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Digital panel, smartphone and voice command control, and much more you can get with the best smart air fryer to make your cooking efficient.

Air fryers belong to the family of smart cooking gadgets that go beyond cooking. Buying a smart air fryer brings many perks for homeowners wanting to revamp their kitchen space. These are more efficient and intelligent gadgets that help you cook better and faster.

Though the market is inundated with countless air fryers calling themselves smart, I tested 35 air fryers and below are our recommendations for the best digital air fryers. For more options, look at the list of best dual basket air fryers.

  1. COSORI Pro III Dual Blaze Best Digital Air Fryer – LATEST PRICE
  2. Ninja SP101 Air Fryer Best For Baking – LATEST PRICE
  3. Instant Pot Vortex Best Quietest Air Fryer – LATEST PRICE
  4. Ninja DT251 Foodi Air Fryer Best For Roasting – LATEST PRICE
  5. COSORI CO130-AO Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie – LATEST PRICE
  6. Nuwave Brio Best Air Fryer Oven Combo – LATEST PRICE
  7. Chefman Toast-Air Touch Air Fryer Best With Dehydrator – LATEST PRICE
  8. COSORI Pro II Best For Chicken Wings – LATEST PRICE
  9. CROWNFUL Air Fryer Best Compact Size – LATEST PRICE
  10. GoWISE USA Air Fryer Best Value For Money – LATEST PRICE

Benefits Of Digital Air Fryer

Here is what you get by having a digital and smart air fryer in the kitchen. 

  • A smart air fryer has intelligent features that make cooking much more effortless. Features like compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa, wifi-connectivity, app control, etc., enhance your cooking convenience. 
  • Smart features save time and effort and let you focus on multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • A smart air fryer is the best choice if you care for the environment. Since you can turn on and off your air fryer through an app, you can save electricity by activating your air fryer during the hours when the rate at which you get the electricity is low.
  • Even if you are not present in the house, you can leave the ingredients in the air fryer, start the cooking process during the off-peak hours, and take advantage of the time of day when it is economical to use your air fryer.

10 Best Smart Digital Air Fryer For Efficient Cooking [2023]

1. COSORI Pro III Dual Blaze Best Digital Air Fryer

COSORI Pro III Dual Blaze Best Digital Air Fryer

This COSORI dual blaze is spacious, thanks to its 6.8-Quart capacity, making it quite an attractive option for families fond of making big meals.

Its compatibility with Alexa allows you to control it through your intelligent home systems and allows remote cooking. Plus, its smartphone app has more than 1100 recipes for convenience.

Though a great machine overall, the slight trouble is that its control panel does not light up when you turn it on—only the button you press lights up. Better get used to it!

My hands-on experience says that cooking frozen food takes more time, probably because the air fryer takes some time to increase the temperature of the food. I tried frozen lasagna and fish filets, which took 10 extra minutes above the preset cook settings. But the results were not disappointing at all.

It does not make much noise, which is a plus too. You can finish other chores in the kitchen peacefully while the food cooks inside it.


  • 12 one touch cooking options
  • Accurate time and temperature
  • Free app with over 100 recipes
  • Alexa and Google assistant voice control


  • Presets icons are small and hard to see

2. Ninja SP101 Best Air Fryer Oven Combo

If you have a small kitchen and you want to buy a compact air fryer, Ninja SP101 is your best bet.

Apart from having an attractive front panel decorated with all digital settings, its space-saving design appeals to buyers’ attention. Flip it up and store it against the kitchen wall, and voila!

There is a long list of recipes you can make in this air fryer. However, you cannot make whole chicken as it will not fit inside the air fryer due to its lower height. Well, considering the unit’s design, it is understandable.

This air fryer with racks and shelves aims to make multiple dishes simultaneously and save storage space. This can only happen if its body is compact, grooves for racks, and is low in height.

Digital crisp control technology is something to pay attention to. This technology controls temperature and fan speed and ensures that food cooks at the precise temperature throughout the cooking process, achieving even cooking.

I loved the unit’s toast darkness control system that allows you to adjust browning according to your liking.


