What Is An Air Fryer and Why You Need One? [2023]

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Want to know what is an air fryer? and what is an air fryer used for? Read on to find answers to the questions popping into your head.

If you need an innovative, efficient, and multipurpose kitchen appliance that combines many different functions in one body. You must get an air fryer!!

After using multiple air fryers and cooking a variety of recipes to test their performance and functionality, today I will share everything you want to learn about an air fryer.

An air fryer is a handy countertop oven that can replicate the taste of deep-fried food using significantly less oil, up to 98% less. It works by heating elements on top that produce heat, which is then circulated around the food by a fan. This cooking process ensures that the food is evenly cooked.

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What Is An Air Fryer, Its Use, And Why You Need One? [2023]

What is air fryer used for

One might say that an air fryer is just a fancy name for a toaster oven with a fan. But it is certainly more than this!

An air fryer is used for cooking healthy food with less or no oil in a smart and efficient way. The best air fryer heats up fast, cooks the food evenly from all sides, and cuts the cooking time by half. 

For cooking foods, an air fryer provides endless possibilities ranging from healthier snacks such as sweet potatoes and peppers to more indulgent recipes like frozen chicken strips, air-fried meat, etc.

Beacon, donuts, cakes, and homemade chips are the most commonly made treats in this smart appliance.

What Can You Cook in An Air Fryer?

Here are some popular recipes that you can cook in the air fryer.

Homemade Burgers

Air Fryer Homemade Burgers

Those who are fond of relishing the taste of hot and freshly cooked burgers find it a great kitchen appliance.

You can make homemade burgers in an air fryer using its air fryer function at 380°F in no more than 15 minutes. What’s more? You can retain the color and the flavor too.

Roast A Full Chicken

Making Chicekn Roast in Air Fryer Before and After

Party lovers find an air fryer with a toaster oven combo likable because of its convenience. You can use the rotisserie function and prepare a full roast in one hour with a brilliant crispy crust and juicy tenderness inside.

The taste is savory enough to tantalize the taste buds of your guests. You will need a large-size air fryer for cooking a full roast.

Air Fry Chicken Wings

Making Chicekn Wings in Air Fryer Before and After

Chicken wings cooked in an air fryer taste much better. It only takes sixteen minutes (three times faster than a conventional oven) to cook chicken wings using the air fryer function. There is no need to preheat the unit either as it heats up really fast.

Make Awesome Air Fryer Pizza

Making Pizza in Air Fryer Before and After

If you are fond of enjoying the crispy crust of your pizza, an air fryer should be your preferred appliance. Air fry at 380°F for six to ten minutes, but start with six minutes first.

By air frying, the cheese melts perfectly, providing the taste you will fall in love with at every bite.

Baked Desserts

An air fryer is a superb choice for making single-serving baked desserts, including cookies, apple fritters, peppermint lava cakes, etc.

Baked Desserts Made in Air Fryer

Often baking in an air fryer takes 10-20% less time compared to a conventional oven. Some air fryers also come with baking trays and other accessories.

The company also offers its customers to purchase accessories separately.

Reheating Leftovers

You can use an air fryer with its “reheat function” to reheat the leftovers. Serving the leftover food once again is the best way to avoid the wastage of food.

Air fryers let you reheat the food cooked earlier and experience the same taste once again. You can quickly re-crisp or reheat the leftovers when leaving for work in the morning or have them during the mid-day meal.

The list doesn’t end here. There are a lot of recipes that you can cook in an air fryer.

How To Use An Air Fryer

Some air fryers give off a burning plastic-like smell when you cook in them for the first time. To get rid of the problem, check my tested guide on removing the plastic smell from an air fryer.

Using an air fryer is not complicated. Initially, you go through a trial and error period, but things become smooth once you get the hang of it.

How To Use An Air Fryer

You can start by going through the appliance user manual.

Check if your air fryer requires preheating. Though most Air fryer recipes do not ask for preheating, it is found that preheating cooks the food better and much faster.

Next, check the timer and temperature settings. High-quality air fryers come with an automatic shut-off that turns off the machine when the timer goes off, avoiding overcooking and charring your food.

Air fryers also have a preset setting for cooking foods like baking pizza, roasting chicken, and making fries and veggies. Using these settings is more convenient.

Important Tip

Before cooking, grease the food lightly with oil—prefer oil mister over the can oil spray. After greasing, put the food in the basket or place it on the rack. Turn and toss the food and rotate the rack when it is halfway through the timer. Also, keep the crumb tray or aluminum foil under the air fryer basket to collect the juices and marinades. Later you can coat them again over the food.


What does an air fryer really do?

Air fryers prepare food using hot air that circulates around the food and gives it a crispy texture. Their convenience, less cook time, and negligent use of oil make air fryers a superior option to traditional deep fryers. Food cooked in an air fryer is considered healthier due to fewer calories.

What is the difference between an air fryer and a deep fryer?

The main difference between an air fryer and a deep fryer is, that an air fryer cooks food at a high temperature with the help of circulated hot air and a deep fryer requires you to submerge the food in oil to get a similar crispy crust. Both appliances cook food quickly, but an air fryer scores more points for time-saving due to negligent or no preheating time.

What are the pros and cons of an air fryer?

Pros – Air fryers have become popular due to their versatility, convenience, multipurpose nature, and the ability to provide healthy food in visibly less time.

Cons – Air fryers are often bulky; so they require a dedicated space, have limited cooking capacity, and often are difficult to clean.

How is Airfryer different from an oven?

Air fryers and ovens differ in size and cooking mechanism. The air fryer uses heating elements and fans to circulate air through food rapidly. Moreover, being a countertop appliance, it is much smaller and more compact than an oven. Quite the reverse, an oven uses still air and is much bigger in size.

Final Words

Air fryers have revolutionized cooking processes in the kitchen. Their handiness and efficiency are deal-makers for most households. They give the same crispy crust that most people like but without having to submerge your food in a pool of oil. Moreover, an air fryer is an astute choice if you have limited space in your kitchen—not enough to accommodate many different appliances separately.