Is A Vacuum Sealer Worth It? Things To Before Buying!

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Storing food, including meat, veggies, and cheese, in its original packaging results in freezer burns, causing it to lose its taste and color. Oxygen, which supports mold growth, is the biggest hurdle in preserving food quality for a long time. That’s why cheese wrapped in plastic bags and kept in the refrigerator becomes fuzzy after a few weeks.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to seal food in bags using a vacuum sealer. However, a high-quality vacuum sealer may have a higher price tag, so keeping its cost in mind, I want to share my two cents on whether buying a vacuum sealer is worth it.

Is A Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

Yes, buying a vacuum sealer is worth your investment. It is useful in increasing the life of groceries and other food items and keeping them fresh for an extended period. It is especially worth it if you buy or cook food in bulk and store it in the refrigerator for later use.

Here are some key points that convince you why a vacuum sealing machine is worth the investment.

Reduce The Storage Size

Reduce The Storage Size

Buying food in bulk is often more pocket-friendly. However, storing bulk quantities of food requires extra space. In this situation, a vacuum sealer can be used to create tight vacuum seals around the food, reducing its storage size considerably. Hence, food becomes easily stackable.

Enjoy Food For A Longer Time

Enjoy Food For A Longer Time

Making a big portion of food and using it later is very convenient. However, the problem arises when you cannot store it properly. Eventually, the food quality deteriorates when left indefinitely in the refrigerator. So, instead of ruining your food and prevent growth of mold, you can seal it with a vacuum sealer to get more time to enjoy it.

Prepare And Store Meals For Later Use

Prepare And Store Meals For Later Use

If you frequently receive unannounced guests, a vacuum sealer for food sealing can be a blessing. You can prepare and store meals beforehand for later use, so no more cooking meals in a hurry to serve unannounced guests. 

Create Customized Food Portions

Create Customized Food Portions

Portion control is important to stay fit and manage weight. However, maintaining the right portion size is often difficult if you take a serving from a big bowl of food. Vacuum sealing allows you to make equal portions, put them in vacuum-sealed bags, and store them for later use.

Prevent Freezer Burn

Prevent Freezer Burn

Freezer burn occurs due to moisture loss from food during storage. Preventing freezer burn to your food requires sealing the food tightly before storage. Vacuum sealers can help you seal the food tightly and avoid spoilage in the freezer.

Avoid Wastage Of Food

It may seem silly for a small family to invest in a vacuum sealer. However, a vacuum sealer can be a terrific investment for a small household. Since food usage is slower, storing the food after sealing it with a vacuum sealer will enable them to keep food fresh and use it longer without spoilage or wastage. Whether it is a partially used wedge of cheese, a portion of leftover meat, or resealing panty items, vacuum sealers come in handy.

Keep Your Potato And Tortilla Crispy

Potato and tortilla chips can quickly become stale once you open the bag. A vacuum sealer allows you to reseal the bag and use the chips later without losing the crisp.

Keep Non-Food Items Safe

Besides their use in the kitchen, a vacuum sealer can also be used for sealing non-food items. Outside the kitchen, you can use a vacuum sealer to seal important documents and protect them against water damage.

Is A Chamber Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

A vacuum sealing machine is one of the best kitchen gadgets you can have in 2023-24. A chamber vacuum sealer does the same job as a vacuum sealer but does it with better finesse and perfection due to its stronger-than-normal seal. So, it is definitely worth the investment.

Additionally, unlike a normal vacuum sealer, a chamber vacuum sealer does not suction out all the air from the package; therefore, it is ideal for sealing packages containing liquid, such as soups. So, if you have a double portion of white chicken chili, seal the packet using a chamber vacuum sealer and enjoy it later.

Another benefit of a chamber vacuum sealer is that it can seal the package in a standing position, allowing you to layer various items without worrying about spillage. Chamber vacuum sealers are also more durable as they are made to last a long time, making them worth investing your money in.


How effective is vacuum sealing?

Vacuum sealing is quite effective in extending the life of your food by keeping it fresh for a longer period. A vacuum sealer creates an environment that makes it challenging for bacteria to grow and ruin the food.

Does vacuum sealing save money?

Yes, vacuum sealing helps you save money through various means. It enables you to buy in bulk at more economical rates, cook food at home and store it, avoid wastage and spoilage, allow sous-vide cooking, and so on. All this contributes to reducing your grocery bills.

How long does food last in a vacuum-sealed bag?

The best vacuum sealer ensures that the food stays fresh for longer in a freezer. For instance, the shelf life of ground meat increases from 3-4 months to one year, and hot dogs can stay fresh for 6 months instead of their normal 1-2 months shelf life.

Wrapping Up

Buying a vacuum sealer is definitely worth the investment, keeping in view their benefits. They allow you to improve food planning, control portion size, and reduce wastage. They are especially beneficial for busy households and working professionals who cannot cook food every day. By sealing cooked food in bulk and keeping it in vacuum sealing bags, they can use it when needed.

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