  • Preheat and cook food quickly
  • Easy to store FILIP UP design
  • Much quiet while working
  • Very easy to clean


  • Controls have a short learning curve
  • 4 buttons at the bottom are hard to see

3. Instant Pot Vortex Best Quiet Air Fryer

Instant Pot Vortex Best Quiet Air Fryer

The highlighting feature of this instant Vortex is its one-touch smart programs that makes cooking fool-proof and extremely easy. The digital screen is incredibly attractive and responds instantaneously when you press a button.

It is much easier to configure than dials on an manual air fryer. It will undoubtedly remove the tedium you used to associate with cooking your food.

Besides its smart features, I liked it comes with all the useful accessories. I used its heavy grilling pan to make grilled fish. Though not very deep, the char marks added the flavor we expected. The light smoky flavor of the fish was to die for.

The unit operate quietly while cooking even its beep sound of shake reminder is also very low.

You must be careful about grease buildup due to oil and food residue. If you don’t clean the air fryer immediately after cooking, the remaining oil and food will turn into stubborn grease.


  • Very responsive touchscreen
  • Space saving design
  • 4 accessories for versatile cooking


  • Shake reminder beep is quite low

4. Ninja DT251 Foodi Air Fryer Best For Roasting & Baking

Ninja DT251 Foodi Air Fryer Best For Roasting & Baking

Ninja DT251 is a stainless steel air fryer with interesting and intelligent features you won’t find in other air fryers that I reviewed. Upon selecting the cook function, it illuminates the rack position. You can slide the tray into the right slot and close the door to start cooking.

This is an air fryer oven combo, unlike the basket air fryers mentioned above. Its more than 12 QT capacity makes this air fryer suitable for large families and cooking significant portions.

Through experience, I can say that the space is enough to cook a big 5 lbs. chicken in one go. You can use the one-touch smart controls or manually configure your settings to meet recipe requirements. The chicken was cooked deliciously juicy and tender, and the seasoning flavor had seeped into the meaty part perfectly.

Washing this Ninja air fryer accessories is a little hassle. You must soak the trays in warm water and soap solution for quick and efficient cleaning. That, too, must be done when the trays are relatively warm. 


  • Very sturdy and durable built
  • A variety of cooking functions
  • Clearcook window and interior light
  • Large cooking chamber
  • 4 powerful heating elements


  • Very big and bulky
  • Bottom heating elements are difficult to clean

5. COSORI CO130-AO Air Fryer Best With Rotisserie

COSORI CO130-AO air fryer comes with many useful accessories, such as a sheet pan, wire racks, trays, rotisserie skewer, etc., which enhance your cooking expediency.

This air fryer with racks is perfect for big families thanks to its above 30 QT capacity. I cooked chicken wings, French Fries, and fish filets, one recipe at a time. During cooking, I spread each piece on the rack evenly, allowing uniform heat distribution, and cooked them to perfection.

The controls are butter smooth—you can add your preferred settings manually or use the smart cooking presets. However, the time and temperature dial requires some learning.

This smart air fryer can also be operated through an app. Cooking through smart cooking presets eliminates the need to manually configure settings and place your food at the mercy of trial and error.

Usually, the issue with most air fryers is that they are very loud. Here the situation is quite the opposite. The buzzer that prompts you that the cooking is done is difficult to hear. So be extra vigilant and take out the food before it turns cold, waiting inside the air fryer.


  • Solid stainless steel built
  • 12 versatile cooking functions
  • Can cook food in layers
  • 6 accessories for cooking a variety of foods


  • Gets very hot from outside
  • Time/Temp dial has a learning curve

6. Nuwave Brio Best Air Fryer Oven Combo

Nuwave Brio Air Fry Oven With Rotisserie Function

Temperature fluctuations can ruin your food, especially if you are baking something that needs precise heat. NUWAVE Brio comes with patented Linear T Technology that doesn’t fluctuate the temperature during cooking, making this air fryer best for baking.

Its digital control and smart technology this kitchen appliance gives you quick and perfectly cooked meals every time.

Another interesting and my personal favorite feature of this air fryer is its ability to recall recipes. You can save up to 50 of your customized secret recipes and recall them at a later time through its smartphone app.

