How To Use Multi Layer Rack In Air Fryer?

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A multi-layer rack is the perfect solution to add a layer of food above your air fryer basket and cook more food in less time.

Want to learn the best way to use an air fryer rack? Below, we discuss how to use a multi-layer rack in an air fryer.

To use multi-layer rack in an air fryer, put the double-layer rack right side up in a way that its legs are touching the basket. Apply some oil on the wires of the rack to prevent the food from sticking to it. Next, arrange the food in a single layer and enough space to allow even cooking.

How To Use Multi-Layer Rack In An Air Fryer

Below is the stage-by-stage process of using a multi-layer rack in an air fryer.

Add Some Oil To Your Food

How do you use oil in an air fryer
  • Grease the food with a tablespoon or two of your favorite oil to prevent it from sticking to the air fryer rack.
  • You can also apply some oil on the rack before putting it in the air fryer basket.
  • Put the wire stand right side up with its legs touching the air fryer basket bottom and arrange the food.

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Prepare The Air Fryer Rack

  • Ensure your multi-layer air fryer rack is clean and dry.
  • Place the rack in the air fryer, ensuring that it is stable and secure.

Arrange Food On The Rack

Wings on Air Fryer Rack
  • Add food to various layers of the rack without overlapping.
  • Overfilling the air fryer rack with food impedes the airflow, and the food does not cook evenly; therefore, avoid stacking food in air fryer.
  • Make sure food items have some space among them.

Flip The Ingredients Midway

  • When midway through the cooking process, turn the sides of the food.
  • You can also interchange the positions of food items cooking on various layers to ensure even cooking from all sides.

Does Using A Rack Improve Your Cooking Results?

cooking food on air fryer racks

Using an air fryer rack improves your cooking results, especially for larger food items like drumsticks and rotisserie chicken.

Without a rack, the food may touch the bottom of the air fryer. This can result in uneven cooking, where one side receives more heat than the other.

When you use an air fryer rack, food is elevated above the basket surface, allowing the food to get more even heat from all sides.

The wired design of the rack further helps in achieving a consistently crispy outer layer on the food.

How To Choose The Right Multi-Layer Rack?

Here are the steps to choose the right multi-layer rack for your air fryer.

Selection Of The Suitable Type

  • Using a rack correctly in your air fryer starts with making the right choice while purchasing it.
  • A wire stand with the top layer composed of skewers and the bottom wired layer is an excellent choice.
  • Whether you are air-frying drumsticks or roasting potatoes, a metal skewer rack is always a perfect choice.
  • This type of wire stand is removable and perfectly cooks various dishes at a time.

Choosing the Right Size

  • If you got the rack with your air fryer, the size would be according to the basket.
  • If you are buying it separately, keep in mind the dimensions of your basket when ordering it.
  • The size of the rack should be smaller than the circumference of the air fryer basket bottom. This way it can easily fit inside without touching the walls of the air fryer.


Utilizing a rack adds a cooking layer to your air fryer, expanding its cooking space and allowing you to cook more food per batch. This article has outlined the correct method of using an air fryer rack and mentioned the method of choosing the right cooking rack. Remember, when buying an air fryer rack, make sure it is smaller than the air fryer basket so that it does not touch or scratch the walls of your air fryer. Once you have cooked food, wash the rack immediately to simplify cleaning.

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Can I use double rack in Airfryer?

Yes, you can use a double-layer rack in an air fryer to make more space and cook more food simultaneously. However, ensure plenty of space in your air fryer to accommodate a double rack without food touching the heating element.

What do you use the rack for in an air fryer?

Air fryer racks are an excellent way to add a second layer of space above your air fryer basket. Some air fryers come with cooking racks; for others, you must buy the rack separately.

Do I need to use the wire rack in an air fryer?

It is not a hard and fast rule to use a wire rack in an air fryer. The purpose of using a wire rack is to add more space in your air fryer to cook food in multiple layers. You can skip the wire rack if you can accommodate all the ingredients on the air fryer basket.

How do you cook 2 things in an air fryer?

If you have an air fryer with two compartments, like a Ninja dual-zone air fryer, you can easily cook two types of foods at a time. But if there is only one cooking chamber in your air fryer, add a wire rack to add another cooking layer. You can also use separators for cooking multiple ingredients by dividing the space in the air fryer basket.  

Can you use the bottom rack of an air fryer?

Yes, you can use the bottom rack of an air fryer. However, when cooking in multiple layers, arrange ingredients so that all the food gets proper airflow for even cooking from all sides. Also, avoid stacking food one above the other. There should be a sufficient amount of space for the air to flow freely between racks.

Wrapping Up!

Using a rack in an air fryer increases the space for cooking more food. A rack adds a cooking layer to the air fryer. When buying an air fryer rack, make sure it is smaller than the air fryer basket so that it does not touch and scratch the walls of the air fryer. Once you have cooked food, wash the rack immediately to make cleaning easier.