9 Best 10 Quart Air Fryer Tested & Reviewed [October 2023]

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Enjoy large cooking capacity, less cooking time, and incredible versatility with our handpicked selection of the best 10 quart air fryer.

Don’t settle for small air fryers because they limit your portion sizes. Getting a big air fryer is an excellent choice to cook meal for 6 to 8 people. They outshine their counterparts, by offering an unrivaled cooking capacity in a single batch.

With a large capacity air fryer, you can effortlessly prepare food for more than 6 people without breaking a sweat. With intuitive controls at your fingertips, a ten qt air fryer makes you feel like a seasoned chef.

Below is my list of the top performing air fryers that provide best bang for the buck. I tested over 30 single and dual basket air frying units to finalize this list of 9 best 10 quart air fryers.

  1. Ninja DZ550 Foodi Best Dual Basket – CHECK PRICE
  2. Instant Vortex Plus Best Rotisserie Function – CHECK PRICE
  3. COSORI 14-in-1 Air Fryer Best For Steaks – CHECK PRICE
  4. CHEFMAN Air Fryer Best Multifunctional Digital – CHECK PRICE
  5. PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer Best Roasting Function – CHECK PRICE
  6. Aria Premium AAO-89 Air Fryer Best Without Teflon – CHECK PRICE
  7. PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer Dual Basket Large – CHECK PRICE
  8. Paula Deen Air Fryer Best Stainless Steel – CHECK PRICE
  9. Geek Chef Air Fryer Best For Baking Pizza and Cake – CHECK PRICE

9 Best 10 Quart Air Fryer Tested & Reviewed [October 2023]

Below are the detailed reviews, specs, features, and information of my hand-on experience.

1. Ninja DZ550 Foodi Best with Dual Basket

Ninja DZ550 Foodi Best with Dual Basket

Ninja DZ550 6-in-1 is a two-basket air fryer; each basket offers your 5 QT capacity to accommodate a reasonable quantity of food. This best dual-basket air fryer offers six cooking and two sync functions, making it an attractive appliance for modern cookers looking for convenience.

A recipe booklet also accompanies the air fryer. Be careful when using the recipe book. Recipes look accurate on paper, but I found that some of the recipes in the manual don’t offer settings that can produce good results in reality. Therefore, even if you follow them, keep an eye on the food while it cooks.

For me, the design of this Ninja Foodi air fryer is a deal-maker. It is all black, making it quite attractive for modern and traditional kitchen décors. The control panel is digital with a big LCD screen.

In each basket, you can accommodate a whole chicken, though you need to be a bit experimental about the size. The baskets are deep, allowing you to place a cooking rack and fix multiple ingredients.


  • Digital intuitive control panel
  • Dual basket for cooking multiple foods
  • Basket can accommodate a whole chicken
  • Match cook & smart finish feature


  • Large footprint and bulky
  • A bit expensive

2. Instant Vortex Plus Best with Rotisserie Function

Instant Vortex Plus Best with Rotisserie Function

The rotisserie function is the major difference between this Instant Vortex Plus and the Ninja Air DZ550 fryer. This Instant Vortex Plus air fryer with Rotisserie function is perfect for families preferring to enjoy a Sunday roast with the whole family or friends.

There is a see-through window to peek at the food while it cooks, so you don’t need to open the air fryer door to see the progress.

Its stainless steel body makes this air fryer even more sturdier and hard-wearing so you can use it for a long time. Everything from its build to its cooking presets allures you to cook in this air fryer.

Using this air fryer, I made wings, and crispy fries. The food came out perfect, but not before it took a few extra minutes than mentioned in the recipe book.

Rotisserie chicken was the next thing I tried. The chicken tasted great, the flavors had seeped into it, and even the thick parts were succulent. However, the part related to putting the whole chicken in the spit is a bit tricky. You might need a few attempts to know the right size of the chicken that must go in this air fryer.


