10 Best 8 Quart Air Fryer Tested By Kitchen Pros [AUG 2023]

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For medium and large-sized families, we recommend these best 8 quart air fryer that are spacious enough to fulfill all your healthy cooking needs.

Air fryers come in several designs and sizes, making them suitable for every household. Depending on your family size or what you intend to cook, you can choose an air fryer in an appropriate size.

Generally, a small family requires a compact 3 to 4 QT air fryer. As the number of people increases, so does your size requirement for an air fryer. An 8-quart air fryer is suitable for anyone wanting to cook large meals.

On average, its basket can fit at least 16-18 wings, 3 pounds of fries, or five-seven ramekins for making single-serving desserts. You can also check out our experts’ recommendations for the best 10 quart air fryer or the best dual basket air fryers.

10 Best 8 Quart Air Fryer Tested By Kitchen Pros [AUG 2023]

Nuwave Brio Air Fryer for Large Family1. Nuwave Brio Air Fryer – Our Top Pick
  • RATING: 4.6/5
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Chefman TurboTouch Air Fryer With Window2. Chefman TurboTouch – Best Budget-Friendly
  • RATING: 4.6/5
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Ninja DZ201 Foodi Dual Basket Two Basket3. Ninja DZ201 Foodi – Best Dual Basket
  • RATING: 4.6/5
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Ultrean Air Fryer XL with Non-stick Basket4. Ultrean XL Air Fryer – Best For Roasting
  • RATING: 4.5/5
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Ninja FD401 Foodi Air Fryer Cooker Steamer Combo5. Ninja FD401 Foodi – Best Air Fryer Cooker
  • RATING: 4.5/5
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Instant Vortex Plus XL 2 Basket Air Fryer6. Instant Vortex Plus XL – Best Air Fryer Oven
  • RATING: 4.5/5
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CHEFMAN 2 in 1 Max XL BPA Free Non Toxic Air Fryer7. CHEFMAN Max XL – Best Stainless Steel Air Fryer
  • RATING: 4.5/5
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Chefman TurboFry Touch Compact Air Fryer8. Chefman TurboFry Touch – Best For Steaks
  • RATING: 4.5/5
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CROWNFUL Air Fryer with  Dehyrdator Function9. CROWNFUL 8-in-1 – Best With Dehydrator
  • RATING: 4.4/5
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Bella Pro Series Stainless Steel Air Fryer10. Bella Pro Series – Best Touchscreen Air Fryer
  • RATING: 4.4/5
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Why Trust Our Top Picks?

In our kitchen studio, we tested 39 air fryers sizing 8 quarts. Our experts spent 125 hours in testing functions, cooking, and cleaning top-rated air fryers in the market. We also let them undergo wear and tear to conclude our final list of the best 8qt air fryers.

1. Nuwave Brio 6-in-1 Healthy Smart Digital Air Fryer

Nuwave Brio 8-Qt air fryer can be controlled with an app. Therefore, if you want to control the cooking process remotely, this unit might be the one for you.

Nuwave Brio 8-Qt Stainless Steel Air Fryer Roast Review

The display and control panel is at the top right, aligning with your vision, making selecting options easier. It remains cool and incredibly easy to touch during the cooking process.

Prices of the Chefman TurboTouch and this unit are comparable, but Nuwave’s 100 presets makes it stand apart from the Chefman Turbo. The patented LINEAR THERMAL (LINEAR T) TECHNOLOGY is the jewel in the crown, ensuring that the entire cooking happens at the set temperature without any fluctuation.

As per experience, you can easily accommodate more than two pounds of fries and the same capacity of chicken wings in its huge basket. To check the content, you must pull the basket out. This is a slight inconvenience but nothing you cannot manage in the sea of other beneficial features.

An exciting aspect of this air fryer is that it comes with an integrated temperature thermometer to check the doneness of the food. The cooking process stops when your food attains the desired doneness.