Unlike the above-reviewed Cosori air fryer, this unit has a clean black finish that looks incredibly chic. And due to its minimalistic design, it can go with most kitchen decor. 

The door is detachable, so reaching crevices and cleaning the air fryer from the inside is not a big hassle, especially if you clean it immediately. If you are short on time, cleaning the accessories in a dishwasher is also possible.


  • Wattage is adjustable between 900, 1500, or 1800
  • Linear T technology ensures temperature accuracy
  • Can cook food in 3 layers
  • Best for grilling food


  • Sear function doesn’t work
  • Not a space friendly design

7. Chefman Touch Air Fryer Best With Dehydrator

Chefman Toast-Air Touch Air Fryer With Grill and Baking Function

You can have a smart touch panel, WiFi connectivity, voice commands control, and a lot more if you get this air fryer. Let’s have a look!

Even if I try to be modest about my experience with Chefman Toast-Air Touch, I can’t help being truthful—the hype about this air fryer oven combo is real.

It is undoubtedly one of the best air fryer toaster oven combo for house owners wanting fewer appliances (but more convenience) due to their smaller counter spaces.

The unit has a solid black stainless steel built which means it going to be your kitchen partner for a longer period of time. However, a design flaw which can’t be ignored is, it does get hot from outside, so alway use mittens while handeling the stuff.

This is a great appliance when it comes to cooking. I suggest you stick with recipes in the cookbook or be ready for some failed attempts before attaining perfection.

I tested the product by reheating chicken wings using the cooking preset on the control panel. The reheated chicken tasted like freshly cooked out of an air fryer.

Clean-up is extremely easy; the accessories are dishwasher safe; the rest of the air fryer oven can be swabbed down with a damp cloth.

Note: Don’t forget to put the drip tray at the bottom to avoid ruining your air fryer.


  • Intuitive responsive control panel
  • Wide temeprature range 95˚F to 450˚F
  • Vocie commands control
  • Best for baking pizza and cookies


  • Controls have a learning curve

8. COSORI Pro II Best For Chicken Wings

COSORI Pro II Best For Chicken Wings

Cosori Pro II will be part of every list that discusses the best-selling smart air fryers. Its WiFi connectivity and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant allow you to keep track of the cooking process from afar.

The air fryer is eco-friendly; it does not contain any toxic material. The basket coating is not made with Teflon either; therefore, it is one of the best non-teflon air fryers you can have for your family.

Its huge size is a slight issue. Compared to its 5.8QT capacity, its body has a much bigger footprint, which can be a hassle for people with a small kitchen. A small kitchen island can do the job, though.

The VeSync app through which you can connect your air fryer with your smartphone and get hundreds of recipes for free.

I used this air fryer several times to make chicken wings, shrimp, and veggies. The results were fantastic. My favorite among all was the chicken wings. They have the juiciest flavor and a mount-licking crunchy crust.


  • Fast and even cooking
  • Alexa & Google assistant voice control
  • VeSync app with over 100 recipes
  • Dishwasher safe basket


  • Smoke and smell on first use

9. CROWNFUL Air Fryer Best Compact Size

CROWNFUL 12-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

CROWNFUL 7 Quart Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that combines multiple functions and features but also stays under a reasonable price bracket. It is economical compared to other digital air fryers we reviewed, offering 12 cooking presets and enough space for a family of five.

Its price is not the only factor making it the best-selling 7-quart air fryer; it is UL certified, which means you can be sure that it has passed the tests proving its suitability for use in the kitchen.

The exterior is all matt black, with no accents. The simple and minimalistic design also makes it ideal for modern and traditional kitchens. These qualities also make it easy to clean with a damp cloth.

We all know appliances can malfunction even if you successfully buy the best product in their category. So having your electronic appliances on warranty never hurts. This CROWNFUL Air Fryer comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime support. With this, you know who to turn to if your air fryer starts acting up.

As with most electrical appliances, you will experience a plastic smell when using the air fryer for the first time. I suggest you run it empty for a few cycles or cut a few pieces of lemon and place them inside. The smell will fade away very quickly.