  • 7-in-1 versatile cooking functions
  • Best for making rotisserie chicken
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Big window with interior light
  • Non-stick interior makes cleaning easy


  • Plastic construction makes it less durable
  • Plastic smell on initial cooking

3. COSORI 14-in-1 Air Fryer Best For Steaks

COSORI 14-in-1 Air Fryer Best For Steaks

Cosori is not new in the air frying world; it has made its mark by manufacturing high-quality air fryers. When it comes to quality of build and design, this Cosori air fryer variant is no different.

It has many cooking presets, making this unit great for someone inexperienced in cooking or living alone. It also offers smart control, meaning you can navigate it through your phone.

By synching it with your phone through a smartphone app, you get cooking notifications and access to more than 1000 recipes. 

One admirable thing about this air fryer is that it comes with many accessories. You get a drip tray, an air frying basket, two dehydrating racks, a wire rack, and a crisper plate to be as experimental as you want in the kitchen.

Thanks to its design, this air fryer with racks and trays can cook more meals in one go.

The exhaust fan ensures your air fryer does not overheat, but be ready for it to be a bit noisy. You can hear a faint sound in another room when the air fryer works in the kitchen.


  • Quickly selectable 14 cooking functions
  • Operate quietly
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Good for small kitchens
  • Provide good value for money


  • There is no internal oven light
  • Dehydrating function is a bit slow

4. CHEFMAN 17-in-1 Best Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer

Chefman Digital Cooking Performance Results

This multipurpose digital air fryer from CHEFMAN is great for large families. So far, it has the highest number of one-touch cooking functions, 17 to be precise. Thanks to its spacious 10 QT interior, it can cook a full chicken or a turkey.

The package includes all the accessories you need for cooking in this air fryer. Make sure to choose the right accessory to get perfect cooking results. Strangely the air fryer does not look big and broad, yet the inside is incredibly spacious.

Its three cooking layers allow you to cook larger quantities of food or three recipes together. There is no need to preheat the air fryer as is the case with big ovens.

I liked that it has an auto-shutoff feature that saves food from getting overcooked and ensures the house’s safety.

The rotisserie basket is a bit of a hassle to clean, especially if you leave it soiled and oil-stained after cooking softer foods. A tip in this regard is to soak the basket in warm soapy water right after removing food and use a brush to gently scrub off all the stuck-on food and baked-on grease.


  • Cook food even, fast, and crispy
  • Space-saving design
  • Different rack positioning
  • Clear glass door window with light
  • Very good for making rotisserie chicken


  • Cleaning trays is a hassle
  • No power-off button, the only way is unplugging

5. PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer With Roasting Function

PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer With Roasting Function

PowerXL Pro can easily stand out from other big air fryers due to its unique design and eye-catching slate color. It looks very chic in every kitchen. True Air frying technology is the highlighting feature of this air fryer, allowing even cooking by penetrating the heat deep inside the food.

Racks falling from the grooves and ruining the food are common complaints about air fryers with shelves, but not with PowerXL air fryersThe racks don’t slip off and fit in the furrows tightly.

Cooking is not substandard either. I tried chicken wings; each cooking rack can hold 8 big-size chicken pieces. The wings came out crispy on the outside and tender and flavorful on the inside. It took additional 5 minutes than the preset time to get them cooked properly.

The air fryer does make a lot of noise. Though it is due to the powerful fan making the action happen inside, it is a bit annoying until you get used to it. You can also check these quiet air fryers.


  • Digital touchscreen LED control panel
  • 10 one-touch custom presets
  • Racks for cooking multiple meals
  • See-through window with interior light
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Racks are a bit flimsy

6. Aria Premium AAO-89 Best Air Fryer Without Teflon

Aria Premium AAO-89 Best Air Fryer Without Teflon

The Aria air fryer can be your go-to appliance for many reasons, but its air frying and reheating stand out. Being a multi-purpose air fryer, it gives you a break from many appliances that perform a single function and free up space on the countertop.

This premium air fryer has a big cooking chamber that allows you to cook food in large quantities. The racks are big enough to cook 8 bite pan pizzas, 12 drumsticks, or cupcakes in one go.

The drip tray is also spacious enough to cover the entire floor of this air fryer toaster oven. It collects all the food drippings and crumbs, significantly reducing the cleaning mess.