  • 100 pre-programmed menu presets
  • Easy to read bright display
  • Quietly operating unit
  • 50 memory slots for recalling favorite recipe
  • Precise 5°F increments


  • No flip or shake reminder
  • Basket is difficult to clean

2. Chefman TurboTouch: Best For Making Chicken Wings

Chefman TurboTouch easy-view air fryer, as the name suggests, it lets you see how your food is cooking. This helpful feature allows you to keep an eye on your food and prevent it from getting overcooked.

Chefman TurboTouch Air Fryer with Window Review

The internal space can accommodate three shelves at a time. Or you can fit a sizable rotary basket to make fries without flipping them. Trays are big, but you can still not accommodate a full-size pizza, so you might need to make only medium and small-size pizzas.

Chefman TurboTouch is relatively easy to clean if you don’t let the leftover oil and food get greasy. In that case, cleaning all the stains and hardened build-up will surely be a headache. Using parchment liners in an air fryer can reduce this headache to a great extent.

A slight hiccup that one of our experts pointed out was the basket requires some alignment to sit well in the chamber. Otherwise, it will keep releasing hot air.

We tested its cooking prowess by making chicken breast. It cooked tenderly at 370F, taking only 15 minutes. The same recipe takes about 20 minutes and 400F in an oven. So, the idea that an air fryer cooks faster certainly holds.


  • Advanced digital touch control panel
  • Clear window with interior light
  • LED food shake/flip reminder
  • All accessories are dishwasher-safe


  • Limited preset options
  • Basket needs some adjustment to sit well

3. Ninja DZ201 Foodi: Best Dual Basket Air Fryer

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 quar Dual Basket Air Fryer Review

The talk about the 8-QT best air fryer for a large family is incomplete without mentioning the Ninja DZ201 Foodi air fryer.

What sets this powerful air fryer apart from the units mentioned above is its dual compartments with separate heating elements and fans for independent cooking. It helps you cook two meals simultaneously—perfect for a family with kids with different tastes.

Using the smart finish setting, you can ensure both recipes finish cooking simultaneously and are served together.

It is simply the best air fryer for french fries because it can accommodate more potato sticks and doesn’t let you wait longer to enjoy mouth-licking fries.

We cooked chicken breast in one compartment and fish in the other using the match cook setting. Its exterior was brown and crispy, while the inside was tender. We also made fries that were a little crispy, delicious & satisfying.

One thing it lacks is a basket. It comes with a crisper plate and not a basket. So, when dumping contents in a bowl, the plate can fall and burn your hands, so caution is required.

Its minimalistic design with an easy-to-read display makes cooking immensely easier. The control panel is sensitive to touch and immediately responds to your setting.


  • Best for cooking 2 meals simultaneously
  • Dual baskets reduce cooking time
  • Can copy settings of one basket to other
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Very easy to use and clean


  • Big and bulky unit
  • Pause button stop cooking of both baskets

4. Ultrean XL Air Fryer: Best For Chicken Roast

This is one of the most affordable non-stick air fryers on our list in this size and capacity. So, if the price is one of your judging standards, you can shortlist this air fryer easily.

Ultrean 8 quarts Air Fryer Oven Oilless Cooker Review

The auto-shutoff feature is one of the pluses of this air fryer. The cooking process automatically stops when the time elapses. So, no chance of overcooking and ruining your food.

With this air fryer, you can increase/decrease time in one minute’s increment, which means you can cook food for a precise time which is especially needed when baking something. So this can be a handy air fryer for baking.

The Ultrean air fryer’s basket is round, so you might need to be careful about the shape and size of the food.

You usually cannot accommodate drawn-out foods such as long breast pieces and veggies like asparagus; you need small to medium-sized foods.

We found this unit to be pretty quiet. Also, it is easier to clean. However, among all the goods, this unit lacks reheating function. So, you have to use other options to reheat your food.

You can dip a towel in warm water, squeeze out extra water and wipe the whole thing while oil splatters and burnt-on food is not yet stubbornly clinging to the surface.


  • 8 single touch preset options
  • Turns off automatically on timer completion
  • Reasonably quiet & cook food evenly
  • Cleaning is pretty easy


  • Buttons have a “sweet spot” to function
  • There is no preheat function

5. Ninja FD401 Foodi: Best Air Fryer Cooker Combo

Ninja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe Air Fryer that Steams Review

This Ninja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 differs from the above-reviewed air fryers. Apart from traditional functions, this air fryer can pressure cook, steam, sauté, and slow cook—perfect for people looking for more functions in their air fryer.  

