Can You Put Glass In An Air Fryer? [2023]

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When to Use Glassware in Air Fryer

Yes, you can use glass dishes in the air fryer for baking or cooking your favorite food.

Most people use glass containers in the oven for their convenience. But when it comes to using glass in an air fryer, there are some considerations. In this post, I have shared everything you need to know regarding the use of glassware in the air fryer.

Can You Put Glass In An Air Fryer? [2023]

Yes, you can put a glass bowl, dish, or container in the air fryer. Most glassware is tough enough to withstand high heat and is safe for use in an air fryer. But glass can block airflow, so your food might cook unevenly.

How To Safely Use A Glass Bowl, Dish, Container In An Air Fryer

A few things that you must deliberate on while putting glassware in an air fryer include:


Using a glass bowl in the air fryer is okay if it is oven-safe. For this you need to check the oven safe label on the glass bowl. You will find the label at the bottom or side of the bowl.

Glass Bowl Is Not Cold

Frozen Food in Glass Bowl

An air fryer raises internal temperature much faster than an oven. The glass cookware may not correspond to these rapid changes in the heat and shatter due to thermal stress. Therefore, don’t put the bowl into the air fryer straight from the freezer. Warm it with mild hot water to avoid any thermal shock.

Watch this short video to learn more about this phenomena:

Avoid High Temperatures

Glassware are not safe for for extremely high temperatures. If you are using normal oven safe glass bowl it can withstand a temperature of approx. 350 degrees F. And if you use pyrex in the air fryer it safe up to 425 degrees F. So, taking care of temperature is very necessary when you are using glass dish in an air fryer.

Size Of The Container

Choose the size of the dish or container very carefully. It should stay in the center of the air fryer basket, and there should be space around it for proper airflow. Otherwise, the food will remain undercooked in some spots.

Test Run Before Cooking

To ensure the safety of your air fryer, try using the bowl in the air fryer at maximum heat a few times without food in it. If nothing happens to the glass bowl, continue with cooking.

Is Your Glass Bowl Safe for Air Fryer?

The best way to check if your glass bowl is safe for air fryer use is by looking at the label explicitly mentioning that the product is oven-safe.

Often manufacturers also put an “oven-safe” symbol at the base of the glass containers and bowls. Alternatively, you can look up your cookware manufacturer’s website to see if their product is oven-safe or not.

Is Your Glass Bowl Safe for Air Fryer

If you don’t find any information, email them or enquire through their social media profiles (big companies often have an active online presence). You will most likely get a quick response as companies are always concerned about their reputation and believe that responsive customer service works in their favor.

A Note Of Caution: We are talking about glass bowls meant for use in ovens or air fryers and not about glass containers. These containers are used as lunch boxes or for storing food in the fridge and are not made to withstand high heat.

Is Glassware a Good Choice For Air Fryer?  

Anyone familiar with the working mechanism of an air fryer knows that it uses high-speed hot air to cook food. The food goes into a perforated air fryer basket that allows for even heat circulation from all sides. If you want your food to taste crispier, it is essential not to block air circulation.

Is Glassware a Good Choice for Air Fryer

Putting food in a glass bowl means it cannot get heat from all sides. The bottom of the glass bowl completely blocks the airflow as it has no holes. For this reason, using a glass bowl or any other glassware in the air fryer is not a good idea. It might cook your food unevenly and may not give you the right taste. Using the air fryer basket must be your first choice while cooking food!!!

When To Use Glass Dish In Air Fryer?

Though using glass cookware is not the most recommended option, there are certain exceptions too. You can use glassware when the food requires a solid cooking pan. Baking a cake needs cookware to keep the batter in shape.

Also, using air fryer for baking the cake does not require heat to flow through the cake batter. Instead, you only need to ensure enough space for the hot air to flow around the cookware. Similarly, for lasagna, you might need a glass tray.

Using a glass bowl or any other solid cookware (ceramic, steel) is okay when:

  • You don’t need the heat to flow around the food for cooking
  • You need the food to hold a specific shape (lasagna, cake)

What happens if you put glass in the air fryer?

Nothing happens when you use glass in the air fryer as long as it is not cold and is oven-safe. If you put cold glass in the unit, it might shatter due to thermal stress when there is a sudden temperature change.

Wrapping Up!

Air fryers are relatively modern appliances, so it is uncommon to find a cooking tool specially made for use in an air fryer. Therefore, people are often unsure what to use and not use in an air fryer. Out of these concerns comes the query about using a glass bowl in an air fryer. Through this article, I have tried to eradicate the worries about safely using glass in an air fryer. As long as you adhere to the cautions mentioned, you can use a glass bowl in an air fryer.