The big handle on the front door offers a firm while opening and closing the front door and saving your hand from getting in contact with the hot appliance.

Its special feature section says all about the health profile of the air fryer. If getting a non-toxic is your priority, this air fryer is without Teflon, BPA, PTFE, and PFOA. Unlike the stainless steel body of most oven-style air fryers, it has a high-quality, durable plastic exterior.

The air fryer produced a whirring sound while working, but it wasn’t louder than a microwave. However, it can trouble some of you.


  • Free from toxic materials
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Large cooking capacity with multiple rack positions
  • Affordable


  • Control panel is a bit complicated
  • Crumbs get stuck in the door hinge area

7. PowerXL Vortex Dual Basket Large Air Fryer

PowerXL Vortex Dual Basket Large Air Fryer

Fans of multi-purpose air fryers should not miss this PowerXL air fryer. Compared to the Aria air fryer, this is a two-basket air fryer. Both allow you to cook multiple dishes in one go, but this one helps you do so in a basket instead of racks. 

Since both have the same capacity, choosing one depends on your preference. A basket divider in the middle divides the whole space into small 5 qt baskets.

It means you can even cook a whole chicken using the whole space without any divider. Having said that, I feel the piece separating the baskets needs some improvement; it works fine, but better quality is always preferred.

It has eight one-touch cooking presets and two smart cooking functions, SmartSync and SmartCook. The SmartSync helps you cook two things separately but finish cooking together. In contrast, the SmartCook copies one basket’s settings to the other, helping you make more of one dish. 

The loud beeping sound of the air fryers is a persistent user complaint. The instant Vortex has eliminated this problem by providing a button to mute the sounds, a brainy addition by makers.


  • Affordable dual-basket air fryer
  • Smart LED control panel
  • Custom presets for air frying, baking, broiling, roasting, and more
  • Can cook whole chicken by removing the basket divider
  • Smartcook and SmartSync


  • Time and temp settings are not accurate

8. Paula Deen Best Stainless Steel Air Fryer

Paula Deen Best Stainless Steel Air Fryer

Paula Deen is a household name when it comes to cooking appliances. Staying true to their brand identity, they have also made this stainless steel air fryer a remarkable machine.

This air fryer has 10 cooking presets, which allow you to feed the recipe to the unit with a flick of your fingertip. With this one appliance on your kitchen counter, you can make wings, pizza, beef, fish, and whatnot.

The air fryer’s square-shaped construction is also a winning factor. But as you might have guessed, this air fryer has a reasonably large footprint, so you need to make a dedicated spot on the kitchen counter.

The digital control panel on the front is big and bright; everything is clearly labeled in an easy-to-read font. A big LCD shows the temperature in the middle of the control panel.

Cleaning this air fryer is easier; use a damp towel to clean the whole unit from the inside and the outside. The accessories are dishwasher safe, but I do not recommend washing them in the dishwasher due to the ceramic non-stick coating on the basket.


  • Versatile 10-in-1 cooking appliance
  • User-friendly digital control panel
  • Fast and even cooking results
  • Ceramic coating makes cleaning a breeze


  • A bit pricey with no accessories

9. Geek Chef Best For Baking Pizza and Cake

The first thing you will notice as upon opening the packaging of this air fryer is its control panel. It is very thoughtful of the manufacturers to provide a detailed menu of frequently cooked recipes.

The recipe card also mentions the weight of the ingredient that can be cooked at a given time and temperature. So, I tried pizza and French fries following the instructions on the menu card.

The French fries were delicious, perfectly crispy, and fluffy. The pizza crust was a bit overcooked. Next time I checked the pizza a few times while it was cooking and took it out when it was done.

An interior light keeps the inside of the air fryer illuminated so that you can check the browning of the food without taking it out midway. I believe that a few trial-and-error attempts are mandatory before you get better at using this air fryer.

I liked that it has separate buttons for speed and air fryer. This way, you can control how quickly you want to cook your food and how brown its texture should be.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Very easy to operate
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Footprint is not large
  • Budget-friendly air fryer oven


  • Exterior gets very hot
  • Cooking chamber is a bit compact

Things To Consider Before Buying A Good Air Fryer

A buying guide helps you buy a suitable appliance by providing you with all the factors you must consider when making an actual purchase. When finding the best 10-quart air fryers, consider the factors below to make the right purchase.