You can grasp the depth of this air fryer from the height of its reversible rack, which has two layers—meaning the basket is pretty deep. Each layer can accommodate up to four medium-sized chicken breasts.

We pressure-cooked 6.5 pounds of chicken and air-crisped it later for a tender inside and crunchy delectable exterior.

When it came to air frying, we chose 4.5 lbs. chicken. Because for air frying, you must turn the sides of the chicken. So, a chicken that can easily fit inside the chamber is also easy to flip during cooking. The results were quite satisfactory. 

The air fryer is big and bulky, so carrying it in and out of the cabinet can be a hassle if you don’t have enough space on the countertop. The air crisp lid is heavy too, but it does not force the pot to lose its balance and stands up straight while you put stuff in the air fryer basket.

Once the cooking is done, you can effortlessly clean this ninja air fryer and store all pots and pans except the air fryer lid. You cannot store it inside the unit; make sure to put it somewhere reachable.


  • A versatile 12-in-1 air fryer
  • Easy to use, settings are very clear
  • Automatic shut-off timer
  • PTFE & PFOA-free nonstick basket
  • All parts are dishwasher safe


  • Big, bulky, & takes a lot of counter space
  • Its beep sound is very loud

6. Instant Vortex Plus: Best Air Fryer Oven Combo

Instant Vortex Plus is another dual-compartment air fryer on our list, with a peeking window and interior light in each basket.

Instant Vortex Plus XL Dual Basket Air Fryer Oven Review

Each compartment has a four-quart cooking capacity to cook food for three to four people. We tried its air fry and bake modes for making French fries and a loaf of bread.

French fries were soft yet crispy. After the preset timer ran out, the loaf still needed one more minute of cooking. It might be because we used frozen prepared dough that needs more cooking time. So, keep an eye on the food while it cooks.

The basket is deep enough to accommodate a low-height rack to add an extra cooking layer. You can use air fryer rack in both compartments and cook double the quantity.

Cleaning is not challenging. Use a soft microfiber to clean the control panel. We used a damp towel—it left swirly marks on the surface. Therefore, we can vouch for microfiber cloth with some experience.

One thing about this air fryer that bothered us a little is its size; it is enormous. It might be because of its dual-compartment design (which is a plus). You need a separate space to accommodate this big boy in your kitchen— probably a kitchen island.


  • Quick preheating and fast cooking
  • Cook & finish 2 meals at the same time
  • Clear cook window for checking food
  • Even crisp technology for perfect crisp
  • Best air fryer for a large family


  • There is no cooking preset
  • Takes up a large are on counter

7. CHEFMAN Max XL: Best Stainless Steel Air Fryer

An interesting aspect of this air fryer is that instead of completely separate cooking compartments like Instant Vortex Plus, this air fryer comes with a basket divider.

CHEFMAN 2 in 1 Max XL Air Fryer with Divider

You can use the separator for cooking two things or remove it to cook more oversized food items. The 8-inch basket diameter allows you to accommodate 2 to 3 baking cups or 5-7 cookies at a time.

Unlike the black matt or lustrous finish on most air fryers, this one comes with a durable stainless steel finish.

Also, the plastic parts of the air fryer are made with non-toxic BPA-free plastic, which is completely safe for cooking appliances. For more options, you can check out our list of the best toxic-free air fryers.

The unit has four basic cooking presets, so you will mainly rely on your best air fryer recipes for cooking most things. Also, the preheat feature is missing in this air fryer—you must set the preheat timer manually. We manually preheated this air fryer during cooking tests.

With its durable body and finish, calling it the best stainless steel air fryer won’t be unfair. Plus, we are in love with its reheating function. You don’t need to throw away leftover fries, KFC fried wings, or tater tots. Every time you reheat the food, it comes out fresh.


