Does Air Frying Add Calories To Your Food?

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Health consciousness is becoming prevalent in recent years. Regularly exercising and choosing fresh and healthier food has become everyone's preference.

Increased use of air fryers and preferring them over deep fryers is part of this trend. But are health claims about air fryers true?

No, air frying does not add calories to your food. In fact, it reduces calories by 75%. It uses less oil than the traditional deep frying cooking method, and the hot air extracts excess fat from the food, which makes it more healthy.

Does Air Frying Add Calories to Your Food?

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Does Cooking In Air Fryer Cause Obesity

Does Cooking in An Air Fryer Makes You Obese

Excessive consumption of fried foods and oil is one of the causes of obesity. The air fryer does not use excessive oil, certainly less than a deep fryer. Also, you don’t need oil to make all the best air fryer recipes; only some recipes require a few tablespoons or a single brush coating.

If you want, you can skip oil altogether. Hence, cooking in an air fryer does not add extra calories to your food. It helps you fight weight gain and obesity and trim your waistline considerably.

Do Air Fryers Reduce Your Calorie Intake

Do Air Fryers Reduce Your Calorie Intake

The answer is both yes and no. Whether air fryers reduce your calorie intake depends on what method you have been using for cooking before air frying.

When comparing air frying to deep frying then “yes,” air fryer will reduce your calorie intake. One gram of oil adds 9 calories to your food. Since using a deep fryer practically submerges your food in a pool of oil, it can add uncountable calories.

So, if you switch from deep frying to air frying, it reduces your calorie intake significantly.

On the contrary, the answer to the question, “Does an air fryer really reduce your calorie intake?” is “NO,” if you compare air frying with steaming, pressure cooking, or slow cooking. It is because you can skip using oil in all these cooking methods.

Factors Affecting The Calorie Count Of Air Fried Food

Here are some factors that must be reflected when calculating the calorie count of air-fried food cooked.

Cooking Mechanism

Air Fryer Working Mechanism

Oil is a must when you are deep frying food, but the same is not true for air frying, steaming, or slow cooking. This shows that your calorie intake depends not solely on the appliance but on the cooking method. To learn more about the air fryer's working mechanism, you can check how does an air fryer work.

Ingredients to be Cooked

Ingredients to be Cooked in Air Fryer

Any ingredient will not change its calorie composition just because you cooked it through pressure cooking, steaming, or air frying.

Frozen and fresh potatoes will have the same calories if their weight is the same. Similarly, onion rings or nuggets from a store will have the same calorie count as is written on the package whether you put it in the air fryer.

But since you can avoid oil during air frying, you can prevent the addition of extra calories to your food.

Frequency of Consumption

Frequency of Consumption Air Fried Food

Weight loss or gain caused by consuming food cooked through a specific cooking process is highly contingent on the frequency of consumption.

If you are eating deep-fried potatoes several times a week, choosing air frying over it will significantly reduce your calorie intake. But the calorie cut won't be very prominent if you don’t consume deep-fried food much, say once or twice a month.

Is air frying vegetables healthy?

Yes, air-frying vegetables is a healthy way to cook them. Air frying happens at a temperature that is neither too high nor too low. The vegetables also do not directly come in contact with heat; therefore, this method helps preserve nutrients in the food. So, the notion that air frying destroys nutrients is not based on facts.

Do air fryers cause weight gain?

No, it is actually the opposite. Air frying does not require as much oil compared to deep frying. Also, it significantly reduces oil absorption into the food during cooking. So, it significantly reduces your oil consumption, helping you fight weight gain and obesity.


Wrapping Up!

Cooking in an air fryer does not add calories to your food. In fact, hot air helps extract excess fat and oil from the food and collect it on the air fryer tray/drawer below. Your calorie intake increases if you consume excess fat, as in the case of deep-fried food.

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