Are Air Fried Chicken Wings Healthy?

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Making Air Fried Chicken Wings

Yes, air frying chicken wings is a healthier cooking method compared to deep frying.

We all know that deep-fried wings are unhealthy, but what about air-fried wings? Are chicken wings made in air fryer healthy? Do they have fewer calories? I have shared all details in this article.

Are Air Fried Chicken Wings Healthy?

Yes, Air-fried chicken wings are a healthier alternative to deep-fried wings. Air frying cuts down calories by approx. 75%. An air fryer uses only a few teaspoons of oil to crisply cook the wings, unlike deep frying which require submerging food in a pool of hot oil.

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Health Profile Of Deep-Fried Wings Vs. Air Fried

Deep frying requires you to give a hot oil bath to chicken wings. As a result, a lot of oil gets absorbed by the wings or any other food, for that matter. Which means a lot of extra calories get added to your food.

Air frying is a healthier alternative to deep frying. It does not involve submerging chicken wings in a quart of scorching hot oil. You only need a few teaspoons or less oil to get a crispy crust on your chicken wings.

Skipping oil altogether means the calorie count of your chicken remains the same. It is because nothing other than pure heat is cooking your wings in an air fryer.

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Cholesterol in air fryer Chicken Wings is much less than deep fried wings. So, cook fresh or frozen chicken wings in an air fryer without worrying about weight gain.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings Calories Vs Fried – Our Verdict

One serving of deep fried chicken wings has roughly 1200 calories. The number can vary based on the chicken size, the amount of oil, the seasoning, and the sauce used.

In contrast, the same amount cooked in an air fryer has 270 calories. The difference in the calorie count of air fried vs. deep-fried food is difficult to ignore.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings Calories Vs Fried - Our Verdict

So, if you eat fried food frequently, the above numbers are enough to question how many extra calories you consume weekly. And replacing your deep fryer with an air fryer to make chicken wings and other fried food will give you immense health benefits.

Note: One serving contains 4 to 5 chicken wings.

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How many calories are in air fried chicken wings?

The number of calories in air-fried chicken wings can vary based on the recipe and serving size. However, as an estimate, an air-fried chicken wing typically contains approximately 100 to 150 calories.

Is an air fryer good for chicken wings?

An air fryer is becoming a popular appliance for making chicken wings. Just toss a few chicken wings, add one teaspoon of oil, and you will get tasty KFC like wings. You will get a delicious crispy crust with superbly tender chicken in less than an hour. To enhance flavor, add some buffalo sauce to enjoy mouth-licking buffalo wings. Apart from making wings from scratch, reheating chicken wings in the air fryer is possible too.

Are air-fried chicken wings bad for you?

Air-fried chicken wings can be a healthier alternative to traditional deep-fried wings. By using less oil, they can be lower in fat and calories. However, overall health depends on the ingredients and portion size. Moderation and choosing leaner cuts can make air-fried chicken wings better for those seeking a healthier option.

Are wings better baked or air fryer?

Air-fried chicken wings are much better than baked ones, for sure. In air frying, fresh or frozen wings are cooked with scorching air concentrated in a small chamber. Therefore, their crust turns much crispier than baking, in which the cooking temperature is often low. So, bring the best air fryer for chicken wings and enjoy juicy and tender snacks every day.

How many calories in 3 air fried chicken wings?

There are approx. 265 calories in 3 small fried chicken wings without coating.

How many calories in 12 air fried chicken wings?

There are approx. 1050 calories in 12 small fried chicken wings without coating.

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Final Words

Who doesn’t love the irresistible taste of chicken wings? Deep frying has long been a go-to method for achieving that perfect crispy texture. However, the downside is that the oil used in deep frying can significantly impact your health.

In contrast to deep frying, air frying chicken wings is a much more recent cooking method. But in a very short time, many homeowners have turned to making chicken wings in their air fryers.

Using your air fryer to make the best chicken wings recipe is a win-win. Undoubtedly, air frying is healthier; simultaneously, it reduces the cost of buying oil for deep frying too. So, make naked chicken wings or coat them with your favorite sauce; anyway, you will be eating much healthier food.


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