  • Basket divider for cooking 2 meals
  • Digital control panel with 4 cooking presets
  • Wiping down the exterior and cleaning the interior is a breeze
  • Loved its sleek and compact design
  • cETL approved and 1-year warranty


  • Limited preset options
  • No on/off button, so need to be unplugged

8. Chefman TurboFry: Best For Making Steaks

Chefman TurboFry Touch 8QT Digital Air Fryer

Upon opening the packing of this air fryer, we first noticed its extra-large viewing window and minimalistic design. Even better is that there are no bells and whistles to complicate the use of this air fryer.

The promising fact is its cETL approval which ensures that this product meets quality standards for durability and safe use. On top of this, you get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

We weren’t expecting an LED light and shake reminder feature at this price, but Chefman did wonders by adding these features. It will help you monitor food and remind you to flip sides.

Another worth praising aspect is its quiet operations—no annoying high-pitched noise as if you are using a dryer.

At first use, this air fryer gave a weird odor, which subsided after a few uses. Also, it gets very hot if you use it at max temperature; therefore, leave ample space around it for heat exhaust.

We also noticed that the footprint of the Chefman TurboFry is slightly bigger than the Chefman TurboTouch. If you have limited space on the kitchen counter, choose the latter.

Unlike some air fryers, the crisper plate does not come out when you pour the contents. There are silicone stoppers that hold it in its place.


  • User-friendly responsive touchscreen display
  • Spacious enough to feed a whole family
  • Smart shake reminder
  • Viewing window and interior light
  • Mess-free clean up


  • Weird smell on initial use
  • Bigger footprint

9. CROWNFUL Dual Basket: Best with Dehydrator

CROWNFUL 8 Quart 2 Basket Dual Cook Air Fryer Review

This air fryer is a prize if you like to cook multiple items together. In shape and capacity, it is like other dual-compartment air fryers, i.e., Ninja DZ201 Foodi and CHEFMAN.

But when it comes to price, you get some relief with this unit. It is slightly more affordable than other dual-compartment air fryers—suitable for buyers with a tight budget.

Both compartments have independent cooking mechanisms allowing you to follow the recipe of your meal in each container. Each compartment can accommodate 10 to 12 wings, depending on the size.

To test its cooking functions, we made chicken wings and added garlic and onion powder to enhance flavor. The wings tasted incredible but were a little drier than our taste. Next time we tried the same recipe by adding a few oil sprays. This time the results were amazing.

Its noise while cooking is a little vexing, which requires getting used to. Also, it takes up a lot of space on the countertop, but what else can you expect from a dual-compartment XL air fryer?

Make some space on your counter, and always avoid putting your air fryer on the stovetop, even when the kitchen counter is jammed.


  • Can sync 2 different temps and times
  • Look nice and cook fast
  • It is quite inexpensive
  • Easy to clean


  • No preheating function
  • Buttons and finish beep is loud

10. Bella Pro Series: Best Touchscreen Air Fryer

Bella Pro Series 8qt Stainless Steel Air Fryer Review

Last but not least, the unit we include in our list is the Bella Pro Series air fryer. This stainless steel air fryer truly exceeded our expectations. Drawing from our experience, the Bella Pro air fryer’s sleek and modern design, with its stainless steel exterior, adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen countertop.

The 8-quart large capacity is perfect for big families. It allowed us to cook generous portions of our favorite dishes with ease.

The touchscreen digital interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it a breeze to navigate through the various cooking presets and adjust temperature and time settings.

After putting it to the test, we were thoroughly impressed with the performance of this air fryer. The hot air circulation technology ensured even cooking throughout, eliminating the need for excessive oil and resulting in healthier meals. It consistently produced crispy and golden results.

The Bella Pro Series offers 9 presets for easy cooking compared to CHEFMAN 2 in 1 Max XL, which has no presets, allowing for greater customization. However, one minor drawback we noticed was that the cooking time is slightly longer than other air fryers we reviewed, requiring a bit more patience.