  • Bright LCD digital touch controls
  • Very spacious cooking basket
  • Budget friendly
  • Very easy to clean


  • Plastic like smell on first use
  • Icons are a bit small

10. GoWISE USA XL Best PFOA Free Air Fryer

GoWISE USA XL Best PFOA Free Air Fryer

Last but no least, we have GoWISE USA air fryer in the list of best smart kitchen appliances. The combination of white casing and blue illuminated control panel looks chic on the kitchen counter.

The basket has a reasonable capacity of more than 5 QTs and can accommodate a cooking rack. But unlike the GoWISE USA GW22956, the cooking rack is not included in the package. On the bright side, you can select a rack of your choice, which does not cost much.

If you look at its control panel, you will realize it is one of the simplest-looking air fryers. And this simplicity makes it stand out and suitable for newbies and best for seniors.

Shake reminder is an intuitive function in this air fryer. You can configure the settings to remind you to shake the basket’s contents in 5, 10, and 15 mint intervals.

The slight inconvenience is that you can only set the temperature in 10F increments. So. if you want to cook your steaks at 375 F, you might not be able to do that. Instead, you will set the temperature and 380F and cook them for a few fewer minutes.


  • Beatuiful design and color
  • Fast and even cooking
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Preset cooking requires a few additional minutes

How To Choose Smart Air Fryer – Buying Guide

Buying a smart air fryer is not an everyday investment. Therefore, you must make this decision carefully. Finding an air fryer with more features is not always a good decision. Your focus should be finding features that speak to you and fulfills your cooking requirements.

A buying guide will help you decide what product to choose. We have mentioned the features and their utility for you. Let’s get started:

Wifi Connectivity

Wifi connectivity is the first feature you should see in your smart air fryer. It helps you control your air fryer while you are not present in the kitchen. Wifi connectivity also allows you to control and observe the cooking process in your air fryer through your smartphone app.

Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant

Compatibility with home assistants is another feature that often makes an intelligent air fryer look attractive to buyers. Not just through an app, you can control your air fryer through voice commands too.

Simply utter the instructions you want your air fryer to follow, and the job will be done instantaneously. The voice command is handy if your hands are not free to configure the settings or you are multitasking in the kitchen.

Cooking Presets

The benefit of a smart air fryer is that it helps you cook even if you are not a pro, thanks to its cooking preset. The more presets your air fryer has, the lesser the need to configure cook settings manually. So, if you are a beginner air fryer user, an intelligent air fryer with plenty of cook settings is what you need.

Shake Reminder 

Shake reminder is an intuitive feature not present in every air fryer. It helps you shake the food on time even if you get busy with other chores in the house.

It is a great feature for people who multitask while their food cooks inside the kitchen. If you find yourself multitasking a lot, look for this feature in your air fryer. 


What is a smart air fryer?

A smart air fryer is different from a regular air fryer because the former offers additional features. It has customized cooking presets, Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced temperature controls for hands-free cooking.

What’s the difference between an air fryer and a digital air fryer?

Both types of air fryers have adjustable time and temperature settings. However, a normal/analog air fryer has dials for interacting with the machine. In contrast, a digital air fryer has smart features, an LED display with a touch screen, a more interactive control panel, intelligent heat circulation, etc.  

Is smart air fryer worth buying?

A smart air fryer is definitely worth buying due to its superior and smarter features. It helps you control your cooking without being present in the kitchen and know your cooking status during your busy work schedule. So, in terms of convenience, buying a smart air fryer is a real deal.

Wrapping Up!

The global market for smart kitchen appliances is expected to show a robust compound annual growth rate of 18.5% from 2021 to 2030. In monetary terms, it will likely reach $ 138.22 billion. A smart air fryer offers much more than your everyday standard air fryer. Its smart features are worth more than you actually pay for them. The time and effort you save with intelligent heating technologies, cooking presets, and intelligent shutoff are just a few benefits of a smart air fryer. We have shared our list of the best smart Air fryers with Alexa, Wi-Fi, and other intelligent features. Going through them before purchasing a unit will prevent you from making a wrong decision.

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