Do Air Fryers Make Noise? Are They Loud? [2023]

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Hearing, humming, rattling, and clicking noise coming out from your air fryer unit can be startling. You might think that your air fryer is breaking apart.

So, we decided to look into this matter and find out why air fryers make noise. Check out our recommendations for the best quiet air fryers and the best 10 quart air fryer.

Do Air Fryers Make Noise? Are They Loud? [2023]

A normal functioning air fryer makes more noise than an air conditioner (65db). Its noise level is very similar to the sound a washing machine or average vacuum cleaner produces while working. This noise is due to the fan working inside to blow the heat around.

Are Air Fryers Loud

The answer is both yes and no. Air fryers work on a convection mechanism in which heating elements produce heat, and a fan generates powerful gusts of air to circulate the heat.The higher the fan speed, the louder the noise. So, you can expect that your air fryer will make some noise while working at its full strength.

The air fryer also produce loud noise due to loose parts or debris stuck in its fan. Its loudness also depends upon the brand and type of air fryer you are using. Various air fryer models differ in cooking strength; they also vary in the noise they produce. So, not all air fryers make a similar noise.

The humming noise of the fan can be annoying. But there is no need to panic, as it is common for air fryer fans to make such a noise.

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Noise Of Malfunctioning Air Fryer

On the contrary, there is a malfunctioning air fryer. The noise from such a unit is quite different from that of circulating air. Often you hear jingling and rattling noises coming from a malfunctioning unit. 

So, it is quite easy to distinguish the smooth noise of a normal air fryer from the obnoxious clicking noise of a broken unit. In this situation, your air fryer making a loud noise becomes a matter of concern.

Our Testing Experience

Our Air Fryer

We tested the Cosori air fryer in our kitchen with a free decibel meter found in the android phone of one of our crew members.

Our kitchen is relatively small and somewhat shielded from outside noises, so it can be considered a quiet corner.

We kept the noise level and the distance of the phone from the air fryer consistent to develop a controlled environment when testing various air fryers.

Before recording the noise level of the air fryer, we noted the avg. the noise level in the kitchen with the same decibel meter to see how much more loudly an air fryer works.

The noise of the kitchen environment was 42.6 decibels. So, it was considered a baseline.

We switched ON the air fryer for 60 seconds and recorded its noise, it was 59.7db which is very close to what we found on different forums on the internet. Below are the results.

Our Air Fryer Noise Test

Air Fryers Noise Levels in Decibels

Below is a list of air fryer models with their noise levels in decibels—the greater the number, the noisier the unit. So, if you easily get irritated by loud noise, we recommend bringing the one with the least noise.

Air Fryers Noise Levels in Decibels

One thing to note here is the noise of the air fryer can vary considerably among the models too. For instance, some Ninja air fryers have a noise level of up to 70db, but others are quiet enough to produce 56db of noise.

The exact descriptions of the unit, including the noise level, are often mentioned on the box, so before buying an air fryer, it is better to check the precise noise level of your air fryer.

Kitchen Appliances Noise Level Comparison Chart

Kitchen Appliances Noise Level Comparison Chart

Causes of Air Fryer Making High-Pitched Noise

The fan blowing powerful air is not the only reason your air fryer might be making a loud noise. As mentioned above, the noises might be because your air fryer is malfunctioning.

Below you will find some common reasons causing your air fryer to behave frantically.

Loose Bearings and Fan Components

Sometimes, due to overuse and lackluster maintenance, bearings, roller blades, or other components become loose, causing rattling and jingling sound.

Mostly you are ready that your air fryer will make some noise while cooking. But hearing a loud clicking sound or buzzing noise rings a bell.

Food Chunks Flying in The Air Fryer

Air Fryer Faulty Heating Element Air Fryer Is Not Heating Up

When cooking in an air fryer, food goes in the basket. Often you overcrowd the air fryer basket filling it to the brim.

The powerful air causes the food item to fly around and clutter the fan, causing grinding noise.

Over time, food and debris also clog the fan, and it continues to make strange noises when working.

How To Fix Air Fryer Annoying Noises

Now that you know the reasons causing your air fryer to make clicking, clunking, or rattling noise, here are a few ways to get rid of air fryer loud sound issues.

Replace Loose Components

When you hear annoying noises, immediately stop your air fryer and unplug it from the socket.

Now examine the components of your air fryer, check the fan, heating element, bearing, etc. If you are not good at inspecting electronic appliances we suggest you call a professional to get your air fryer fixed.

Cleaning Air Fryer

Cleaning Air Fryer Basket and Heating Element

It is not hard to comprehend that maintaining your air fryer and keeping it clean can increase its useful life. Even if you are too sluggish to do so, make it a priority if you want to keep cooking in your favorite kitchen appliance.

Have gloves, dishwashing liquid, and brush handy and clean the air fryer after every cooking. Keeping your air fryer, especially its fan, clean will prevent food chunks from clogging the fan compartment.

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Which is the quietest air fryer?

As per our findings, GoWise USA is the quietest air fryer available on the market. It has a noise level of 58.8, which is the lowest among all air fryers.

Why is my air fryer not making noise?

An air fryer not making noise points out two things. Either you have an air fryer unit that does not make much discernible noise. Or the fan in your air fryer has stopped working. If the fan has an issue, you may have to open the fan chamber to check the problem or call professional help.

Are ninja air fryers noisy?

Different Ninja air fryer models have different noise levels, some are quiet and some are loud. So, a ninja air fryer making loud noise is quite possible. They have an average noise level between 30db to more than 65db.

Which is the quietest air fryer toaster oven?

COSORI air fryer toaster oven is one of the best quietest air fryer toaster ovens available on the market.

How many decibels is an air fryer?

Air fryers can be as loud as your dishwasher, refrigerators, or vacuum cleaner running in your house. Most air fryers have a noise level of 50dB to 70dB.

Wrapping Up!

Air fryers are electrical appliances with a large, powerful fan that produces high-speed air. So, they may make some noise while working. If the noise is due to the working of the fan, it is annoying but not a matter of concern. However, if it is due to some loose or malfunctioning parts or food chunks rattling the fan chamber, you need to resolve this issue immediately. Otherwise, it can impact the working of your air fryer. Hope you will get answer of do air fryers make noise. Let us know if you need to know anything else.