Can You Put Metal In an Air Fryer?

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There are many prohibitions regarding the proper use of an air fryer, but guess what?

Using a metal pan is not one of them.

The confusion about using metal cookware in an air fryer originates from the fact that using metal in a microwave is prohibited.

However, in the case of air fryers, you must think of them as like an oven. Here is the truth about using a metal pot or pan in the air fryer.

Yes, you can put a metal pan in an air fryer. Most metal utensils/cookware can resist high temperatures (up to 500F and more). The maximum temperature for most air fryers is up to 450F, so using metal utensils in an air fryer shouldn’t be an issue.

Factors To Consider When Using A Steel Or Metal Pan In An Air Fryer

There are no special pans for air fryers, and using a metal dishes in an air fryer is safe.

Having said that, you still need to consider a few aspects.

Type Of The Metal

Not all metals have the same temperature resistance. Some can withstand higher temperatures than others.

For instance, cast iron is one of the most heat-resistant metals, with the ability to withstand up to 1500 F. Hence, it is completely safe for use in an oven or air fryer.

Presence of Oven-Safe Label

Oven Safe Lable

Any metal made pan with an oven-safe label is suitable for use in an air fryer as well as an oven.

The presence of this label signifies that the metal bowl has been tested to have high heat resistance.

Some examples of oven-safe materials include stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, ceramic, and silicone.

Never use bowls or pans without oven-safe markings in an air fryer; mixing bowls are an example of utensils that are usually not oven-safe.

Use When Absolutely Necessary

Though there is no harm in using a metal pan in an air fryer, it can affect the air frying process.


Well, an air fryer cooks food with swirling hot air. The walls on all sides of a metal pan can limit the flow of air around the food, resulting in undercooked food.

Using a metal pan is recommended only when it is indispensable for specific recipes and when you have no other more suitable option.

You can use a metal pot for making recipes that need to hold their shape or when the ingredients change their state during cooking (from liquid/semi-liquid to solid).

So, cakes and puddings are the most suitable recipes for making in a metal baking pan.

Consider The Dimensions Of The Pan

Can You Put Metal in an Air Fryer

Your metal pan should not be too wide or tall and must match the size of your air fryer. The pan’s diameter should be significantly smaller than that of your air fryer basket.

Additionally, make sure the metal pan is not too tall to avoid contact with the heating element above the cooking compartment.

Direct contact between the heating coil and pan can result in the heating element not working properly or breaking down altogether.

Avoid Cookware With Plastic Handles

Metal Pan with Plastic Handles

The metal cookware used in your air fryer must not have any plastic elements such as handles.

Plastic components in air fryer can melt, burn, or warp when exposed to high temperatures and release toxic fumes, detrimental to your health.

Silicone handles are the only exception and can be safely used in an air fryer.

Avoid Pans with Drawings And Paintings

Painted Stainless Steel Bowl

Be careful about using metal pans with drawings and paintings, as these decorations may reduce their heat resistance.

While the metal itself may be safe, paint compounds used in the beautification can break down at high temperatures, leaching chemicals into your food.

Enamel paint is the only exception, as it has been deemed safe for use on cookware by the FDA.

So, if you are unaware of the chemical properties of the design and paint or how the dyes react to high heat, avoid their use.

Alternatives To Using Steel or Metal Bowl In An Air Fryer

The following are some steel alternatives you can put in an air fryer.

Silicone Cookware & Bakware

Using silicone in an air fryer is an excellent alternative if you don’t have a steel bowl.

Silicone can withstand intense temperatures as high as 343°C without leaching any chemicals.

Like stainless steel, it can also be used to hold the shape of specific foods.

So, silicone molds are a perfect alternative to steel bowls for making cakes, lasagna, etc., in an air fryer.

Glass Bowls

A high-quality oven-proof glass bowl can be used in air fryer instead of steel accessories.

However, in the end, it is glass; you have to be very careful about its temperature resistance and quality before putting it in an air fryer.

Ceramic Pots And Pans

Using a ceramic bowl in the air fryer is okay because of its high heat resistance.

Most ceramic bowls come with a sign that states that they are oven-proof, allowing you to use them confidently.

Can I Use Steel Bowl In Air Fryer

Yes, you can use a steel plate or bowl in an air fryer. However, the rules for using it are similar to those for using other metal skillets in an air fryer.

You must ensure the oven-safe label on your steel bowl before putting it. If no oven-safe label is found on the bowl, it is not a good idea to use it.

Why Is Using A Steel Bowl In An Air Fryer Recommended?

Some qualities of a steel bowl permit its use in an air fryer. Some of those features are mentioned below.

Does Not Crack: Steel can withstand up to 500F and maintains its structural integrity when exposed to temperatures within its tolerance range.

Easy To Clean: Stainless steel can be cleaned effortlessly—you can even put it in a dishwasher. Its smooth surface is largely resistant to staining and less prone to retaining food residues.


Can you put a cake pan in an air fryer?

Many air fryers have enough space to accommodate a cake pan, allowing you to bake cakes, brownies, and other similar desserts. However, make sure it is made with oven-safe material and its dimensions fit the size of your air fryer basket. Must check how to bake a cake in an air fryer.

Can you put an aluminum pie pan in the air fryer?

You can put an aluminum pie pan in your air fryer. Aluminum pie pans are small and very convenient for reheating and making cupcakes, muffins, etc., in an air fryer.

Can you put metal skewers in an air fryer?

You can use metal skewers in an air fryer, but be careful. Metal can get extremely hot. Keep an eye on the skewers and food to prevent burning. Always use oven mitts when handling anything that's been in the air fryer.

Can you use cast iron in an air fryer?

Any material which comes with an oven-safe label can be used in an air fryer. If that is the case with cast iron utensils, you can use them in your air fryer. Cast iron bowls and plates can withstand high heat. Therefore, they don’t get damaged during the cooking process.

Can you put a metal loaf tin in an air fryer?

Yes, it is safe to use a metal loaf tin in an air fryer. Just ensure it's the right size, doesn't obstruct airflow, and is heat-resistant. For more clarity you can check your fryer's manual for what's safe.

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Final Words

We havetried our best to outline everything there is to know about putting a metal or steel pan in an air fryer. From selecting the right size to avoiding putting pans with metal handles, we have described the precautions to ensure safe and efficient use of your air fryer. In addition, we have also mentioned alternatives to using metal or a stainless steel pan in an air fryer.

Feel free to share any insights or queries with us.

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