Can I Wrap Chicken In Foil In Air Fryer For Juicy Flavor? 2023

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Wrapping chicken in foil when cooking on the stovetop is okay, and it keeps the moisture locked inside, making the meat succulent and tender. But can you do the same while cooking chicken in the air fryer?

We have jotted down all the important and accurate info in one place. Below you can find everything about cooking foil-wrapped chicken in the air fryer. Don’t miss to check out our recommendations for the best air fryer grill combo and the best air fryer for making chicken wings.

Can I Wrap Chicken In Foil In Air Fryer For Juicy Flavor? 2023

Yes, you can wrap the chicken in the foil in an air fryer. Wrapping the chicken in aluminum foil trap all the juices inside. The crust and inside of the chicken remain soft and tender. Normally, tin foil is prohibited to use in air fryers.

Benefits Of Wrapping The Chicken In Foil

Wrapping chicken before cooking in the air fryer is recommended for the following reasons.

Lock The Moisture

Chicken can easily dry out if it does not have enough moisture. Covering it tightly with foil locks the moisture of the chicken. As a result, all the flavor penetrates deep into it, and chicken tastes juicer. Therefore, it is often a good idea to season the chicken with spices to enhance your chicken’s flavor.

Even Cooking From All Sides

The best aluminum foil for an air fryer is a good conductor of heat. This type of foil retains the heat from the heat source and transfers it to food from all sides. As a result, wrapping food in foil cooks it more evenly.

Catch Splatters And Food Juices

Using foil considerably reduces the mess, and cleaning the air fryer becomes easy. When cooking chicken wrapped in foil, all the food juices and oil stays on the foil. Doing this prevents your air fryer from getting soiled with fat and food drippings.

Prevents The Food From Sticking

When chicken is directly placed on the air fryer basket, there is a chance that food cooking at high temperatures will stick to it at various spots. Putting aluminum foil in the air fryer prevents the chicken from sticking to the bottom of the basket. The foil acts as a wall between the chicken and the basket surface.

Alternative Of Using Foil In Air Fryer

There are several alternatives that can be effective and environmentally friendly.

One option is to use parchment paper, a non-stick, heat-resistant paper that can be easily cut to fit the size of the air fryer basket.

The second best alternative is to use reusable silicone baking mats, which can withstand high temperatures. For those who prefer a crispier texture, a light cooking spray or oil coating can be applied directly to the air fryer basket before adding food.

By exploring these alternative options, you can enjoy the convenience and health benefits of air frying without the need for kitchen foil.


Which foil is best for wrapping chicken?

Aluminum foil is the best for wrapping the chicken in an air fryer. When shopping for foil, look for Reynolds Foodservice Aluminum Foil—a heavy-duty and durable foil for commercial and home use. 

Can I wrap chicken in foil in tower air fryer?

Yes, it is alright to wrap the chicken in foil (aluminum) in a tower air fryer. Though, to be extra safe, you can check the user-manual too before cooking. The instructions often change based on a particular air fryer model.

How long to cook chicken in foil in air fryer?

An air fryer is known for cooking faster than most cooking appliances; when you wrap the chicken in foil in an air fryer, it does not come in contact with heat directly. So, it can be assumed that the cooking time will slightly increase. It is better to start with a short cooking time and increase it gradually, depending on the results.

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Wrapping Up!

You can wrap chicken in foil for cooking in an air fryer. However, the foil should be made with aluminum; putting parchment paper in the air fryer is an option, too, if you can’t find aluminum foil. Also, remember that when chicken cooks inside a foil, its crust does not turn crispy. So, if you want to cook crispy chicken, avoid using foil.


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