How To Keep Food From Flying Around In Air Fryer?

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In air fryers, lightweight food items start flying around in the basket, thanks to its powerful fan.

But it can be hazardous if food reaches the scalding hot heating element and causes a fire.

If you use an air fryer frequently, here is how you can prevent food from flying in the air fryer while making the popular air fryer recipes.

To keep food from flying around in the air fryer, you can use a stainless mesh or toothpicks to hold it down while cooking lightweight ingredients. The weight of the mesh is enough to keep the food from floating inside the basket.

How To Keep Food From Flying Around In Air Fryer?

Here are some more ideas, that I tried to weigh down food in an air fryer:

Basket Crisper Plate

Using Crisper Basket in the Air Fryer

Most basket-style air fryers come with a crisper plate. Customarily, this plate is placed below the food at the bottom of the air fryer.

But occasionally, when cooking food that can fly in the air fryer, you can use this crisper plate to prevent this.

Organize the ingredients in the air fryer basket and weigh them with the crisper plate. This way, the ingredients will stay down throughout the cooking process.

Use the Air Fryer Basket Rack

Using Racks in the Air Fryer

Besides the air fryer crisper plate, some air fryers also come with a stainless-steel rack.

This rack is ideal for creating a partition and adding more space to cook multiple ingredients.

The alternative use of the air fryer rack is to keep the food in its place.

Turn the air fryer rack upside down and place it over the food. It will solve your problem perfectly.

Use Toothpicks

Using Toothpicks in the Air Fryer

Toothpicks will find a lot of use in your kitchen, so always keep them nearby.

If you have already been using them in your kitchen, chances are that you are inserting them to hold food down. You can use them in an air fryer too.

Stab a toothpick through multiple layers of food to keep them together and in place. This method works more effectively when you don’t have a basket-style air frying unit.

Use A Piece of Cutlery

Another way to keep food down is by using a piece of cutlery. Use a fork or butter knife if you are toasting slices or making sandwiches.

Using cutlery will leave a mark on the surface, but it will not let the slices take flight and cause damage to your air fryer.


How do I keep my air fryer from getting messy?

There are a few ways to keep your air fryer from getting messy. Clean the air fryer after every use; stuck on and burnt food attracts more dirt and debris. Another way is to use aluminum foil or parchment paper in the air fryer and place food on top of it. Using foil paper in the air fryer will collect all the oil drippings and food juices and prevent the appliance from getting messy.

How do you keep bacon from flying in an air fryer?

Bacon is one of the lightweight foods. It can drift around in the air fryer due to the concentrated airflow inside the air fryer. Keep your bacon from hovering in the air fryer by keeping a wire rack over them. The wire rack will prevent the bacon from taking flight and reaching the heating element.

How do you keep the cheese from flying in an air fryer?

Powerfully swirling air inside the air fryer can blow off the cheese that you placed inside the air fryer for grilling. The easiest way to keep the cheese from flying inside the air fryer is to use toothpicks to hold everything down.

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Wrapping Up

It is common to find your food flying inside the air fryer. The problem of food items flying in the air fryer is not limited to bread only. Vegetables like spinach and popcorn kernel also do the same when you put them in an air fryer. However, you can weigh your food down in your air fryer. Above mentioned are some ways to prevent the cooking ingredients from floating inside the air fryer; try them and stick to what suits your needs.

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