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If you are already sold on the Cosori brand itself but scratching your head for a recommendation on which one is best for you. This article reviews some of the top-selling Cosori air fryers in the USA, Canada and UK.

From standard air fryer to fulfill your basic cooking needs or prefer an advanced unit with all the bells and whistles, Cosori offer a lot of options.

I tested 14 different best Cosori air fryers, compared their features, cooking performance, and customers feedback to create this list of 8 top performing units. For more options you can check the best Ninja air fryers and the top Chefman air fryers.

  1. COSORI Pro III Dual Blaze Air Fryer Top Pick – Check Price
  2. COSORI Pro II Best Air Fryer Oven – Check Price
  3. COSORI 11-in-1 Air Fryer With Rotisserie Function – Check Price
  4. COSORI Air Fryer Best Compact Design – Check Price
  5. COSORI Smokeless Air Fryer Indoor Grill Combo – Check Price
  6. COSORI Air Fryer Best Low Wattage – Check Price
  7. COSORI CO130-AO Best Big Capacity Air Fryer – Check Price
  8. COSORI 14-in-1 Air Fryer Best With Dehydrate Function – Check Price

Best Cosori Air Fryers Which One You Should Buy [OCT 2023]

1. COSORI Pro III Dual Blaze Air Fryer Top Performer

COSORI Pro III Dual Blaze Best Digital Air Fryer

The Cosori Dual Blaze air fryer comes with two heating elements, which is the most attractive feature of this air fryer; you won’t find it in most air fryers. Dual elemnts mean no shaking or flipping of food is required, increasing the chances of evenly cooked dishes.

The top panel of this smat digital air fryer is beveled and conveniently positioned within your line of sight when standing in front of the appliance. The cooking presets are written in letters instead of being projected by confusing icons.

The panel board illuminates before selecting a mode, enhancing visibility. This feature is incredibly helpful for older adults with imperfect eyesight.

Beeping sound in an air fryer prompts you to take out food and prevent it from overcooking. However, I do feel that the excessive beeping noise of this air fryer is absolutely absurd.

We loved that its sturdy basket slides in and out smoothly. The basket can fit 23-25 nuggets even when placed at a good distance to allow heat circulation.

The base of the air fryer would get extremely hot due to the heating element at the base, but nothing of this sort happened and my kitchen counter remained safe.


  • Dual heating elements provide even and fast cooking
  • Conveniently positioned control panel offers enhanced visibility
  • Clear letters for presets
  • Spacious and sturdy basket


  • Excessive beeping noise

2. COSORI Pro II Best Air Fryer With Oven

COSORI Pro II Best Air Fryer With Oven

The Cosori Pro II shines bright because it comes with all the improvements of the Cosori Pro I. Plus, it has a customizable shake reminder, which allows you to set the shaking time based on when you want to shake or flip the food.

Another thing I truly fell in love with is its fully programmable preset buttons. If you need a few more minutes to cook wings, you can customize the preset to automatically incorporate your time setting when making wings.

After cooking multiple dishes in this air fryer, I found that this air fryer cooks pretty close to the cookbook’s instructions. I tested its baking function by making blueberry scones. They were so delicious that I decided to cook more.

The air fryer has an auto-shutoff function. You can easily pull out the basket to shake food without fiddling with the controls to pause the unit. The fan and heating element shut down when the basket is not inside the chamber, making it the best air fryer for household use.

The only inconvenience about this air fryer is the absence of writings on the control. Trying to figure out what the small pictures on the control panel mean is a drag.

You can even put the removable parts in the dishwasher, but I recommend against it as it can damage the non-stick coating. Read my detailed review of Cosori Pro II air fryer.


  • Customizable shake reminder
  • Fully programmable preset buttons
  • Cooks close to cookbook instructions
  • Non-stick coating on basket
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Auto-shutoff


  • The absence of writings on the control panel causes inconvenience

3. COSORI Air Fryer With Rotisserie Function

COSORI 13 Qt Stainless Steel Air Fryer

Even if you have resisted buying an air fryer for a long time, this air fryer toaster combo is worth the investment. Its standout features are digital touchscreen panel and its large 13-quart capacity, which makes it perfect for family gatherings.

Moreover, this air fryer with racks cooks multiple dishes on various cooking levels. It excels at toasting and eliminates the need for taking out a separate toaster oven daily.

The inclusion of a rolling basket is a nice touch as it prevents you from shaking the food manually. However, I did notice some inconsistency in its performance when using the rolling basket.

When it comes to cleaning, I recommend regular maintenance since even a few splatters of oil on the heating element can easily trigger a smoke detector.

With a maximum temperature of 450°F, this air fryer cooks faster than even premium models like the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, which has a maximum temperature limit of 400°F.

Its two fan speeds and the top and bottom placement of the heating elements contribute to achieving consistent and uniform cooking results. However, one concern is that the racks can become quite hot, making it challenging to handle them with a potholder.


