Is Cuisinart TOA-95 Digital Large Air Fryer Worth Buying? [Review]

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If it can perform all the functions reasonably well…

You can potentially remove a toaster oven, and a slow cooker, among other appliances, from your must-buy list.

I tested Cuisinart TOA-95 digital air fryer oven in every way, cooking everything from baking cookies and bread to air-frying chicken wings and fries.

In addition, I also gauged its cooking performance for cooking frozen food because some air fryers cook fresh ingredients better than frozen ones.

Cuisinart TOA-95 Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review

Below are the details of my experience of using this air fryer in the review below.

I hope that it will help you make a better purchase decision.


  • Stainless steel construction free from Teflon
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Easy to use
  • Large cooking capacity


  • Occupy a large counter space
  • Temperature increment is 25F only

Unboxing The Cuisinart TOA-95

Unboxing the air fryer was easier.

It came nestled in the middle of a big, sturdy box supported and cushioned by packing material to ensure safety during transit.

There is a large towel bar handle on the air fryer drop-down door, which offers you a secure grip.

The accessories coming with the unit include only a drip tray, air fryer basket, and oven rack.

This is a bit disappointing as it would have been nice to see multiple oven racks and trays as there is a multi-layer air fryer.

On the other hand, I was quite impressed by Cuisinart’s thoughtfulness in adding a quick guide for popular recipes on the door.

It eliminates the need to consult the cookbook or search online whenever cooking something.

The Cuisinart TOA-70 also has a similar guide but fewer recipe options.  

Modern Design And Control Panel

The shiny stainless-steel exterior instantaneously catches attention, and if that’s not enough, you get wowed by its modern digital control panel.

Unlike the Cuisinart TOA-70’s completely knob-style control panel, in TOA-95, there are two knobs.

You can use them to set and adjust time and temperature and choose cooking function.

In addition, there are several buttons to select other functions like internal light, fan speed, keep warm, and so on.

In the middle of the control panel, there is a wide LCD that displays your selected options, including temperature, remaining time, and fan speed.

Specifications Of The Cuisinart TOA95

The air fryer has the dimensions of 16.8″D x 18.7″ W x 14.6″H, which means it has less height but more width.

The wider width makes it ideal for cooking larger quantities of flatter foods like fries and fish sticks, compared to thicker items.

The weight of the air fryer is 25 Pounds, so it is quite bulky and can be a hassle to carry, especially for aged users.

The power wattage of the TOA-95 is 1800 watts, making it quite a powerful electrical appliance and allowing it to cook with a bang.

The unit has a wide temperature range, from 80 F to 450 F, offering more cooking options.

The only hiccup is that the temperature can only be increased in 25F increments, so it might take a few trials to perfect a recipe.

Large Cooking Capacity

The air fryer is big, like a large microwave oven, and much larger than the Cuisinart TOA-65 and TOA-70.

So, it does take a lot of countertop space.

But at the same time, its 0.95 Cubic Feet cooking capacity can cook a big hen, two large pizzas, or two packs of frozen wings in one go.

If you are a family of five or more, this kitchen appliance is perfect for you.

User-Friendliness Of The Air Fryer

The big see-through window of the air fryer gives a generous view of the food, preventing any need to open the door to check the food.

Thanks to its well-insulated body, the air fryer does not put out much heat. It also means you can put it anywhere in the kitchen.

A strange thing about using the Cuisinart TOA-95 stainless steel air fryer is that there is no manual shutoff.

When the unit finishes cooking, it takes some time to cool down, and then it sits there blinking, waiting for you to restart cooking.

If you ignore it, it will eventually turn itself off. The only way around this problem is to unplug the air fryer.  

Ease Of Cleaning Of Cuisinart TOA 95

The stainless steel design makes cleaning quite manageable.

The oil and food juice splatters can make the air fryer dirty from the inside, especially if you prepare bacon or Brussels sprouts.

However, since the inside of this air fryer is non-stick, removing the stains is much easier, provided you don’t let them dry.

If you leave the air fryer dirty overnight, the stains can become stubborn, making cleaning challenging.

Another Cuisinart TOA-95 problem is that the shiny pan that goes under the basket is not non-stick.

It can be very hard to clean after cooking a greasy item, requiring you to soak it in a soap-water solution.

Cooking Excellence

The air fryer oven cooks great, from toast to fish to lasagna to roast and cookies to everything.

The most commendable aspect of the Cuisinart TOA-95 is that it cooks frozen fries just like freshly cut ones.

The fries don’t get soggy. Instead, they have a distinct crispiness.

Another good thing about cooking in this air fryer is that the meat remains moist and juicy while also having a delectable exterior.

Final Words

I am quite happy that I tested this air fryer and found a gem of a product to share. It cooks great, does not overheat your kitchen much, and is reasonably easy to clean.

Even though this air fryer is more expensive than your usual unit, it is worth every penny as it does more than just fry. It is a winner when it comes to making complete meals.

The only thing you miss in this air fryer toaster oven is features like shake reminder. In my case, I made up for this limitation by keeping an eye on the food through its expansive viewing window. It is not a complete replacement for shake reminder, but it is still a viable option.

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  1. Would like to be able to turn fan OFF!
    Not just have it running even when trying to bake a cake. Also, unplugging doesn’t “kill” the last program. Goes right back to where it was when unplugged.

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