  • Modern sleek design
  • Offers a variety of cooking options
  • User-friendly touchscreen digital interface
  • Easier to clean


  • Bulky and large footprint
  • Requires a little extra time to cook food

Things To Consider Before Buying A Good 8QT Air Fryer [Buyers Guide]

A buying guide helps focus on features and specifications essential for you when buying anything, including an air fryer. Considering the key aspects, you can shortlist a few air fryers and choose the best among them. The buying guide for the best 8-quart air fryer is available below.

Style Of The Air Fryer

An 8qt air fryer is generally so big that you can easily find varieties in its style. There are single and dual-compartment air fryers.

If you have kids or family members who have dissimilar tastes and want to cook their favorite all at once, go for a dual-compartment air fryer to cook two things at once. This way, you can save your cooking time to some extent.

Also, a dual-compartment air fryer is suitable if you are habitual in cooking full-course meals that include multiple dishes in one meal. On the contrary, a single-compartment air fryer is ideal if you have a few people in your family or they have a uniform taste.


An extra-large air fryer usually costs more than a small air fryer which is understandable. But finding cheap air fryers is not entirely impossible either.

True, a higher price is not always the right standard for evaluating quality, but in most cases, it actually is. Acquiring an 8 quart best air fryer for a family of 6 or more family members is not an everyday investment; therefore, make it wisely. Even if it means paying a few extra dollars in return for quality, don’t hesitate.


If you are going for a big air fryer, pay attention to its features and functions to ensure that you get value in return for paying a considerable sum.

Go for an air fryer that meets your functionality and feature requirements. Your focus should be finding the best air fryer for chicken wings, rotisserie chicken, baked goods, reheating, dehydrating fruits and veggies, etc. 

The more functions your air fryer has, the lesser the need for any other appliance. Also, your chosen air fryer should have a large temperature and timer range to cook a more comprehensive range of dishes.

Ease Of Use

When you look at the air fryers in the market, you will find both the air fryers with primary and those beautified with bells and whistles. We would always recommend going with an air fryer which is easy to use.

A fancy air fryer appeals to you initially, but when its complicacy ruins your convenience, you tend to avoid using it. Therefore, always consider a long-term perspective, especially when choosing a big-size air fryer with more functions.

Prefer an air fryer with one-touch presets to whip up a basket full of fries, bake pizza or cake, or roast chicken with one button click.


What are the best 8qt air fryers?

  1. Nuwave Brio Smart Air Fryer
  2. Chefman TurboTouch Best for Making Chicken Wings
  3. Ninja DZ201 Foodi Dual Basket Air Fryer
  4. Ultrean XL Air Fryer with Non-Stick Frying Pot
  5. Ninja FD401 Foodi Air Fryer Cooker Combo
  6. Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven Combo
  7. CHEFMAN Max XL Stainless Steel Air Fryer
  8. Chefman TurboFry with Dishwasher Safe Basket
  9. CROWNFUL Air Fryer with Dehydrator
  10. Bella Pro Air Fryer with Digital Touchscreen

Is an 8 quart air fryer big?

Eight-quart air fryers are considered extra-large. They are suitable for large families or those small households which frequently hold dinners and lunches for friends and families.

What can you cook in an 8 quart air fryer?

You can make anything in an 8-quart air fryer that you would otherwise make in an oven—roasted/baked vegetables, rotisserie chicken, French Fries, meat, fish, cakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and whatnot. Its large size is its biggest advantage, preventing you from cooking in batches to a great extent.

Can I cook whole chicken in 8 quart air fryer?

Yes, you can certainly cook a whole chicken if it weighs around 2.5 to 3 pounds. Apart from that, there is enough space in an 8 quarter air fryer to cook at least two bags of frozen fries, approximately 20 to 23 chicken wings, and a similar amount of vegetables.

Wrapping Up!

The best 8 quart air fryer are most suitable for medium to large families needing to cook more food in less time. Having said that, it is not binding that a small can’t have an 8qt high-capacity air fryer. An extra-large air fryer is perfect for them if they frequently prepare meals for friends and extended family. For everyday use, an XL air fryer might not be the right choice for them. Above, we have provided our ultimate list of the top-rated air fryers we tested over the last year. All these air fryers are high quality and trustworthy. You can go for any of them if it fulfills your requirements.

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