  • Solid stainless steel built
  • Large 13 qt capacity for family gatherings
  • Rolling basket for convenient cooking
  • Digital screen for precise temperature and time display
  • Two-fan speed


  • Handling racks is a challenge

4. COSORI Air Fryer Best Compact Design

COSORI Air Fryer Best Compact Design 4 Quart Air Fryer

This air fryer from Cosori is famous for its good looks, and rightly so. The truffle grey color and minimalistic front of the air fryer make it a perfect addition to a modern kitchen with chic décor.

As its name suggests, it is a smart air fryer that can be controlled by Alexa, allowing you to manage cooking even when you’re not in the kitchen.

One of the noticeable features of this air fryer is its maximum temperature of 450°F, which is higher than other 4qt air fryers that typically reach a maximum of 400°F. A max temperature of 450°F is ideal for cooking crispy juicy steaks.

I advise not to rely on the presets because I burned the fries on first attempt. You can achieve perfect results by manually adjusting temperature and time configuration.

The interior surface is well-coated, making it a breeze to clean. While preparing mozzarella sticks, some melted cheese escaped, but fortunately, it did not stick to the surface. So, it was effortless to scrub off the residue.

Our only complaint is that cleaning underneath the rubber tips on the bottom edges, which connect to the crisper plate, can be challenging. Removing accumulated grease and food particles from that area is easier if you find a hack to clean beneath it.


  • Can be controlled by Alexa
  • Higher maximum temperature (450F)
  • Well-coated interior surface for easy cleaning
  • Attractive design and color


  • Cleaning underneath rubber tips are challenging
  • Results of cooking presets are inconsistent

5. COSORI Smokeless Air Fryer Indoor Grill Combo


The integration of smart features such as control through Alexa and Google Assistant is one of the highlights of this air fryer grill combo.

Ninja offers an electric indoor grill, but despite its smaller capacity and lack of smart features, the Ninja AG301 electric indoor grill comes at a higher price than the COSORI Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill.

The combination of rapid air technology and a maximum temperature of 510°F enables fast cooking. It imparts excellent char grill marks and flavor to your steaks.

During cooking, the exhaust fan on this appliance can be very noisy. It can be heard clearly from far away which some users may find very irritating.

We greatly appreciate Cosori’s choice of ceramic coating for accessories, which is preferable to Teflon or other potentially harmful materials. The non-stick ceramic-coated grill sizzles just like an old BBQ.

In my testing, I cooked various foods in this air fryer, including hamburger patties, baked potatoes, grilled wings, steaks, and frozen fries. Except for the frozen fries, everything turned out great. The frozen fries were tender but not crispy. However, freshly cut fries came out crispy and delicious.

I noticed that the provided presets require adjustments to achieve perfect cooking results. However, if you add your settings, this smart air fryer becomes a must-have machine for your kitchen.


  • Stainless steel build
  • Wide temperature range, 510 max
  • Consistent cooking performance
  • Integration of smart features (Alexa, Google Assistant)
  • Non-stick ceramic-coated grill


  • Noisy exhaust fan
  • Some presets need adjustment

6. COSORI Air Fryer Oven Best Low Wattage

COSORI Air Fryer Oven Best Low Wattage

This mini air fryer is perfect for a single person or people living in dormitories. Thanks to its small footprint, you don’t need to clear much of your needed space to fit it on the countertop.

After extensive testing of this air fryer, I can assertively say it is perfect for making frozen fries. It can also easily make one hamburger and cook five slices of bacon at a time.

I encountered a problem when making a chicken pot pie. The air fryer took longer to cook; even then, some parts of the crust were raw. I made it on the roast setting in the next attempt, and they came out perfect.

All things considered, it is the best air fryer for elderly individuals living alone, trying to simplify cooking. Instant Pot also offers a 2-quart air fryer comparable in price to the COSORI Small Air Fryer. However, Cosori is a quiet air fryer, which sets it apart and gives it a competitive edge.

Another incredible feature that I would love to mention is its energy efficiency. It is a low-wattage air fryer, and you can run it even on your solar power and off-grid battery systems. This means you can use this air fryer in backyard or at camping.

I know its build looks plastic-like so the initial impression may give the perception of a lower-quality build. But after numerous months of usage, I can say that it can withstand regular use and maintain performance over time.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Can be used with off-grid power systems
  • Low noise operation
  • 900-watt energy-efficient appliance


  • The plastic build doesn’t feel sturdy

7. COSORI CO130-AO Best Big Capacity Air Fryer

COSORI CO130-AO Best Big Capacity Air Fryer

This is a large capacity air fryer designed for feeding a family of 7 to 10 people. The digital controls offer greater accuracy than fidgeting with a manual wheel, which is seldom precise. With digital controls, you can set precise settings, eliminating the margin for error.

