How Long Does An Air Fryer Last?

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With so many air fryer variants available in the market choosing, the best air fryer for your home that provides good value for money and will last longer is a major concern.

When you go shopping, every seller makes different claims about the life of their air fryer. But how will you know if they are not exaggerating it?

You can gauge the authenticity of their claim if you know the answer about the average life of an air fryer. I will explain everything I know about it in this article.

An air fryer is made to last 1 to 3 years. But many factors contribute to deciding the life of an air fryer. Generally, an air fryer that lasts longer has a good built and high quality components such as a motor, fan, and thermostat.

How Long Does An Air Fryer Last? FIND OUT

High-quality air fryers manufactured in the USA last for two years and sometimes even longer. Many aspects of an air fryer contribute to its shorter lifespan.

  • Firstly, an air fryer produces a lot of heat to cook food; that heat alone can cause the deterioration of its components, such as the heating element and the basket.
  • Secondly, the fan in an air fryer is a moving part that can stop working due to blockage. If the fan breaks down, you will be required to replace it and, if not available, buy a new air fryer.
  • Thirdly, lack of proper maintenance and cleaning also reduces the life of your air fryer. Improper cleaning after every cooking attempt causes grease buildup on the fan and heating element, causing them to break down earlier than expected.
  • Finally, a frequent fluctuation in voltage can also harm your air fryer.

Why Air Fryers Break Down Earlier Than Expected

In the past, people bought electrical appliances with the view to using them for a long time. Nowadays mindset has changed because of the quality of the products in the market. Throwaway culture has overtaken society. Some factors that contribute to the early demise of your air fryer are:

Throwaway Culture

Due to cheap labor costs, gadgets are not made keeping in mind their long life and quality. The quality of the appliance is one factor supporting the throwaway culture. 

Devices, including air fryers, only work for a couple of years before they are ready to be replaced. You can buy an air fryer for under $100, but how long it will stay with you is a different story.

It is becoming normal to think that your small to medium appliances will only last a few years, at the end of which you will throw them away.

Non-Stick Coating

Non-stick or ceramic air fryers have become very popular because they considerably reduce cleaning efforts. But the non-stick coating on most air fryers starts peeling off after a few months of use if not properly taken care of. Since you cannot replace the coating, you are forced to bring a new unit.

What Determines The Lifespan Of An Air Fryer

It is natural to expect your electronic gadgets to last long when buying them. Some factors that determine the life of an air fryer are:

Build And Components Quality

Majorly the lifespan of an air fryer depends on its build and components. There is no doubt that high-quality components last longer than cheaper ones.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Another factor determining your air fryer's lifespan is the manufacturer’s reputation. If the manufacturer is known to produce high-quality, long-lasting, durable air fryers, you can expect your air fryer to last long too.


An air fryer with the latest technology is considered more durable and lasts longer. One recent technological improvement in air fryers is the addition of a digital control panel. Before, it used to come with analog dials. Since they were moving parts, they often failed, and their calibration was also not precise. With digital air fryers, there are fewer moving parts, which means a longer lifespan.


A well-designed unit is expected to be a long-lasting air fryer able to withstand usage in practical life, which is not always careful. More prominent brands can design better appliances due to their budget, research and development team, and designers. Though the same is not true for smaller companies, good design combinations can sometimes come from smaller brands.


Does price determine the life of the air fryer?

There is no doubt that high-grade products don’t come cheap, but making price a sole criteria to judge the life and quality of your air fryer is not a good idea either. The budget does not always guarantee quality.

When you buy an air fryer online, reviews of previous customers become an even more important criterion. You get to know their first-hand experience of using the air fryer you are considering buying and how long it can last.

When should I change my air fryer?

The condition of your air fryer will determine when you should change it. If excessive air fryer smoke is exiting the air vent, the fan or heating element is burned, or the non-stick coating has peeled off, you need to replace your air fryer.  

The second situation is when you have your eyes on a new air fryer model with more functions and features. You might decide to give the older one to someone in your family.

Can an air fryer burn out?

Yes, an air fryer can burn out. There are a few reasons for this to happen. Your air fryer burns out if there is too much oil, increasing the air fryer's temperature.

Also, if you have filled the basket to the brim, as a result, heat is concentrated at a few spots. Or, the exhaust vent is not working properly, ultimately overheating the air fryer.

How long does the ninja air fryer last?

Ninja makes high-quality air fryers. They can last around three to four years before needing major repair and replacement. It may last even longer if you use your air fryer carefully, keep it clean, and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How long does a Gourmia air fryer last?

A regular Gourmia air fryer lasts for about 1 year to three years, depending on the frequency of its use and upkeep. The model of the air fryer you buy also decides the life of your Gourmia air fryer.

How long does the Cuisinart air fryer last?

Cuisinart air fryers have a strong build and are made to last long. They can last for years if you don’t clean them frequently in a dishwasher, ensure their cleanliness and maintenance, and use them carefully.

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Wrapping Up!

Air fryers last longer if you take care of their maintenance and cleanliness and repair minor faults on time. If minor problems are ignored, they swell into major issues. Make sure to buy a high-quality air fryer with the latest technology, and avoid its misuse. 

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