Can You Put Pie Tin In Air Fryer? FIND OUT

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Can You Use Pie Tin Cups In The Air Fryer

Yes, you can use pie tin in the air fryer for baking. Read on to learn some useful tips.

A pie tin is one of the accessories that might force you to consider its suitability before its use in an air fryer. Whether you can put a pie tin in an air fryer or not is a question you will come across as you continue to use your air fryer. Must check out the best air fryer with bake function.

Can You Put Pie Tin In Air Fryer? FIND OUT

Yes, you can put a pie tin in your air fryer because the dish/pan/container is made of an oven-safe material. However, ensure it doesn’t touch the sides of the basket or the heating element for proper airflow and to protect it from damage.

Most pie tins or plates available in the market are made with aluminum. Just like putting aluminum foil in an air fryer is okay, a pie tin can also be used in an air fryer.

With properties like better heat retention and even heat distribution, aluminum pie tins are a good choice when baking food in the air fryer.

In case when the pie comes in a tin that is not oven-safe, don’t put it in the air fryer as it is. For example, putting tin foil in the air fryer is not recommended; the same is true with pie containers made with tin; avoid using it in an air fryer.

If your frozen pie comes in tin foil, take it out on a metal dish before putting it in your air fryer for cooking. When the pie is adequately cooked, use a meat thermometer to check its doneness.

Alternatives Of Pie Tin To Use In The Air Fryer

Suppose you don’t have a pie tin to put in an air fryer, are you out of options? If you have this notion, here is some correction for you. Below are the accessories you can use in your air fryer if you don’t have a pie tin.

  • Ceramic dish
  • Oven-proof glass dish
  • Silicone mats or molds
  • Metal pan/dish
  • Paper cupcakes
  • Non-stick pie pans
  • Spring Form Pans

The dishes mentioned above can be used for baking a cake in the air fryer, making muffins, pies, cookies, etc.

Things You Cannot Put In The Air Fryer

Pies also come in a plastic container; that’s when you have to think before putting them in an air fryer. Plastic is the least suitable material for exposure to heat in an air fryer.

It is simply because plastic might melt and ruin your pie, apart from giving you a tough time when deep cleaning the air fryer. Melted plastic can destroy your air fryer.

Apart from plastic, wooden dishes are also something you should not use, even if you don’t have a pie tin. You can consider using one of the previously mentioned materials in your air fryers instead of wooden dishes.

Can metal pie tin go in air fryer?

Yes, you can use a metal pie tin in an air fryer if you are sure it is suitable for use in an oven. Using a metal pie tin that is not oven-safe can ruin your air fryer, so be sure about the suitability of the material before moving ahead with its use.

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Wrapping Up

Using an air fryer is not complicated. The best part is that you have a long list of options for pans and pots for use in your air fryer. Apart from frequently used accessories such as ceramic dishes and metal pans, pie tins are also safe. Since most pie tins are made with aluminum, you can use these tins without any fear of ruining your air fryer. 


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