all parts of the burritos are heated evenly.
  • If your burritos look dry, adding a bit of moisture before reheating can prevent them from drying out further. Consider drizzling a tablespoon of water, sauce, or salsa over your Burrito to help it stay moist during reheating.

Why Do I Prefer An Air Fryer For Reheating Burritos?

To understand why an air fryer is better for reheating burritos than other methods, you must know the reheating results of different methods.


An oven works on the same convection principle as an air fryer, so the results may be similar. However, owing to an oven’s larger size, the reheating time increases considerably.


Reheating burritos in a skillet is another option for attaining that slightly charred texture. Still, this method may only be suitable for thin burritos.

Overstuffed burritos may remain cold from the inside. By the time your burritos get warm from the inside, the outside of the tortilla may burn.


The microwave is the swiftest method for reheating burritos but may also be the most ineffective. It can either make the burritos soggy or completely dried out.

Verdict: Considering the results of other methods for reheating burritos, air frying stands out as the best among all. It strikes a balance between speed and even reheating.

Quick Highlights


  • Air Fryer
  • Tongs: For placing and removing burritos
  • Foil: (optional)
  • Oil: So the bread doesn’t stick to the air fryer basket (optional)

Preheat Time: 2-3 minutes, depending on your air fryer’s capacity

Rewarming Time: 2 to 3 minutes (4 to 5 minutes for thicker Burrito)

Total Time: 4-6 minutes

Temperature: 350 F 


  • Leftover burrito (s): Any type (Breakfast Burrito, Taco bell Burrito, or other).


How long to cook a burrito in the air fryer?

To cook your Burrito in the air fryer, preheat the appliance to 375 degrees F, set the timer to 5 minutes, and start cooking your Burrito.

How long does it take to reheat a burrito?

It only takes 2-3 minutes to reheat Burritos in an air fryer. In the microwave, the time extends to approx. 20 minutes, however the result will be soggy.

Can you air fry a burrito wrapped in foil?

No, it is not necessary to use aluminum foil in the air fryer for reheating Burritos. Simply put them in the basket, air fry for 3 minutes, and enjoy.

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Reheating burritos in an air fryer is simple, straightforward, and quick. The step-by-step process and the ingredients for turning leftover cold burritos into steamy and crunchy ones in an air fryer are mentioned in the article. I hope this helps you bestow a second life to your favorite Chipotle burritos.

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