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Ramekins or Soufflé cups are commonly used in ovens for making single-serving desserts or baking eggs. They are great at withstanding high temperatures. Plus, their four to eight-ounce capacity is enough to hold two or more eggs and bake them to perfection.

So, ramekins are game changers for people with an itch to fix recipes quickly or make something delicious from leftover food.

Following the concept that putting ramekin in an oven is alright, does the same hold for an air fryer? Here we will share our experience. You shouldn’t miss our top-performing picks for the best air fryer for baking and the best air fryer grill combo.

YES! You can put a ramekin in an air fryer. You will find ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, and glass ramekins in the market. All of them are safe for use in an air fryer if made with oven-safe material. Avoid putting plastic ramekins in your air fryer.

Can You Put A Ramekin In An Air Fryer? Is It Safe? Find Out

Ramekins have made their space in most kitchens due to their utility. If traditionally, they were used in ovens and microwaves, they have earned their place in air fryers. Here is why ramekins are a good choice for your air fryer.

Air Fryer-Friendly Size

Unlike an oven with a large space, an air fryer is a compact cooking appliance. Therefore, any accessory you use in an air fryer must be compact enough to fit in it.

Ramekins are ideal for air fryers because of their petite form. You can easily put a few ramekins, depending on the size of your air fryer, without blocking the airflow around them completely.


Though stainless steel and Pyrex ramekins are found in the market, in most cases, you will see ceramic or porcelain ramekins.

Porcelain and ceramic are extremely heat resistant and do not shatter when the temperature increases.

Therefore, Using ceramic ramekins in an air fryer is okay because they will definitely be exposed to high heat during cooking.

Single Serving Capacity

Sometimes you don’t find the need to make meals for more people, especially when you are using air fryer in a dorm room. These ramekins can be a great alternative to using pans in the air fryer, too big for making single-serving quick meals.

You can use ingredients from the leftover meals to create something new too.

For instance, when we were testing the best air fryers for baking in our cooking arena, we used leftover potatoes to make potato soufflé (well, we had to make béchamel sauce to complete the recipe).

Cautions For Using Ramekins In An Air Fryer

You can use oven-safe ramekins in your air fryer, but there are still cautions that require your attention when using ramekins in an air fryer.

Use Oven Mitts Or Tongs

Ramekins are an excellent choice because they can retain heat and transfer it to food cooking. For the same reason, they get extremely hot too.

So, when handling ramekins after using them in your air fryer, use oven mittens, a padded napkin, or tongs to take them out of the unit. Any carelessness can burn your hands.

Using Aluminum Foil

Putting Aluminum Foil in the Air Fryer Basket

When cooking something that is expected to rise or overflow, place a piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil under the ramekin to catch all the drippings and food contents.

An example of a recipe that can be messy in an air fryer if precautions are not taken is a pastry with many batters. Putting aluminum foil in an air fryer is necessary when making pastry.

Don’t Leave Your Air Fryer Unattended

Why You Should Not Leave Your Air Fryer Unattended

When using ramekins in the air fryer, it is better not to leave the air fryer unattended when your recipe is cooking. This is simply because there is a chance that the small amount of food being cooked in the ramekins might burn if you show any neglect.

Alternatives Of Using Ramekins In Your Air Fryer

If you look closer at ramekins, you will realize that they are just glorified round cups or containers, except they are oven-proof. So, keeping in mind this basic detail, you can use any oven-safe container that fits in your air fryer perfectly.

One of the substitutes found in many kitchens is a glass custard cup. You can use these bowls made for making creamy desserts in your air fryer instead of a ramekin.

What Can You Make In Ramekins In An Air Fryer

Now that you know that putting ramekin in the air fryer is safe as they are oven-safe, you must be wondering what you can make in your air fryer using them.

Baked Eggs

When using ramekins in an air fryer, most people like plopping a few eggs with some cheese and butter for their breakfast. If you want to try making baked eggs in your air fryer, you can be as creative as you want and use any spices or ingredients you like.

Desserts & Cake

Apart from making air fryer ramekin eggs, making tasty desserts like small air fryer ramekin cake is another option you have for using ramekins.

Many people like to make molten chocolate lava cake, and savory tarts and quiches using ramekins and enjoy a quick treat without much mess in their kitchen. You must check how to bake a cake in the air fryer.

What Size Ramekins For Air Fryer?

The size of the ramekin depends on what you want to cook and how big is your air fryer. Commonly, a four-ounce is used for making one or two eggs or single-serving desserts. This size of ramekin is suitable because it allows even cooking.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know that you can use ramekins in your air fryer without worrying about them exploding in your air fryer. The only thing you must be concerned about, and we can never stress it even, is the oven-proof label on these single serving cups. If you are sure your ramekins are oven-proof, you can go ahead and be creative with your cooking skills.

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