Although the air fryer takes some time to heat up, I find it justifiable due to its spacious 32 QT interior. After trying out a long list of recipes in this air fryer, I am quite pleased with its cooking performance.

However, it lacks when it comes to cooking steaks. While the fryer cook the steak well from inside but it lacked some browning the outside. To overcome this, I recommend giving the steak a quick 30-second flash fry on each side in a preheated, high-heat cast iron pan.

If you’re looking for a perfect air fryer grill combo, I highly recommend the COSORI Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill.

The light automatically comes one minute before the cooking end time, which is quite intuitive! Along with its beeping sound, this feature also prompts you to ready your plate for dishing out food.

Cleaning can be a bit tricky, but you can simplify it by using aluminum foil on the floor of the air fryer. Additionally, you can leave the foil in place until it becomes heavily soiled.


  • Spacious 32 qt interior
  • Digital controls for precise settings
  • Suitable for large groups
  • Comes with 6 accessories
  • Integrated beeping sound


  • Cleaning requires some elbow grease

8. COSORI Air Fryer Best With Dehydrate Function

COSORI Stainless Steel Air Fryer With Dehydrator

With access to more than 1000 best air fryer recipes through its app, Cosori offers you the opportunity to show your inner chef.

The air fryer is sturdy and well-built, featuring stainless steel construction. Its pull-down door extends close to the countertop, providing ample space for adding or removing food.

The air fryer basket is huge with a large handle. However, since the handle goes inside the air fryer too, it becomes too hot to touch with bare hands; therefore, use oven mitts when pulling it out.

The buttons are very sensitive-to-touch and don’t require pressing them with force. On the downside, even an accidental flick of a finger can trigger the settings, so be careful.

This air fryer boasts the same generous capacity as the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer Pro Plus. In contrast to the PowerXL’s rectangular oven-shaped construction, it sets itself apart with its sleek, elongated design, adding grace to your kitchen.

We made chicken wings during the first attempt, which came out slightly darker. Next, I tweaked the recipe a little, reducing the cooking time; fortunately, the results did not disappoint us again.

In my opinion, it is an ideal appliance for cooking meals for a large family. However, if you are a small family or a single person, I recommend you buy the Cosori Lite 4.0 qt smart air fryer for making small servings and is light on the pocket.


  • Access to over 1000 recipes through the app
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Wide door for easy access to inside cooking space
  • Sleek and elongated design
  • Sensitive touch buttons


  • Pulling out the basket with the handle requires caution


Which Cosori air fryer is being recalled?

Recently Cosori has recalled four of its models, including Cosori Max XL 5.8 CP158. The company received 205 consumer complaints of the air fryers overheating, melting, smoking, and posing fire hazards, which triggered the recall.  

What is the difference between a Cosori premium and a smart air fryer?

The main difference between Cosori Premium and Smart air fryer is that Cosori Premium comes with a black stainless steel exterior, whereas Cosori Smart has an all-black body. Another difference is that the smart Cosori air fryer is integrated with smart functions such as Wi-Fi connectivity and control through Alexa, and the Cosori premium is not.

What is the difference between Cosori Pro 1 and Pro 2?

The major difference between Cosori Pro 1 and Pro 2 is in the preset department. Unlike the Pro I model, in Cosori Pro II, every preset is now adjustable. This means that if you typically extend the cooking time for your vegetable preset, you can customize that preset, automatically incorporating the additional time.

What’s the biggest Cosori air fryer?

Cosori dual blaze 6.8 Quart Air is one of the biggest basket-style air fryers. Cosori has a 32 QT model too, but that is a toaster oven-style air fryer and comes without a basket.

Where to buy Cosori air fryer?

You can buy Cosori air fryers through various online sources. The official Cosori Website is the most reliable source for buying these air fryers. You can also buy them through major online retailers like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.

How To Choose The Best Cosori Air Fryer Model

Cosori has introduced several air fryer models. Choosing one among them can become a major trial if you don’t have the criteria for selecting the best Cosori air fryer. Here are the measures you can follow.

  • You should look for a large capacity air fryer, such as a 5.8qt one, to cook for larger gatherings. Also, if you focus on achieving even cooking results, ensure the air fryer is integrated with technology such as rapid air circulation.
  • Some models boast smart controls and Wi-Fi connectivity. Choose them if you prefer controlling and monitoring your cooking remotely.
  • Don’t forget to check the additional accessories included, such as a recipe book or cooking rack. They expand your culinary options and enhance the joy of cooking.
  • If you want convenience, choose an air fryer with a non-stick basket and dishwasher-safe components to make cleanup a breeze.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to finding the best Cosori air fryer for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with any of the top contenders we’ve explored. Whether you’re a health-conscious individual craving guilt-free indulgence or a busy home chef seeking convenience without compromising flavor, Cosori air fryers have got you covered. With their innovative features, stylish designs, and reliable performance, these air fryers will elevate your cooking experience and satisfy your cravings.

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