Design and Style of The Air Fryer

A 10 QT air fryer is available in a single basket, dual basket, oven, and rotisserie style. A basket-style air fryer is more compact, cooks food quickly, and has holes in the basket that drain all the excess oil. It is perfect for everyday use.

An oven-style air fryer has multiple cooking levels and can rustle up more meals in one go. A rotisserie-style air fryer makes rotisserie chicken, which is impressive for treating guests. Based on your needs, you can choose any one of them.

One Touch Recipes or Presets

Some air fryers come with a lot of cooking presets. French fries, chicken wings, steaks, cake, and bagels are popular cooking presets.

Cooking presets offer convenience for new cooks as well as kids trying their hands on cooking. An air fryer with cooking presets is also great for the elderly.

Price of Air Fryer

The cost of the air fryer is another factor that must be considered when selecting an air fryer. If you have a constrained budget, shortlist only those air fryers that fall into your budget bracket.

There is no point in selecting air fryers you cannot buy in the end. You can easily find a good quality best air fryer under $100.

Ease Of Use

Some air fryers can be very complicated when it comes to their use. Their control panels have button combinations that must be figured out to cook.

These air fryers might look fancy initially, but they can become a headache in the long run and waste your time during cooking. Therefore, I suggest going for a straightforward and easy-to-use air fryer.

Analog or Digital Air Fryer

Air fryers come with digital, analog, or combination settings (touch buttons and dials) for configuring the settings.

Digital air fryers have become very popular; they have an LCD screen and touch buttons to interact with the machine. Some digital air fryers are smart; they can connect with Wi-Fi and allow for hands-free cooking.

On the other hand, analog air fryers with dials to enter settings. They are usually more straightforward, have fewer functions, and are more economical.

Consider the factors mentioned above when deciding between an analog and digital air fryer.

Cleaning A 10QT Air Fryer

Choose an air fryer without complicated parts and accessories if you want cleaning ease. For instance, cleaning an air fryer with a lid is a hassle, so it is generally not recommended for the elderly.

In general, a basket-style air fryer is not difficult to clean. You can soak the removable parts in hot water and clean them with a non-abrasive sponge.

Therefore, a basket-style air fryer is suitable for most households. Some air fryer accessories are dishwasher safe, expediting the cleaning even more.  


Is a 10 QT air fryer too big?

A 10 QT air fryer is quite a big unit. However, whether it is too big or not depends on your use. For instance, if you are a family of four, a 10 QT air fryer is certainly too big for your needs. But if you have 7 to 8 members in the house, the same 10 QT air fryer will be sufficient for your needs.

How much can a 10 quart air fryer hold?

It will provide enough space to roast a whole chicken, accommodate more than six burgers, or cook 7 to 8 chicken breasts. If it is an air fryer with racks, you can make even more food in one go.  

What is the biggest quart size air fryer?

The biggest basket-style air fryer is made by the BIG Boss, and it has a 16 QT capacity. It is big enough to fit a whole chicken for about 5 to six people. You will find as big as 32 qt capacity in oven-style air fryers.

What size air fryer do I need for a family of 5?

A family of five is neither too big nor too small; therefore, you need a medium-sized air fryer. Considering your family size, the best 6 quart air fryer will efficiently fulfill your cooking requirements. You will be able to make a full turkey for the whole family.

Should I buy a bigger air fryer?

A bigger air fryer cooks more food but requires more space on the countertop. Therefore, before selecting the size of the air fryer, look at your cooking requirements and space on the counter. Having said that, having a big air fryer does help a lot when you need to entertain guests or occasionally make more food for the family. A spacious air fryer also eliminates the need to cook in batches.

Wrapping Up!

A 10-quart air fryer is quite big; therefore, it can churn out relatively larger quantities of fries, crispy wings, roasts, and muffins in one go. If you are hunting for the best 10 quart air fryer, consider the options mentioned above to get an idea of what is available out there.

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