Can I Put Tin Foil In Air Fryer As Alternative Of Aluminum Foil? [2023]

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Can I put tin foil in the air fryer is a frequently asked question by experienced and new air fryer users. Must read to clear your doubts and if it is safe to put tin foil in an air fryer. You may also like to check out best air fryer oven for baking and the best BPA Teflon free air fryer.

No, you cannot put tin foil in air fryer as alternative of aluminum foil because it makes the food taste bitter. Therefore, remember to read the label carefully when shopping for kitchen foil and avoid buying tin foil.

Can I Put Tin Foil In Air Fryer As Alternative Of Aluminum Foil? [2023]

No, you cannot use tin foil in the air fryer! Some people believe aluminum and tin foils are the same and use the name interchangeably. But that’s not the case, you will learn more about it below.

Is Aluminum and Tin Foil the Same?

Even though the words are used interchangeably but in actuality, the composition of tin and aluminum foil is quite different. Aluminum foil is made with aluminum, and tin foil, as the name implies, is made with tin.

Foil is a thin sheet of metal; almost any metal can be flattened to make thin sheets. Therefore, people confuse tin and aluminum foils. It is probably because both look similar in appearance, with one shiny and one dull side.

Is Tin Foil Safe to Use in An Air Fryer?

Wrapping the food with foil in air fryer

Putting aluminum foil in an air fryer is completely okay. But can you say the same for tin foil too? Let’s learn about it. Using tin foil in an air fryer is not recommended because of the following reason:

  • It has poor durability: It is stiffer and less sturdy, so wrapping your food or folding it to assume the shape of the basket can be a hassle
  • Poor conductor of heat: Aluminum foil has approximately 3 to 5 times higher heat conductivity than tin foil. When cooking, tin foil takes longer to cook.
  • Poor flexibility: It is not easy to use and tears apart as soon as you pull it out from the roll
  • Taste alteration: This is the biggest problem with using the toil foil. It alters food flavor by adding bitterness or a taste of tin.

So, wrapping whole chicken or chicken wings in tin foil (as people usually use it) or spreading it at the bottom of the air fryer basket to put food on it is not recommended.

When did people start using aluminum foil?

History has played its part in creating the confusion between aluminum and tin foil. In the past, tin foil was used for industrial use extensively.

During the end of the 19th century, tin foil was the most popular choice for packaging and insulating. But then came a more durable and cheaper option— aluminum foil— and manufacturers started using aluminum to make foils or use it for other purposes.

Using Aluminum Foil In Cooking

Using Foil in Cooking Food

Using aluminum foil in cooking and handling food started accidentally and, there is a story about it!

In 1940, during the Thanksgiving event of Reynolds, an employee, was looking for a dish to carry his turkey. When he could not find one, he grabbed a piece of aluminum foil to place the turkey on it.

This idea astonished people of that generation, and the aluminum foil ended up being used in cooking and became famous as a kitchen tool. In some countries, people even call new and improved products by their original names.

So, even when tin foil was no longer used and was replaced by aluminum foil, people kept calling the new type of foil by the older name. This is why there is a misconception between aluminum and tin foil.


Can you put tin foil in a ninja or instant vortex air fryer?

No, using tin foil is recommended neither in Ninja nor in instant vortex air fryers because there are chances that tin foil will alter the taste of your food and make it a bit bitter. Also, it is not easy to mold and takes up the shape of the air fryer basket bottom.

Can I wrap potatoes in tin foil in the air fryer?

You should not wrap potatoes in tin foil as it is not a good conductor of heat. The foil blocks the heat in the air fryer and does not let it reach the potatoes to cook them through.

Can I wrap the chicken in tin foil in an air fryer?

Wrapping tin foil around chicken is not recommended because it does not let the chicken get proper heat to crisp up from the outside and get cooked from the inside.

Wrapping Up!

Hope this post will clear your confusion related to putting tin foil in the air fryer. Using foil makes cooking food in an air fryer much more convenient as it can collect all the juices and food grease and reduces the cleanup. But you must be careful about the type of foil you are choosing. While aluminum foil in the air fryer is pretty harmless, that cannot be said for tin foil.


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