Air Fryers To Buy In 2024

I tested and compared dozens of air fryers on the market. You can use our detailed guides to equip yourself with the knowledge to choose and purchase the best air fryer for your home.

Best Air Fryers Of 2024 [Recommended By Experts]

Below I have categorized the best air fryers of 2023 in three different categories: by type, by size, and by brand. You can follow the link to check your desired air fryers.

Air Fryer Reviews

Over the past couple of years, I have tested dozens of the top-rated air fryers. Before writing a detailed review of air fryers, I tested them for design, build quality, ease of use, performance, and value.

Helpful Guides

To get the most out of your air frying unit, the below-given guides will be very helpful for you. Our air fryer guides address popular questions and issues faced by air fryer users.

Air fryers have became a hot commodity quickly, claiming space on the counters of even the most crowded kitchens.

Wonder why it was easier for air fryers to gain so much acclaim and acceptance quickly. Air fryers offer a way for quick and convenient cooking. They are versatile and attractive, require no or the least amount of oil for cooking, and are affordable.

Their compact and sleek construction demands less space on the counter. Won’t these perks of an air fryer attract you too?

All the perks of an air fryer are hard to resist for most homeowners because most fried-food lovers always carry the guilt of eating less healthy food. This guilt often prevents them from indulging in their guilty pleasure.

Air fryers provide them with a way to enjoy the same crispy, delectable treats similar to those cooked in a deep fryer but minus the extra calories of oil.

An air fryer and a deep fryer are quite different from each other. While the latter cooks food in a pool of scalding oil, an air fryer uses hot air to cook food from the inside out while using a tiny amount of oil. Therefore, air frying has become more suitable for cooking healthy, delicious food.

Air fryers are multipurpose, which means you can bake, dehydrate, roast, grill, and even slow cook in one appliance without making space for any other cooking appliance on the kitchen counter.

In fact, using an air fryer for baking has become a preference as it eliminates the hassle of setting up the entire big oven.

As far as air fryer electricity consumption is concerned, they have covered that department too. An air fryer cooks faster than other kitchenware, so you won’t use it for hours to make food. Running it for shorter periods translates into low electricity consumption.

When it comes to the quality of air fryers present on the market, they can vary considerably. You can choose the stainless steel air fryer, or go with a mediocre unit, both are available.

A buyer’s goal should be to buy the best in a category. A high-quality air fryer lasts longer, does not need frequent repairs, and gives better cooking results.

Air fryers come in various sizes and capacities; therefore, the size of the air fryer must be a consideration when choosing one.

If you have a big family and a spacious kitchen, you must choose the best air fryer for a large family over a smaller unit. The latter will be an imprudent choice as it will make you cook in batches and increase the cooking time.

Last but not least, using an air fryer does not come without precautions. Use oven mitts to handle the appliance when it is hot, and keep the unit at least five inches away from the wall to allow proper heat exhaust. Also, don’t overstuff the basket or use excess oil when making a recipe.