Can You Defrost In An Air Fryer?

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Tips for Defrosting Food in an Air Fryer

Yes, you can! Learn how to defrost in the air fryer perfectly.

If you are tired of long waits to defrost food in a traditional way and also get uneven results when defrosting items in the microwave, give the air fryer a try.

We all know an air fryer is the best appliance for crispy, healthy, and quick cooking. But can you use it for defrosting? I have shared my hands-on experience on this below.

Can You Defrost In An Air Fryer?

YES! You can defrost in an air fryer. Unlike a microwave, an air fryer defrosts food more evenly due to its rapid heating technology without leaving any hotter or colder areas. Food thawed in an air fryer is soft from outside to inside and ready for further cooking.

Is Defrosting Food In An Air Fryer Safe?

You can safely defrost food in an air fryer. However, there are some tips you must follow to do it properly. Some aspects you need to consider are the following.


Preheating your air fryer before putting frozen food in the basket for thawing is essential. Preheating is indispensable for thawing white meat, such as frozen chicken breast and other thicker areas. This way, you will adequately defrost your food.


Paying heed to defrost temperature in an air fryer is another factor that affects the quality of your defrosted food. Even if you have the best air fryer for defrosting, but the temperature during defrosting is high, your food will burn from the outside.

At the same time, it will remain frozen from the inside. Therefore, it is essential to keep the temperature low and monitor the condition of your food during the whole process.

Tips for Defrosting Food in an Air Fryer

Tips for Defrosting Food in an Air Fryer

When defrosting food in an air fryer, you can make some mistakes. Remembering the below-mentioned tips ensures that you are not doing anything wrong while defrosting ingredients in an air fryer.

  • Before defrosting, remove all the plastic packaging. Otherwise, the plastic will heat up and contaminate the food.
  • Don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket while defrosting food. Arrange the food in one layer so that the air can reach everywhere.
  • During defrosting, set the temperature to the lowest. Defrosting at high temperatures will make the food brittle.
  •  If food is thick, flip the sides after a few minutes of defrosting one side.
  • Don’t defrost food in the air fryer after putting it on a plate or cup full of water.
  • Use separate oven-proof dishes for thawing food in an air fryer to keep it clean.

Foods You Can Safely Defrost in the Air Fryer

Knowing what you can defrost is essential to thaw food in an air fryer properly. Some foods you can soften with the help of an air fryer.

An air fryer can unfreeze all kinds of food, including those mentioned above. This feature helps you try various online air fryer recipes that require frozen food.

But if you are skeptical about thawing certain foods, check the instruction manual to understand its power and settings before moving ahead. You may also like to check out what can you cook in an air fryer and how to defrost chicken in air fryer?.


Can you defrost steak in air fryer?

You should not defrost raw steak in an air fryer. If you want to make steak in an air fryer, thaw it in the refrigerator or put it outside at room temperature for a couple of hours before cooking.

Can you cook frozen meat in an air fryer?

An air fryer tops the list of the most recommended cooking appliances for cooking frozen meat in the air fryer. It takes 8 minutes to air fry frozen nuggets, 12 minutes for chicken wings, and 20 minutes for chicken thighs. Grab the ingredients and load them in the air fryer. Configure time and temperature settings or use preset cooking options. Be ready to enjoy a mouth-licking recipe in just under a few minutes.

How to defrost ground beef in air fryer?

For defrosting ground beef in an air fryer, preheat the unit to 350F for about 6 minutes. Once it is thawed, you can follow the ground beef recipe to make a delicious meal.

Do you have to defrost before using air fryer?

It is not mandatory to defrost food before cooking it in an air fryer. However, be prepared that it will take longer to cook frozen food than cooking food after defrosting. But the best part is that the results remain the same.

Wrapping Up!

It is not tricky to defrost in an air fryer. However, you must be careful about the time and temperature configurations for defrosting and make them according to food type and amount. Defrosting food at a higher temperature and for longer can make it brittle and difficult to cook.


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